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Sid:  Now I have been looking over the book and the CD of my guest this week and I have to tell you Billy Burke, some of these miracles just are blowing me out of the water.  I mean people without organs are having them recreated.  I mean a woman had her stomach cut out and she gets a new stomach, that’s outrageous!

Billy:  Its amazing Sid, but that’s what a miracle is.  See today, today so many people preach that a miracle is instant and that a healing is gradual and nothing could be further from the truth.  Now if you get healed of something that’s terminal, but it takes three or four years it is just as much a miracle over time as it was instantly because the definition of miracle is something that defies logic, it’s not suppose to happen.  Whether it’s instant or whether it’s over time.  If it’s not suppose to happen and it happens it breaks all natural and logical understanding, then it comes into that category of a miracle.

Sid:  Now, I have to tell you I have been intrigued in studying the supernatural of God for over thirty years as a believer in the Messiah and I was listening to your CD which we’re making available this week along with your book, “Freedom From Fatal Thinking.”  The CD is “How to Manifest Your Miracle” and there is an anointing on that because I have to tell you, I felt like I wanted to listen to it for a second time and then a third time, it’s like you don’t hear everything when you hear it the first time.  Have you noticed that?

Billy:  Well, that’s the anointing I think that there’s information and then there’s anointing.  And I think that when you hear the anointing there is something in you that says well I’ve got to hear that more, see it more, I’ve got to touch it.  The anointing is that supernatural connector that brings things from the head to the heart and into our life.  And I think that were all when we hear something that’s anointed it is kind a like I need more of it.  Because our spiritual man craves the anointing, now our spiritual man doesn’t just crave information; our spiritual man craves that anointing.

Sid:  Well, I have to tell you I crave listening to that teaching!  I really, you know I told you that before we went on the air, this is not a politically correct thing to do I’m just saying I enjoyed it so much.  But, I want our Mishpochah, our family to understand what happened in your life because that’s why that anointing is there.  At age nine, I mean in 1962 you’re diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and how long did they give you to live?

Billy:  Three days, I was discharged in the hospital against doctor’s wishes; my Grandmother was an avid listener to the Kathryn Kulman Ministry although I had never been there or seen her.  I was raised Christian Missionary Alliance and of course we believe in healing through prayer as a lot of people do.  But of course the radical approach of her back then was not so much healing through prayer, but the Holy Spirit moving through a vessel.

Sid:  And not only that, if I was to pick a vessel that would not get glory from man, I mean she spoked a little funny, she acted a little strange, she dressed a little strange you know for back then especially.  And most people that if they didn’t understand it was God they’d say, “That’s not God!”

Billy:  That’s right, well that’s because we’re so naturally minded like Samuel told Jesse, “Man looks on the outward part, but God looks at the heart.”  Long story short, I was discharged with three days to live, the cancer had metastasized into my lungs; my eyes were crossed into my head and I could hardly walk and my motor skills were deteriorating quickly.  And I was sitting in the balcony watching with a patch over my eye, because I had double vision and lot of pain.  I mean there was no medicine at that time that could ease the pain that I was in and I was watching her service.

Sid:  How does a nine year old, where you told that you were going to die in three days?  Did you know that?

Billy:  Well yeah, you have a sense that you’re not getting better you know and of course you could see the look on my parents face and everybody’s face; but when I was discharged from the hospital an important part of this miracle, Kathryn was used to harvest the miracle, but my grandmother spent four days with me and she would say to me, “When she touches you, when she touches you.” Every waking moment that I was able to hear or understand my Grandmother was in front of me saying, “When she touches you and of course you will be healed,” so that seed of preparation was planted.

Sid:  You know your grandmother must have really believed you were going to be healed.

Billy:  Yeah Sid, she was an amazing woman and I wish that we could all have a grandmother like her or I’m sure that many of your viewers do, but that was the preparation that I had.  Not knowing I’m wondering today how did she even know that I was going to get called out of all those people like 2,000 people in that meeting?  And she called me out and…

Sid:  But just out of curiosity you’re sitting there, you have throbbing pain, you have a patch over an eye, you have terminal brain cancer, and I understand your body was filled with lumps!

