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Sid:  I’m so excited about my guest Brenda Kunneman because she had a dream from God on what God is up to with Jewish people and what God is up to with the church and the emerging of the two together.  It’s amazing revelation that you need to listen to because it’s going to prepare you for the return of Jesus.  Now Brenda on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about the premise of your brand new book, “The Supernatural You” and this is literally a handbook to prepare people to not go to a major Evangelist, but go to the power of God that dwells within them.  You are so convincing in your book and there is such an anointing for someone to be convinced that same power that raised Messiah, Jesus from the dead dwells inside of them.  But I have to find out a bit about you.  Brenda, you were raised in non-Spirit Filled Christian home, they love God, but your parents literally were against speaking in unknown supernatural languages.  How did this change? 

Brenda:  Well, you know we were kind of in a powerless Christianity, the Bible says you know the power comes on you through the Holy Ghost.

Sid:  Is that why you have such a passion today for Christians to walk in the full power that God has because you know what it’s like to be powerless?

Brenda:  Yes, absolutely and also because I learned to cultivate my life.  As we were growing up you know we had just a secular view of Christianity and we loved the Lord in concept.  But interestingly enough, just to give you a picture on the supernatural my Father everywhere we went, he was military and we traveled around and of course a lot of these remote base locations there weren’t churches everywhere to go to.  We had kind the base chapel, there was Catholic, Protestant and that was it.  And so every military assignment we had Sid, I kid you not there was always that one tongue talking Christian that found my parents.  And now that’s an occurrence and they always found them and to the point where I even knew who the families were all the years growing up as a child and I finally asked my Mother one time, I said, “Mother what is the meaning of speaking in tongues?”  She said, “Well that’s just something believe in, we don’t do that.”  But we were kind of in that point of Christianity by then that you know people if they don’t have any power, they don’t get to see the supernatural they teeter back into the world.  That’s the reason I believe so much in the supernatural power in the church.

Sid:  And by the way that is my gravest concern of a whole flock of brand new Christians that are going to churches that hold back on the supernatural; they will eventually when times get tough fall back into the world.

Brenda:  That’s right because they don’t see any power, that’s why the world is in love with things like Harry Potter because they see the occult world manifesting more power than the church.  But, and so I remember as a teenager asking my parents about this and I think that we were at a point we were going back into the world.  And my Father, you know I was a teenager at the time none of the kids were, we weren’t behaving right and we we’re going for the Lord at all and my Father I think in a moment I think in desperation talked to the one Spirit-Filled guy at his work.  They were always there, I cannot even tell you and he ended up getting filled with the Holy Spirit!  My Mother comes home one day to her dismay I think and she said, “I have to tell you,” she pulled me aside in the kitchen, she had this big secret, she said, “Your Dad speaks in tongues.” And I was like “Aw!” and God came on me at that moment; I felt for the first time Sid, the presence of the Living God.  Now we had been professing Christians, but for the first…

Sid:  Do you know most Christians cannot even make that statement that you just made?  I felt the presence of the Living God.

Brenda:  Yes.

Sid:  And that’s normal.

Brenda:  It is, it is and I knew I felt something.  I mean my stomach jumped up and down, and right away I thought, I didn’t say this to my Mother but I thought I want that, I have to have that.  Now to show you why I’m so determined that every believer needs to learn how to manifest miracles out of their life and I mean real miracles, I’m talking tumors falling off, I’m talking people that were hopeless drug addicts, completely completely free in a moment time.  I’m talking the impossible miracles, things that doctors said absolutely could not be cured; things that turn around in finances; and the reason I think that there is going to be so many miracles with healings and finances in this hour is because those are the two areas every believer at some point deals with.  Everybody has health and money issues and so those areas of miracles are so important, but the reason that I’m so determined is that what you can’t always call into the TV preacher.  If you get up in the middle of the night and your baby can’t breathe, you got to learn how to manifest the power right then. 

Sid:  How about its winter time, it’s cold and there’s a power failure.

Brenda:  That’s right!

Sid:  Or snow is twenty inches high and you can’t get to a grocery store and you’re out of food,  I mean things happen.

Brenda:  That’s right and you have got to have that well, that’s why God gave it to us; we never have to leave that presence.  And the minute my mother told me that I said, “I have got to have that.” And I never went and waited, called anyone to pray for me, I mean we had people tell us to get someone to lay hands on you and pray.  I said no, I’m getting that, I’m getting that, I just knew I could, I went into the bathroom, I guess I figured nobody would bother me in there.  I went in shut the door and I immediately spoke in tongues, I said Holy Spirit I want that now and spoke in tongues right there pretty matter of fact I left the bathroom from then on I cannot tell you, Sid I felt literally like something pumping on the inside of me, it was the presence of the Holy Spirit.  I would feel jolts of electricity of the Holy Ghost going through me as I was still in High School at the time, I would go to school and I would feel the movement of God in my physical body.

Sid:  Were you praying in unknown tongues much?

Brenda:  Right after I got filled with the Spirit I started praying in tongues and it was so supernatural at that time, I could remember going to bed praying in the Spirit, wake up singing in tongues, all night.  I’d go to bed praying…

Sid:  So what was going on with you this is what it sounds like, you would pray in tongues, pray yourself to sleep, and then you’d be praying all night while you were sleeping in unknown tongues and then you’d wake up praying out loud.  That is wonderful!

Brenda:  And I was fifteen years old at the time and I thought, God I want everybody to have this kind of power flowing out them and I got just me and a Bible, just me and the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  Now, what happened with your entire family, after this affected your Father and then yourself?

Brenda:  You know my mother got, she was just so happy everybody was not being rebellious, she decided to get on board, my sister got on board, in fact she serves in the ministry with us today as one of our Associates in the ministry.  She got on board, she was nine years old, she started praying in tongues and I’m telling you that was the moment of our supernatural.  It was supernatural pretty much within sixty days we were all speaking in tongues and from then on we have seen the most incredible miracles.  At one time my Father nearly died and the devil really tried to take his life and I had and this is why we need the supernatural, he would have died I’m convinced of it.  The doctor said, “We’ve never seen somebody with this live.” He had renal failure from a complication with diverticulitis, he went into a coma, several of his organs shut down, his liver shut down, his you know kidneys failed, he was on 100% oxygen.  And I had a vision of Jesus walk into his hospital room and go over to his bed, turn around put His back up to where my Father was laying, now he’s in a coma and this was another dream I saw it I was taken up in a vision, put His back up to my Father and as he turned His back, I thought well Lord, you are turning Your back on my Dad, what is that?  And He had on a white robe, two angels walked in a vision and took he had two like little buttons or clips or something on his shoulder and the angels undid them, and at that moment his shirt fell down on where he was just wearing a tunic around his waist and his back was completely covered with scars, covered with scars.  And at that moment I saw in the Spirit by His stripes your Father is healed and just days after that, he came off the oxygen, he was sitting up, he was talking all within about thirty days after the doctors said that he’s probably going to die.  Now this is why we need the supernatural.  This is why every believer could be confronted with a thing like that, and I believe without that anointing of the Spirit he would have been dead today.

Sid:  And you know what bothers me?  So many healing evangelists on television of selling vitamins.  Now I personally believe in vitamins, I take vitamins, but should that time be spent on emphasizing the miracle power of God?

Brenda:  Yes.

Sid:  Rather than spending the time selling vitamins?

Brenda:  Yes, absolutely, I mean I can’t tell you I’m dependent on that anointing that flows from within, but what I want believers to know is that they need to know how to cultivate that.

Sid:  Now wait, were out of time, but we’ll talk about that on tomorrows broadcast.

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