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Sid:  My guest is red hot for Messiah, and it’s contagious.  You just keep listening to us and you’ll end up being red hot for the Messiah; but as I understand the Word of God that’s normal.  Jesus put it this way, “I’d rather you be hot or cold but if you are lukewarm in the Greek it actually says that I’ll vomit you out of my mouth.  What is going…Dennis Walker, if you were to define and I know that you are not the judge and I am not the judge, but if we were forced to define the average American Christian, especially I live here in the South, everyone says that they are a Christian; I would say lukewarm is the temperature.  What’s going to change all of that?

Dennis:  Well, I believe that God is destined for people to know Him in a greater way especially as things get closer to the end of the age there will be such an urgency in the heart of God that done should perish that He will give such an effective witness through His people that He is going to awaken people through catching them into Heavenly encounters.  In fact I believe there are people all over the world right now that are being caught up in dreams, caught up in just they’re soaking and meditating times; they’re seeing things in Heaven.  And this is an activation that is going on all across the world.

Sid:   Do you know what I’m hearing Dennis is I’m hearing unsaved Jewish people; unsaved Moslems are having these dreams and visions of Jesus.

Dennis:  Yep, and I don’t think God is going to leave the Christian people behind.

Sid:  Oh please, help us get in on it. Ha-ha.

Dennis:  Ha-ha.

Sid:  Well, that’s what Joel says in the last days.  God’s going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and we are going to all have dreams and visions. 

Dennis:  That’s right.

Sid:  And if not now, when?  I have never seen things speeding up as much as they are on planet earth right now, ever in my entire life.  I mean it’s almost … I’m curious what you think about this but feel to me like time is speeding up, being compressed.

Dennis:  Yes, it is.  I mean things are getting stronger both in the dark side of things, the enemy is stirring things up and things look darker and you know people could look at that and focus on that but don’t focus on those things.  Focus on what God is doing, because He is stirring up new life and new faith…

Sid:  Well, we were talking about the economy and that was the main point before we went on the air and that was the main point you were talking about, you said sure, I see these things going but what’s going to happen to those that hear the initiatives of Heaven if the bottom falls out in the economy in the US and a number of other countries?

Dennis:  I believe that we are going to have to learn to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  Isn’t that what the word says?  Man will not live by bread alone, but by every word.  That’s the initiative of Heaven what God instructs and you are going to see miraculous provision, you’re going to see things happen.  Like the woman who I had a word of knowledge in a meeting and proclaimed God’s going to pay off your debts if you run up here.  She ran up with her husband…

Sid:  Out of curiosity was she the only one that ran up? 

Dennis:  She was, everyone else was in shock. 

Sid:  Oh, when they hear what happened, I bet they are sorry they didn’t run up.  What happened?

Dennis:  Well, what happened was a year later she came into me and she said, do you remember that word about my debts being paid off.  And I said, yes.  She said I went two days after that meeting I went to the bank to make a payment on this huge debt that we thought that we thought we would never paid off and all of the debt was paid off.  I asked them, when was that?  They looked it up in the computer; it was the very day you spoke that my debts were paid off in Jesus name.  It was paid off.  Then I asked them, well who paid it off?  And they called the person who was there at the transaction for the bank.  This woman wants to know who paid this debt?  And he looked at her strangely, and he said, don’t you remember you came in, you counted out the money, I took the money and gave you a receipt.  You don’t recall this?  And she kind a said, okay yeah, I remember and walked away.  But then she realized God had sent an angel in her shape and form to pay off that debt so that the eye witness, the man who attended the transaction would see that it was her.

Sid:  Tell me about the time that you were translated to Peru.

Dennis:  Oh, that was in my tent, I’d been spending time in this little pup tent in the presence of the Lord having the Lord just invade my life and show me things in Heaven and one day, I came in expecting to look and see into Heaven again and be caught up into heavenly places; but I went flying over a geography.  It was very different from other times and finally I realized I am flying down the Andes Mountain, down the Whaga(?) River Valley and I flew into the city of Wanako, Peru…

Sid:   Now, this has not happened to me, but what in the world is going on through your mind as you are flying across the globe?  What’s going on?

Dennis:  I’m in marvel, I’m just absolutely marveling at all of this and seeing this, but I have already learned, I have had enough encounters with the Lord in this tent and in Heavenly places that you go with the flow.  You don’t get to skeptical; you know you can always look at things and analyze it later.  During the experience don’t be to analytical, analyze later so I’m just going with this experience and suddenly I found myself standing next to a bed of a pastor who had a few days earlier called me and said that they had diagnosed him with a very difficult hard situation that if he didn’t leave ministry he would die.  And as I stood next to him…

Sid:  And you know who’s behind that, the devil.