Billy:  Exactly, all over my back was probably two or three inches high.

Sid:  I mean you are a walking mess!

Billy:  Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Sid:  And you probably did not have much strength I would think.

Billy:  Now much strength, still though I have to say in that meeting, you know there in lies that mystery of anointing, I could feel something intangible.

Sid:  Had you ever felt that type of presence before?

Billy:  Never, never, never, never.  And I wouldn’t come out of the balcony when she called, I was afraid.

Sid:  Why?

Billy:  I was afraid so she sent her ushers up to get me.

Sid:  How did she call you?  Describe that.

Billy:  I was watching over the railing with one eye; I was watching her operate like I’d never seen anything like that in my life.  And when she turned around and she said, “You young boy get down here!”

Sid:  Well, maybe there was another young boy there, or did you know that it was you?

Billy:  Well, she pointed at me and I tell people it was like her finger touched my nose.  I mean it was not that big of a sanctuary, the balcony to the down stairs isn’t that huge of an auditorium so it was pretty obvious that she was pointing right at me.  She said, “You are being healed of cancer, get down here!” So it was supernatural and like I said, I didn’t want to come out so I yelled real loud, “No,” because I was afraid.  She said, “The second time, I said, get down here!” And I said the second time “No” and then she said the third time “Ushers get him down here!”

Sid:  You must have been very fearful as a nine year old.

Billy:  I was, I was and I ain’t going to lie, I was very and so my grandmother and my mother went with me.  Two ushers came up to get me and took me down to meet her and then the rest, I stood in front of her and she said to me “What’s your name?”  I told her my name and she said, “Do you believe?” And she bend down her face was right in my face and she said, “I want to know one thing from you, do you believe?” And I shook my head, yes and she turned around to walk away and then she spun around, “I said, do you believe?”

Sid:  I can picture that because I had the privilege of seeing her also.

Billy:  And the power hit me, I tell people, “I couldn’t get up, I tried to move, I could not move a body part, I was pinned to that marble floor,” and Sid what I felt it wasn’t of this planet.

Sid:  As a nine year old, what did you think?

Billy:  I didn’t know what to think, I was feeling.  I was too busy feeling from my head to my toes a radiating, a radiating presence that was just unbelievable.  And they brought me up because I couldn’t get up; I tried to move my arms and they were pinned to the floor and I was paralyzed basically in my mind, and wow, I’ve died somethings happened to me and they brought me up and she said, “Oh my, you need more, you need more of the Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit.  And the second time three rows of people went with me, three rows all across that church fell under the power at the same time and people were laying everywhere; and then that’s whenever she said, “If there is anybody in the auditorium that has leukemia especially teenagers or children with cancer, get up right now, there is something coming from this boy.”

Sid:  So she did say, “Come up so I can lay hands on you,” she said, “Come up because something is radiating out your body.”

Billy:  That’s what she said, that’s what she said, now later I met the usher that caught me here maybe ten years ago, he was at one in my meeting.  I never knew him and he later explained to me that he was the usher that she sent into the balcony to receive, to get me to retrieve me.  And so we went out and had lunch and he filled me in on some of the details of course that I wasn’t aware or my family, but that was a great moment.  When I got up the second time she said, “Get that patch off your eyes.”  Well, my eyes were straightened out and no more double vision, the pain was gone, my paralysis was gone, my speech came back, I mean it was a happy moment.  Not fully comprehending it, it was a happy moment.

Sid:  What did she make any pronouncements about your terminal brain cancer?

Billy:  She said, you know basically what, “You’re healed, I don’t know the exact words, but she said “You, the Holy Ghost has touched you, you are healed,” and later on I found out that she was laughing about it after the service.  She was joking about it to the workers like, “That boy would not come out of the balcony and we had to go get him and pry him out of there.

Sid:  I know, but what did the doctors say?  That’s what I’d like to know?

Billy:  They were amazed; the doctors came to my home it was not long after that, because they told my grandmother and my parents, “That if you discharge him he will be a vegetable in a matter of weeks.”

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, this is so important we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast, but Billy I even want to go into a little more depth in what happened to you are that time.

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