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Sid:  My guest, Ken and Jeanne Harrington have a new book called “Shift, Moving from the Natural to the Supernatural.”  And as far as I’m concerned forget all of the teaching about the supernatural if you don’t get your character in line, if you were given instantly a ministry like Benny Hinn or Kathryn Kulman you would probably fall, big time and have a lot of other people fall.  But if you can develop your character, we’re coming into a time in history in which God is pouring out His Spirit because we’re about ready to see the greatest move of evangelism in the history of planet earth and God wants to use you but unfortunately you’ve been a believe ten, twenty, thirty, forty years and you’ve never understood the world kingdom verses the kingdom of God.  And there is a distinct difference; on yesterdays broadcast when I was talking with Ken and Jeanne we were talking about, if you want to come against the enemy come against the enemy in the opposite spirit.  I wonder if you would teach on that for a bit.

Ken:  We have found and I believe the word says that our gifting can take us places that our character can’t keep us.  In other words that because we have certain talents we rise up in the places that were not actually ready to deal with and if we look at God’s principals it’s like with Joseph, God really wanted him to save Israel he could have just taken Joseph to Pharaoh and interpreted his dreams, but God wasn’t just interested in saving Israel, he was interesting in developing Joseph.  Joseph was a bit of a know it all as a teenager and his prophetic administrative gift, he used it to tattle on his brothers and what God wanted to do was get him into a place where when he rose into power, that he could still walk in humility that his gift wouldn’t destroy him.  So the way he learned his character and developed his character was actually to go downhill, you know get sold in slavery, get put into prison; everything went down, but what God was doing was getting him ready to take that character that he was learning on the downward slid and when God promoted him it wouldn’t go to his head.

Jeanne:  We were invited to be speakers at a wedding during the reception and so we came on time and friends of ours had saved us a seat near the front and we sat there and then pretty soon other people came and said, “We wanted to sit there.”  And so we didn’t say anything and I remember just reading in the Bible how you have to take the lower seat at the wedding.  So, we left the place and we moved down to a lower table.  And then the people were quite shocked when we were asked to come up and speak, but it worked so well when you take the lower seat.  God is pleased when we don’t push for our rights or want our way.

Ken:  And really this is an upside down kingdom that Jesus said, He that wants to be greatest, he shall be the servant, he shall be the least of you.  He that wants to be first many of the first are going to end up being last and so this is why we need to shift; this is why we need a different way of thinking because the world is going down one plane trying to score on a particular scoreboard, but God has a different scoreboard; and he’s looking at how much we look like Jesus, how much we develop because He has the intention of giving us authority to rule and reign, but it’s going to be a ruling and reigning according to the judgments written.  We actually have to know how God thinks and how He feels.  The world does things totally different and if we get stuck in our worldly mindsets, we’ll actually be useless in the kingdom.

Sid:  You know a good story of that is that I was reading a story in your book about the pressure cooker Jeanne, and the world says a million different things when something like this happens; but you decided to just praise God.  Tell me that story.

Jeanne:  God often instructs me in different ways and one of the times that I was cooking soup and I decided to make it in a pressure cooker, but I put in lentils or something that clogged the vent of the pressure cooker and as it was clogged I thought, I better release it so I opened it up and it exploded, went through the ceiling the lid and the product, the soup landed all over my face and down my neck.  I was in instant agony, and I ran and put cold water on it; the only thing I could do was pray in a heavenly language.  And so when my husband came home and he took me to the hospital and when I arrived there they said that I had second and third degree burns; and the doctor said, “That I would be scared.”  They bound me up with bandages and put cream on my face and then they said, “I had to have the bandages changed every day,” but I was able to go home.  I had a nurse that came in and she was a girlfriend of mine; she just jumped in my bed with me because she saw that I was in shock; but I just trusted God.  Our pastor came and anointed us with oil and I believed God would touch me, but I didn’t know when or how and as I kept going for the bandage change he noticed that there was an infection around the throat area.

Sid:  How bad was the pain?

