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Sid: I recently interviewed a young man who has a marvelous anointing for seer, s e e r and in the midst of his testimony, this is Jonathan Welton, he said that a prophet had prophesied over him about this gift and for the next thirty days he was able to see into the unseen world like few people have ever been able to see.  And then of course it cut off and God wanted to teach him how to operate it by faith, but he wanted it to have this exposure for thirty days.  And I said to him, “Well who is that prophet, that prophet, he intrigues me; who would prophesy such a thing that would cause you to move in a dimension that few people I know move into?”  And then he said that it was Denny Cramer and so I have on the telephone Denny Cramer.  And I found out some very interesting things about Denny, that he’s literally prophesied over thousands of people, he has prophesied over thirty-three years; and he also has a book on prophesy called “You Can all Prophesy.”  And the thing that I love about this book is although the title alludes to it, it really is written in such a simplistic anointed fashion that you can do what the title says; you can all prophesy it just literally pulsates with the anointing and the faith to prophecy.  But Denny I found out in looking over your fact sheet that you came to the Lord about the same time I did.  I was not a hippy like you, but you wandered into a Jesus People type of meeting.  Why did you even go there?

Denny: Well, it of course was very much a sovereign thing, I didn’t know that I was being drawn you know, to the Father, but I was.  I had moved from upstate New York, as a matter a fact Sid, Rochester, New York where you’re from.

Sid: I know, we have a lot in common, we came to the Lord about the same time, my mother was born in Rochester, New York.  I’m not from Rochester, but my family is.

Denny: Oh, your family, okay.  Well, I was in Rochester in 1971 attending school and I had gotten involve in the drug culture at the time, sort of the hippy movement.  But decided to leave college and I moved down to central Pennsylvania where I now live in August of ’71 and moved into a house across the street from these two Jesus people.  Well, I knew what Jesus People were because we as hippies called them Jesus Freaks because they looked like us and they had long hair and jean jackets and played guitars, but they didn’t do drugs and didn’t have sex and they were hippies without being hippies and we called them Jesus Freaks because they were always talking about Jesus and handing out tracks and carrying their Bibles.  So I accidently moved in next door to this young Jesus People couple.  So they gave me some Jesus papers, these were newspapers meant to copy the hippie papers of the day and on the front cover of these Jesus papers were these long haired Jesus People or Jesus Freaks playing their guitars; they had long hair jean jackets and I related to that look, being a hippy.  And they said, “You know we have meetings Thursday night.”  Well, I thought that was bazaar!  I was an Irish Roman Catholic kid and went to Mass Sunday morning and that was it.  And these Jesus People, who were Protestants, you know went to church during the week and so they said, “You can come to our meetings on a Thursday night.  Well, I was intrigued to find out what these Jesus People did in their meetings.  So I left work, went to the corner of Packer and Benet in this small rural central Pennsylvania town, and it said “First Pentecostal Church; I had no idea what that meant, a Pentecostal Church, I said fine, “This is where their meeting.”  I went in it was December 4, of 1971; thirty-eight years ago about two weeks ago; walked into this meeting and there all these Jesus People were and they were playing their guitars and banging these things called tambourines which I had never seen in my life.  They were singing happy songs, they were all happy looking and I thought I’m in a church full of people who are high.  I knew what that means, “high,” and I said, “These people are high, but the intriguing part was there was another group of old Pentecostal people whose average age must have been about eighty, long sleeve white shirts, black pants all the women had their hair up in buns and these old people were also high because they were smiling; they were happy.  Sid, I had never seen, happy old people, I had never seen happy people in a church singing happy songs, so I figured this entire church is high, they’re all high; the hippies were high, the old people were high.  Then an absolutely amazing thing happened; to my right just a few feet away one of these old men, I mean he was old, one of these old men stood up and he began to speak out a message in a language that I had never heard, I mean he yelled it and he’s yelling it in this language that I didn’t know what it was, but it was intiquing because everyone stopped, the music stopped and this man just stands up and speaks this message and he sits down.  Then to my left and old lady stands up, little an old, she stands up and she begins to speak in four hundred and fifty year old King James Version English, she began to say yeah, yeah thus sayeth the Lord and I had no idea why she was speaking it in four hundred and fifty year old antiquated English, but I knew Sid, I knew what she was doing was interpreting what he had said, so that I would get it.

