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Sid:  And my guest can’t help but be red hot for the Messiah, he is seeing so many what the rabbi’s refer to as “Messianic Miracles,” people blind, getting their sight, deaf able to hear, people in wheelchairs walking, people having bodily organs that have been cut out by surgery recreated, I mean miracles that most people just read about.  But I want to find out how this happened.  Now Billy Burke went to Bible school after nine years of age going to a Kathryn Kulman service and having terminal brain cancer healed.  He only had three days to live, and he was instantly healed and he experienced and outpouring of God’s power that was so strong that three rows of people in the congregation fell out of their chairs, fell over backwards it was such an outpouring of the power of God.  But when you went to Bible school, you graduated from Melodyland School of Theology in California, and you saw healings and you had a successful healing ministry.  But nothing compared to what happened to you, nothing compared to what happened at age nine and I asked Billy before we went on the air, “Was there a particular point that you moved from aches and pains and healings to the miraculous?”  And he said, “Yes,” he said, “He had just come back from a meeting in Ligonier Pennsylvania and there was a message on his tape recorded answering machine.  Tell me about Billy.”

Billy:  We had a…they had rented the town hall in Ligonier, it was packed out that night and there were a few people there that had had hearing loss that were deaf that were healed, there was a lot of arthritis, a lot of varied forms of diseases and maladies that were healed that night and I was happy with that meeting.  But I came home and my answering machine was blinking and when I turned it on a voice came over the answering machine that said “Hey, hotshot you think you’re really something, you think that you can heal people, well how’s come no blind people were healed?  Why don’t you come down with me to the Blind Association tomorrow in Pittsburgh and see if you can heal some blind people?”  And I of course turned the machine off, I knew that voice was not a natural voice; I knew that voice was demonically inspired and so I tried to dismiss it, because it was very accusatory, very unedifying, very condemning.  But yet when I walked away from it and sat at my desk there in my home, I realized that there was a strain of truth in it and that was up until that point I hadn’t seen anybody blind healed and it bothered me.  And I thought well even though I didn’t like the way that was said, it was condemning; still there was an element of truth.  And I remember closing my Bible and I began to just cry physically cry and I said, “Lord why, why am I not seeing more,” and I began to cry out and I think we all have the potential to cry out to God.  He delivered them out of Egypt when He heard their cry, when their cry came before Him.  And it takes a long time for our cry to get vertical, Sid.  We cry within our self; we cry to other people, it took 400 years to bring the Jewish people out of captivity in Egypt.  Why, He said it took 400 years for their cry to get vertical.  Getting vertical is not always the easiest thing to do when we cry to Him and I began to cry to Him and say “Lord, if you are going to keep me in this Miracle Healing Ministry I’ve got to see more than what I’m seeing.”  And I didn’t realize at the time, but I was hungering and thirsting for more, more manifestation, more demonstration.  Because we can all get comfortable, we can all get accepted at a certain level, we can get by, we can please a crowd, we can help some people.

Sid:  But you were at that point!

Billy:  Yeah, we had seen a lot of people helped.

Sid:  So, why weren’t you just content, why were you so hungry for more?

Billy:  I think if you read the Bible for long enough if you begin to realize that book is so supernatural.  The Bible was never suppose to make sense, it was suppose to make faith and if you read the Bible for it to make sense it is the wrong book to read.  But if you read the Bible to make faith it will expand you without you even really realizing it because the whole book is just about Jesus made wine without grapes.  You know Abraham had no more sperm and Sarah had no eggs, but they had a baby.  So the whole book is beyond our natural laws, it’s beyond the way we operate in the natural realm; it is another kingdom that operates by other laws.  And all of a sudden you ingest that and you begin to realize there has got to be more, there’s got to be more.  And of course the Apostle Paul said, “Eye has not seen nor has ear heard the things that God has for them that love him,” but he finishes by saying, “But the Spirit is revealing them to us.”

Sid:  At that moment Billy, “How desperate were you for more of God?”

