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Sid:  I’ve been interviewing all this week, Ken & Jeanne Harrington on their new book “Shift,” moving from the natural to the supernatural; why is this so important?  Well number 1. “Aren’t you tired of walking in a big circle for so many years when you’re only one week away from the Promised Land from the promises of God?  Aren’t you tired of that long walk?” Well there’s something missing and God’s been working on your character and I have never read a book that is so jammed packed with spiritual nuggets and examples and then supernatural prayers at the end of each chapter so that you will walk in the character for God to trust you to move in the supernatural.   This is it.  This is the wrap up; do you want to be on the shelf, walking in a circle for the next forty years or do you want to be involved in the front lines of the greatest out pouring of God’s Spirit in history?  Now Jeanne, you told me about how God has entrusted such supernatural gifting to you, but I believe if you had this gifting and you didn’t operate in the character that I read about in this book you would have ship wrecked long ago.  Tell me the story about your pastor.

Jeanne:  We needed a pastor and I was just doing ordinary things and praying, but then one night I had a dream and in the dream I was given the name of man that I did not know and I saw him.  And I had a whole prophetic revelation for him and part of the revelation was that he had lost his luggage and I would pull a suitcase from Heaven and all the clothing fell down from Heaven for him.  And so I didn’t know who he was or how to get a hold of him, but I knew from God that I had to contact this man and give him the word, I had received.  I didn’t even know that he would be our pastor. And so I phoned a fellow that knows quite a few people in the ministry and I told him that he had a French last name and he gave me the man’s name, his name is Mark Breezebois and so I phoned him and he wasn’t home; so I left a message on the phone that I had received a word from the Lord for him.  He went on to he was in Ontario with a conference and he ran into somebody that knew us and he began to relate how a lady from Bruce Grove had a message for him.  And the man said, “Well, would it be Jeanne Harrington?”  He said, “Yes, you can trust her.”  So I was at a lady’s retreat and I came home and he had changed his flight from Ottawa to instead of going right home to Vancouver he stopped off in Alberta to come and see us.  And so when I arrived home from the ladies retreat he was sitting in the living room and I told him what I had seen.  Now he was operating by faith, moving in his ministry at that time.  They did not own a house; he wasn’t in Alberta, he wasn’t out pastor, but because of that word and other words God gave him to confirm it they ended up coming here.  They ended up buying a house; their house, their new house is totally paid for; he drives a Lexus; he is traveling all over the world; he’s going to El Salvador this week; but I saw that God knew who the right person was and God also wanted to bless and where he had nothing before God just moved him into prosperity.

Sid:  You know, it’s so wonderful the way you to move in the supernatural.  Tell me about the time you were translated.

Jeanne:  We were in Hawaii and we’re looking at the coffee plantations and driving down a rural road and all of a sudden I felt a real pain in my heart and I began to cry and weep in the car.  And then suddenly I felt like I was right outside of the car, outside of my body into a person’s little house and it was a man and he was bent over and he was very depressed and he was in sorrow and he wanted to commit suicide and I could feel it so strong.  So so I began to make declarations to choose life, I began to say, “Choose life and I began to make declarations about God’s love for him and that he was loved and that there was hope and that God had a plan for his life.”  And I began to push back the darkness as I began to bring in the Word of God I could feel the darkness shift until I could see him lift his head and then I could see him shake it off; and then all of a sudden I was back in the car and I was still weeping in the car.

Sid:  Now, did you see yourself in his house?

Jeanne:   Yes, I did.

Sid:  Now, you know again, Mishpochah you will have to walk in the character of Jesus to be entrusted with the gifts of the kingdom of Jesus.  There was a time that God was giving these gifts out just wholesale and there wasn’t character and God saw that this was not good because His creation fell and stumbled and many of them even lost their salvation.  And we’re coming into a time in which God is looking for the people; His Spirit is desperately searching for the people to pour out these gifts.  Will they have character; will they be thankful in situations that only a believer could be thankful in?  He’s looking for people like that; tell me the story about Randy.

Ken:  I was working in construction and this young fellow was my foreman, I was older and more experienced, but he had the job and I was just working for him and there became a chance, I got a phone call to come out and work as a maintenance mechanic out at a mine.   Which would mean I was home every night which was something I really wanted because construction can get you all over the place.  And the gentleman asked that hired me asked if I would bring somebody with me and so I felt in the spirit to invite Randy, which is a fictional name to come up with me.  And so we drove out and filled out our paper work, I got mine in first and threw it in the basket and then he threw his on top of mine.  Well then the secretary comes along and she takes the top one and I think we were #448 and I became #449 which wouldn’t seem like anything accept it was a union job site and that meant he actually had seniority on me.  Well a few months later there was a situation came up that they wanted to deal with and they needed to lay some guys off and so Randy got laid off, but because the secretary had given him the lower number he decided to bump me or to force me to be laid off.  Now I was upset with this, but what happened is that it was all in God’s purposes.  In the few months that I was off Jeanne and I started a company and God has blessed it tremendously since it is still going.  I ended up going back to that site when they recalled us and started working somewhere else and God encouraged me to actually bring Randy along and set him up as one of my foreman.  Now it would seem strange that the guy who stabbed you in the back you’d be called to bring again, but what God was developing in me was the ability; don’t worry about what people do; don’t worry about what people say; the promotion comes from the Lord and he was training me to really love even the Judas that is in our midst because God has a purpose for him.  And sure enough he stabbed me again and I ended up losing my position in the second company.  But I actually had a chance to talk to him and share Christ with him; I’ve heard that he actually gave his heart to the Lord, but that’s not the key.  The key was he was God’s tool to form my character so that I’m not worried about people when their character is not quite right I can still love them.

Sid:  You know, I wish, I wish I had been given this book as a brand new believer; I mean these are areas that aren’t even spoken about; what keys to walking in the blessings of God.  Jeanne is God showing you that will shortly happen in the United States and Canada?

Jeanne:   I had a dream that there was a Tsunami wave coming and God plopped me in the middle of the Tsunami wave and I had to ride a surf board right to the end.  It was scary, it was so scary it was powerful; it was this powerful move of God coming and it’s going to come across Canada and the US.  There’s going to be a great harvest coming, but to prepare for the harvest we’re going to go through hardship because we haven’t been in line with God’s word; things are going to happen that causes us to run into God; run into His Word.  But this harvest is going to come, it’s going to be immense it’s going to be powerful and every person is going to be used that wants to be used for the glory of God.

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