Dennis:  That’s exactly right; he wanted to take him out.  So I laid my hand on his chest and I commanded healing and I believe that’s why God had brought me there.  And then I went to the other side of the bed where his wife was also asleep and laid my had on her head and I proclaimed on her a renewed experience with the Holy Spirit.  And she had been originally baptized in the Holy Spirit she could not speak Spanish, her native language for ten days.  And so I just decreed…

Sid:  You mean she was just speaking in a supernatural language the whole time and couldn’t speak a word that from her understanding which happened to be Spanish.

Dennis:  And her husband actually called me after four days of this the first time and asked me will she ever speak Spanish again?  Ha-ha.

Sid:  Ha-ha.

Dennis:  I assured him that she would, that God was bringing a tremendous change into her life and to let it play out.  Well, anyway we called this couple two days later and finally got a hold of them, we had been trying to call.  And I told my wife what had happened and all the rest and so we called and I said, “Edgar what happened?”  Pastor, what’s going on and he said, “Two nights ago I had an experience in the middle of the night.  The Spirit of God came on me and suddenly I have no more symptoms of this heart condition.  I am absolutely free of all the pain.”  And I said, “How is your wife?”  And he said, “That same night, she got hit with the Holy Spirit again and now for two days she has not been able to speak her native language later he confirmed that that actually went on for fifteen more days, fifteen total days that she couldn’t speak her normal language.”

Sid: Now, did you tell him what went on?  How he happened to be healed?

Dennis:  After they had told me what had happened then I said the reason I’m calling is this and I told him the story.  And they were just amazed that God had sent me in the Spirit to stand by them in the Spirit and to proclaim healing and deliverance over them.

Sid:  So what are you going to say to the person that’s listening to us right now, that is wonderful for Dennis Walker, but what about me, am I Swiss Cheese?

Dennis:  Ha-ha, well yeah, you’re holy.

Sid:  Oh my, oh my goodness, that’s as bad as mine, but go ahead.  Ha-ha.

Dennis:  Ha-ha, God by the blood of Jesus is giving you the same access into His presence that I have and the only thing that it takes is a little bit of faith.  Faith comes by hearing the word of
God.  It is the word of God that proclaims to seek those things which are above where Christ is sitting above at the right hand of the Father.

Sid:  Do you see that everyone listening to us right now that is born from above; that sits under the teaching …… will be able to have experiences like that and maybe even greater?  Do you really believe that?

Dennis:  Absolutely, I mean I see it so clearly in scripture, Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me the works that I do, he will do also, you just have to learn to do His work His way, you can’t do it your own way. 

Sid: Now the name of your book “Catching the Initiatives of Heaven,” explain exactly what the initiatives from Heaven are.  The one thing you make a big point of; it is not a formula.

Dennis:  That’s right, everything and every situation will be different, but it all comes from what God starts.  You know the word of God says I John 5:4 “Whatever is born of God overcomes the world.”  And I see that that’s exactly what Jesus did, He said He did this in John 5:19 that he could do nothing of himself but what He saw the Father do.  In other word He is following the Father’s lead.  And by the way it wasn’t just in the New Testament.  Moses did all of the works that he did by being directed by God from Heaven.  He caught these initiatives just like Jesus later.  And actually the word of God to Moses was “There will come a prophet like unto you hear him.  And so they were both moving in this directed from Heaven thing that I call the initiatives of Heaven, they were being directed by Heaven.  I believe all of the prophets throughout the Old and New Testaments; all of the disciples that did the works of Heaven in the New Testament were being directed by Heaven.  I believe that’s what Jesus taught His disciples how to hear and how to see and how to move in these things.  And then He said to them, you are going to do the works that I do because I am going the Father.

Sid:  Oh, what a difference would it make in the United States if in the White House, if in Congress, if in Senate; there were only one or two that were operating under the initiatives from Heaven.  Could you picture what would go on?

Dennis:  I don’t think it takes too many people to make a big difference, in fact in Abraham’s day when he was negotiating for the very life of a city and with Abraham he said it came down to ten people.  The ten people could change the destiny of a city and I believe for you and I today it comes down to who will become activated to see the salvation of nations?

Sid:  Is it our choice to be activated?

Dennis:  Absolutely!  Absolutely!  You know I just believe that the Bible tells us that these things are ours.  The Word of God in Colossians 3:1 and 2 gives us a command, it says seek,  that’s command, seek those things which are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father, at the right hand of God.  Now it’s our decision.  Are we going to seek these things or not?  Jesus said whenever you seek it you will find it.  And then in the very next verse it even tells you how to seek it.  He said set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.

Sid:  Oh, our time is slipping away, we will pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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