Billy:  Desperate Sid, because I didn’t like the fact that someone was on my answering machine saying, “Hey, thus and so and I’m thinking yeah Lord, You know I don’t like the way he said that, but he is right.”  You know, how’s come I’m not seeing that?”  And sometimes we accept so many things in life Sid, we accept so many things that God wants us not to accept.  And that began my journey, I began to cry out, “God I got to see more, I’ve got to see more” and it was not long after that a couple of weeks after that I was in Southern California…

Sid:  You know just out of curiosity, I mean I want to go back to this, because I’ve have heard this testimony from others, I’ve heard Rodney Howard Brown say, He walked into his bedroom and he said, “I’m not going to eat or drink or leave this room until either I go to you or you come to me!”  Was that what was going on inside of you?

Billy:  Yeah, yeah I think like the woman that touched His hem, many were touching Him, but one made a demand on the anointing and I think you can make a demand on the anointing, I think that it’s here to be demanded, to be extracted.  I think that it’s so more acceptable than what we are being taught.  Remember we only grow as much as our mentors can take us.  And you know, we are supposed to have the Spirit without measure.  I don’t want the double portion of the Old Testament, I don’t want; you know what Elisha said “I want a double portion.”  I don’t want a double portion, I want the new covenant I want the Spirit without measure.  Would you rather have two of something or unlimited measure of something?”   And I think that, again it goes back to that word and what you are reading, and yeah so the cry said, “There’s more than I’m seeing here!”

Sid:  Okay, so you are crying out desperately from your inner, from every fiber of your being, “I’ve got to have more!” I mean almost can I say, almost like a madman?

Billy:  Yes, yes, because everything in that Bible, everything in the Word of God is predicated by hunger and thirst.

Sid:  Okay, so you go to a meeting, you’re recognized because you graduated from the college at Melody land, Pastor Wilkerson tells you to stand up on one side and pray for people and he’s praying for people on the other side.  And the first person you get ..,

Billy:  Is a blind person.

Sid:  Oh, evay!  What did you think?

Billy:  I was happy about it because I thought, “Wow here I am back at the school I graduated from in a great public church; there’s about a thousand people at the altar being prayed for.  I’m helping out a man that I really respect and I really regard highly you know who helped me, be a father to me and I wanted to impress, you know that’s just human nature.  And because I had seen a lot of great miracles and healings up until then and I mean a lot of them, a lot people healed of cancer and deaf ears but never a blind person till that point and this is only two weeks now after the answering machine incident, two weeks after I had cried out to Him and here I am with this first chance to pray for a blind person and Sid, her eyes came open so easily, so easily, so easily I was shocked!  She said, “I can see, oh my God I can see.”  I said, “You can,” and I yelled over to Pastor Wilkerson, I said, “Pastor Ralph, she can see.”  He said, “I’m so glad, get over here we’ve got another one.”

Sid:  Well, how about that other one could she see?

Billy:  I went there and it was a man, the first one was a woman the second was a man and he was blind and his eyes came open.

Sid:  I still want to take you back to when you were crying out, did you feel anything unusual, did you feel you had reached something or did you…

Billy:  Yes, I do believe that there’s a level of satisfaction you know, Bartimaeus cried out, have mercy, he cried.  I think so many times we don’t express ourselves completely to God.  I think you know there is a reason why we have tear ducts; there is a reason why we have a heart and a soul.  There is a reason why, and He said when you love me with all of your mind, and heart and soul, I do think that when you reach a level of yes, I’ve touched Him, you know it.  I believe you can know it.  I don’t believe that it’s just empty space; I don’t believe it’s just well I’m crying out to God.  I believe you walk away realizing I touched God.  Remember the woman with the issue, He didn’t touch her; she touched Him.

Sid:  What would you consider the greatest miracle you have seen and you’ve see many, I’ve got pages of them.  But if I forced you, which would it be?

Billy:  Well, that’s a loaded question, that is so loaded, I mean I have seen some amazing things, I have seen cancers fall off, I’ve seen people come to the alter after running to the laboratory.  We had a meeting Porto Rico, they were holding cancers in their hand, tumors.

Sid:  Is cancer, Kathryn Kulman used to say, “Arthritis is easy for me,” until a doctor walked up to and said, “Madam, do you know that there’s no cure for arthritis?”  Are cancers easy under the anointing?

Billy:  Yes, you’re saying something that’s so true and that is to each person, what they have is monumental you know and so we see so many people healed of fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, synaptic nerves, curvature of the spine…  

Sid:  Oops, I’m sorry were running out of time, I’m going to turn Billy loose on tomorrow’s broadcast, I’ll tell you what, I’m sensing such a presence of God.





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