Sid: Well, you know what’s so amazing to me in what the new phenomena called “Seeker Sensitive,” they pulled speaking in supernatural languages out.  But as a Jewish person that had no reference to anything you had more understanding than I did, in this Pentecostal Church I didn’t relate to anything.  I went to a prayer meeting and I heard someone speaking in tongues and I didn’t even hear the interpretation, but that was the thing that intrigued me and this is the thing that they’re cutting out, and as an unsaved Jewish person and you as an unsaved Catholic those were the things that intrigued us.

Denny: How about that, I immediately knew that what she was doing was for my benefit and I immediately wanted what they were selling.  I walked forward that night on December 4, 1971 and gave my heart to the Lord.  Here’s what Paul said about prophecy in our churches he said, “Unbelievers are going to walk in,” Sid and the prophets are going to be prophesying and the unbeliever’s will not run out of the church, they will fall down on their faces in our churches and they will say, “Wow, God is really in this place.”  The idea of seeker friendly Christianity don’t get me upset, I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t see it in the Bible.  The Holy Spirit, we owe Him an apology, we have insulted Him by telling Him that He will disrupt our services and He will drive sinners from our midst when He manifests Himself.  We owe Him an apology, I was not driven out Sid, I was drawn in.

Sid: Denny, do you remember the first time God started operating with you in the supernatural?

Denny: Absolutely, who wouldn’t; it started about two years after my conversion, I began to have an occasional spiritual dream and spiritual vision.  Didn’t know what they really were, didn’t know they were of the Spirit of God, didn’t know that they were revelatory in nature, but I would begin to share these dreams and visions with people and they were flabbergasted because they were very much the Holy Spirit; they were full of revelation, no one could of told me or shown me these things, if it was not the Holy Spirit.  So I began to experience the Holy Spirit in dreams and visions and then eventually that led to me experimenting in prophecy.

Sid: Well, tell me about the first time you prophesied.

Denny: Well, it was a disaster.

Sid: A disaster?

Denny: Absolutely!

Sid: Disaster, I mean here you had been really touching the supernatural, and having it confirmed, so why was it a disaster?

Denny: Well, having a dream and a vision is one thing, but being in the middle of a church service, the worship is getting ready to whine down and the Spirit of God begins to bubble up on the inside of me, is a little different than having a dream or a vision.  There I was in front of a group of people; I began to feel this stirring, this bubbling up, what I call prophetic effervesce in my spirit and words and sentences started coming to my mind that I recognized were not my own thoughts.  And I said, “Ah, this is prophecy!”  So I said, “I’m going to go for it.”  So the worship began to whine down, as the worship leader was hitting those last few notes I began to get the first sentences or two of this prophecy that Denny Cramer was going to give for the first time, it was going to be terrific, so the song ends, I open my mouth, and I say these words, “The Lord would say,” and when I did, Sid, I completely spooked myself, I froze, I choked, I panicked, I had never hear Denny Cramer say the Lord would say, I scared myself out of the prophecy, my mind went blank, I…

Sid: Oh, I can just picture that situation, it’s a wonder you ever tried again, but you did, and you have been prophesying for over thirty-three years, seeing things that would happen in the future.  But you are called to the everyday person to activate their gift of prophecy.  I love one of the chapters in your book; the title is “You Are Incredibly Gifted, You Just Don’t Know it.”

Denny: That right.

Sid: And you’re literally called of God to mystify the prophetic, it’s a how to book.

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