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Sid: I have on the telephone someone who has a gift of the Spirit that intrigues me no end, I love this gift, it’s called the gift of prophecy.  And this particular person has such a precise gift of prophecy that many times he’s accused of collaborating with the pastor of a church because he is so accurate, on yesterday’s broadcast, the way he started he almost ended.  He gets up in front of a church the first time he’s going to prophesy, he’s beginning to hear some things, He’s already moved in the supernatural, he’s had a few words and he’s brought them to people and the people have said, “Yes, that accurate.”  So he has that encouragement and he comes forward and he say, “The Lord would say” and he freezes, and it took a lot of courage for you to prophecy again Denny Cramer.  But tell me about you’re a member of a congregation and you have a dream about a member, now did you have enough chutzpah, that’s a Hebrew word for nerve to bring that forward to them.

Denny: I actually know what chutzpah means, yes I did.  I woke up from this very vivid dream, and I said, well, I’m just going to go to this couple and share this dream with them.  So it happened to be a dream about the wife and in the dream, so in the dream she said to me in the dream that she was having a physical problem with a very specific part of her body.   And in the dream, I knew that here physical body needed to be healed in sort of a personnel intimate part of her body, so I said, “Don’t think that I’m being forward here, but here’s the dream I had.”  And she looked and said, “I went to my husband last night and I said to him, “Honey, my body is not working properly in this rather personnel area and I need to go to the doctor,” and I said, “You’re joking.”  She said, “No, I went to my husband last night and said, “I have to go to the doctor, my body is sick and that’s exactly the part of the body that I had the dream about.”

Sid: That must have astounded her, but I have an idea Denny, it astounded you!

Denny: More than it astounded her, but that was the beginning of dreams and visions increasing in my life.

Sid: And then you began to have very accurate words of knowledge and wisdom.  What type of things did you know about people?

Denny: Well, I covered the full spectrum of human problems, I was also able to see the solutions, I’ve always been a very solution oriented prophetic guy, but I would see things that were yet to come and I would run them by my pastor.  He would say, “Well you know will have to see,” but they would begin to come to past.  I would have some warnings; I would see something’s that were coming on people’s lives.

Sid: Now, when you would say I would see, would you actually see, or would you hear or both?

Denny: Well, I am essentially a seer, I would see in my mind’s eye a low level visions.  If I could be honest with you, a Polaroid snapshot; the Lord gives me a series of Polaroid snap shots, there not colored, 3-D, there is no audio.  I see little about 3 by 4 inch black and white Polaroid snap shot pictures of situations; and all that I do is describe what I see.

Sid: You, according to my notes, when you lay hands on people many times you’ll see, but is it necessary for you to lay hands on people to see these things?

Denny: I do my best work by laying hands on people; obviously I can’t do that when I have a dream or a vision those things that can happen anyway.  But my best prophetic work is done when my hands are laid on the candidate that, moment of contact releases my anointing and that’s when the snap shots begin.

Sid: Does it always happen?

Denny: Absolutely, someone ask me the other day, in thirty-three years how many times has the gift not operated, be honest?  And I said, in thirty-three years it never failed to activate, not once, not once.

Sid: Now, have you said things to people and they have said, “Absolutely not!” and they’ve lied to you, and then did think that maybe I missed it?

Denny: Well, absolutely a prophet must always be open to the very real possibility that they are going to make prophetic mistakes, prophets are not perfect, their just prophetic.  So your first attitude needs to be gee maybe I did miss it, please forgive me, I would like to release you from that word, it causes you any kind of stress or tension.  But many times I know that people have actually missed what God has wanted them to know because they miss interpreted, they got ahead of God, they didn’t understand the terminology, so I’ve had a number…

Sid: But my concern is the other thing, where the person, you might nail them over a situation, they deny it and as a result that new prophet or that person that’s new at prophesy says, “I’m never going to do this again.”  That’s what concerns me.

Denny: Yeah, I experience all of that, certainly in the beginning, but yeah I know there’s people that will lie, I know that there’s will deny the fact, the reality, the truth of it, the accuracy of it.  As you said, in your introduction there are people that are sure that I have gotten with a pastor before the meeting, he’s told me who to go to and what to say because the prophesies were so accurate that even experienced Christians said, “No one is that good, and they actually thought..

Sid: Can you give me an example of how accurate they might be.

Denny: A sure, I have prophesied literal conversations that people have had.  I’ve had pastors say to me, I told that person in counseling yesterday the very same thing that you just said to them.  They’re going to think that I told you to say that.  So I’ve had people tell me I’ve prophesied actual private conversations that they’ve had, I’ve prophesied what they’ve been petitioning the Father about.  In other words, I prophesied their prayer list.  I’ve had them accuse me of you know getting in with the Pastor and the pastor telling me what to say because the level of accuracy was so supernatural that they just had never seen a prophet operate on this high of a level.

Sid: Now, I have seen people that have a tremendous healing ministry, but move in that type of prophecy where they say, you know a couple of days ago, I see you falling and having a pain in that area of your body and I have to believe the reason God does that is to build their faith so that may receive their healing.

Denny: Precisely, that is what this is all about, it is all about letting the church know that Jesus is a loving caring, intimate  personal God, the Head of the Church.  He chooses to relate to His kids, through these nine wonderful manifestations or gifts of the Holy Spirit.  And it’s all about love; He loves us so much that he put these nine manifestations in this church to let us know of this great love.

Sid: Now, we’re featuring this week your book “You Can All Prophecy.”  Did God tell you to write this, was there a strong prophesy about putting this together?

Denny: Absolutely, I was ministering on the road I believe in North Carolina and I was teaching on the prophetic and a lady walked up to me and said, “You need to make this a book.”  Well, I thought she was crazy, I have no degree in writing, I have no experience, I’ve never written a page yet she came along and said, “I should turn this into a book.”  So it stayed in me, I continued to feel that maybe this gal had something; so I wrote it first in 1981.  I have rewritten it now about five or six times and the latest addition or reversion that you are offering your listeners, so yeah, I actually wrote that book because of a number of prophecies where the Lord said, “I want you to put on paper what I have given you for the Church.”

Sid: What type of feedback are you getting from people that either sit under you seminar on prophecy, or and again you make it very clear not everyone is a prophet, but everyone can and should prophesy.  In fact one of the things that intrigued me because I’m aware of this also, is that you talk about the First Church, everyone was prophesying.  In fact in the First Church everyone would have had their own television show, because they all walked in miracles.

Denny: You are precisely right; I am a first century New Testament, Book of Acts, Epistles to the church kind of guy.  I don’t believe that the Bible is just a historical record of what once was.  I believe that it is not a description, because a lot of our fellow Christians read it as a description, but I believe the Book of Acts is a prescription.  I believe it’s for us, it is a prescribed way in which to conduct ourselves, it gives us insight into how the New Testament Church was birthed and what it’s to be about today.

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