Jeanne:  It was extreme, it was extreme I would just have the pray in the Spirit I could not get any relief.  They gave me pain killers; it was very extreme pain, because your face is very tender.  And I would have to come in everyday to the hospital; have the bandages rechanged and redressed and finally after a week or two I noticed my face beginning to look like fruit leather and it was horrible it was all down the left side of my face and down the left neck area.  And after a couple of weeks I said,  “Okay Lord if this is how you want me to look I can receive that, but I’m okay with that.”  And the Lord said, “Pick up a cotton ball” and I picked up a cotton ball and I began to wipe my face off and as I did the big thick brown skin fell off and underneath was white skin not even red or pink; but just normal skin.  And then somebody once said to me, “Well maybe you healed faster, maybe you just heal really well” and in a couple of weeks later, I took out a tray of cookies out of the oven, burnt my arm a little bit and that scar lasted a year.  And so God really showed me He loves us; He wants to heal us, but we have to let Him do it His way.

Sid:  What did the doctors have to say about your healing? 

Jeanne:  They were shocked, they didn’t even believe I was the same person, because they had never see me without the burn and so then the doctor didn’t know what to make of it; because he said second and third degree burn.

Sid:  Well, Ken and Jeanne you say things that I’ve never heard people say before in your book; “Use your brokenness to bring healing, your former poverty to bring wealth and your former sickness to bring health.”  What do you mean by that?

Jeanne:  You have authority when you have had victory over something, I had cancer and survived it and I now pray for people with cancer and have faith to believe that they will be healed.  If we have walked in poverty…

Sid:  Okay, just out of curiosity according to my information here you prayed for five people with brain tumors that were healed?

Jeanne:  The doctors told each one they had a brain tumor and when I laid hands on them I didn’t believe it, I believed that it was a lying wonder and I said, “No, God says you don’t have a brain tumor.”  They went back each one and each one was totally clear, they never had brain tumors; never needed operations; never needed chemo therapy.

Sid:  You also talk about it’s very very important to be obedient.  Tell me about the time you were driving your children and all of a sudden you saw two angels.

Jeanne:  I was kind of afraidy cat driver; and we were driving in a remote area in Canada in the woods area near Rocky Mountain House and I was listening to tapes and they were teaching tapes and all of a sudden I looked at the side of the road and I saw these two kind of translucent beings, so I knew that were really peopled there, but I saw them with my visual eyes and they were holding this big sign out and the sign said, “Danger!”  And immediately after I saw that I heard the tape describe in Psalms how the Angels are there to perform the word of God.  So quickly I invited the Angels into the car and I could feel them come in from the roof and down and as they came in this great big tanker truck with an extra trailer on it brand new shinny just zipped past us and I thought, oh, I got to pray for protection so I began declaring the Psalms and Psalms 39 and praying for protection.  And then that tankard truck turned on to Highway 22 where I was supposed to go, but for whatever reason I decided to just take the dog for a little walk and then I decided to go into the town a little further ahead and gas up even though I didn’t need gas and get some snacks for the kids.  And so then after about a half hour maybe an hour we drove back down toward Highway 22 and as were coming out and on to Highway 22 after a couple of miles this torrential rain started to come and it was so strong I could barely see out of the window, but I had remembered the warning of danger so I kept praying, kept declaring scriptures.  And all of a sudden, we saw lights flashing; and then we saw that there were emergency vehicles all over; that tankard had flipped over and been across the highway and had I followed it I would have not been able to have diverted the problem.   So I thank God that He sends His angels and I thank God that they alerted me and told me that there was danger ahead and then for whatever reason I had no compulsion to go right away home.

Sid:  You know there’s so many things in your book “Shift” I’m convinced because of the great outpouring of God’s Spirit that we must shift our thinking; and you hit so many bull eyes.  For instantaneous you talk about accepting responsibility even if you are only one percent wrong, why?

Ken:  Yeah, we can’t change everybody else, we can only change ourselves and so…

Sid:  But my flesh would rebel if I was 99% right!

Ken:  Well, my flesh down too, but my spirit doesn’t; because my spirit says “No, do this.”  There’s a verse in 1 Peter 2:20 it says that eventually, it says that if we do what’s right and suffer for it, this is acceptable with God.  So God actually said that there is a formula there, it’s saying do what’s right, let’s take you responsibility minus your rights equals favor with God.

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