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Sid: My guest Denny Cramer has just the most fascinating gift, so precise of prophecy.  He’s been prophesying for thirty-three years and Denny you say this and you mean it, you say that although you’ve been prophesying for thirty-three years you’re still learning.  How could you still be learning after thirty-three years of prophesying?

Denny: Well, if you think a minute about who we’ve dealing with, were dealing with the greatest teacher of all times; the Holy Spirit has always been teaching the church.  And anyone who’s in partnership with him will or should always be learning.  And I tell people that prophesying is an ongoing learning experience.  Listen to this, every time I prophesy, which is thousands of times every year, I learn something more about my craft; about my skill; about my gift.  So here I am prophesying and yet I’m learning how to do a better job the next time.  So I tell people that if you want to get good at anything, including how we serve God do it a lot.  Learn by repetitions.  So I tell people, get out there and get some experience, practice, practice, practice and after you do anything a few thousand times you are going to get better at it.  But here I am thirty-three years of prophesying and if I prophesy tomorrow night I will learn something from the Holy Spirit. I’ve never said I’ve arrived, I’ve never thought for a minute that I have this thing figured out.  What I feel is we’ve only scratched the surface and if I’m ministering for the greatest teacher that has ever lived, if the Holy Spirit is my teacher, I know that there’s something more I can learn every time I prophecy.

Sid: You know I would love to turn your gift lose to Jewish people in Israel and Muslims in a Muslim country and watch what happened.  Have you ever had an occasion to prophesy over non-believing Jews or Muslims?

Denny: Absolutely, the majority of my ministry of course has been to believers, but a couple churches will put the word out, they’ll advertise in secular papers and they’ll invite those who are curious; those that are seeking and of course you get what you get but we very subtly and very diplomatically will attempt to minister to people who are not even a Christian, not ever born again.  And of course the Holy Spirit is faithful and true to absolutely nail them right between the eyes with a very accurate word, but of course what then has to happen is those unsaved people who just got a very accurate prophecy, they still of course need to be converted so that they’re prophecy can come to pass.

Sid: Now, take you back as a young kid as you’re in your early twenties; the gifts are all knew to you and you hear from God who will be your wife.  Now you did not have the greatest wisdom, what did you do when you got this information?

Denny: That’s an understatement, I was praying one night, I was a single guy twenty-one years of age, I had dated this beautiful young Christian woman one time.  We had one date, I simply said, can we go out and have a steak one night so she agreed.  We had one date, she then went back to college about three hours away and I stayed here in my home town working at the time, so I had not seen her for about three or four months.  So one night I’m praying and I’m saying this young woman, Diane, she’s beautiful, she’s a Christian, and I’m not even going to call her up, I’m not even going to try to get a second date when she comes back from college unless you’re in this.  And at that precise moment, out of Heaven came words in a vertical teletype, just like you’d see going across horizontally on you TV screen these words came out of Heaven vertically and it went ……right into my head and I read the words on this vertical teletype and it said “I’m going to give you Diane to be your wife.”  Well I jumped up, ran over to the phone, picked up the phone, called this phone number for this beautiful young Christian girl that I had seen one time three or four months ago for one date, called her up on the phone and got her on the phone and I said, “Hey, I was praying about you tonight,” she said “Wow, what was it about?”  And I said, “Well, God spoke to me,” well wow, what did He say?”  And I said, Well, the Lord said” and I quoted to her “God said to me I’m going to give you Diane, to be your wife.”  She began to weep and then she said, and I quote, “But I don’t even like you.”

Sid: Ha-ha that must have gone over big with you and her.

Denny: I was devastated!  She said, “This is not happening and she then hung up the phone and I thought that I had blown it.  It never occurred to me that God had not told her the same thing.  She came back to the hometown about four or five months after that  prophesy, I ran into once and then twice, and then three times, but I wasn’t going to bring up marriage again, we were just friends.  But after the summer of ’74 had come and gone right around August of ’74 I was still feeling that God spoke to me, I got to ask this gal again.  So I sat her down and I said, “Look I’m going to ask you again, I believe you are to be my wife; will you marry me?”  Then she said, “Oh yeah, God had told me two weeks ago.”  We were engaged on August 13th of 1974, married November 23rd of 1974 and we just celebrated our Thirty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Sid: But, it gets even better I mean it’s wonderful when you have a baby, what happens when you have a miracle, baby.  There was a prophecy about your baby even before he was born, tell me about that.

Denny: Diane got pregnant and we we’re of course as first time expectant parents, very excited and we received a prophecy from a very accurate woman in our church.  The Lord would say, you will have a miracle baby, well we interpreted that to mean, man be a quick and easy delivery, no pain, no contraction, no hard labor hallelujah, thank you Jesus.  The truth is the opposite happened.  Diane went into deep fetal distress, the baby’s heart beat became erratic after eighteen hours of hard labor, the doctor said, “We need to perform an emergency caesarean,” and we’re going “What do you mean, what kind of a miracle baby are we going to get?”  Well, the baby was born through an emergency surgical procedure called a C-section two save the baby’s life.   Diane was fine, the baby was not, is right lung had totally collapsed 100%, his left lung 50%.  The placenta had failed several weeks earlier and my son had been inhaling his waste, called meconium and he was at deaths door.  They took the baby to intensive care, they inflated his lungs, they injected him with twenty six different combinations of chemicals to say his life and after three days the doctor came to us and said, “During the night, your son pulled out his own chest tube,” and of course we were devastated, he said, “No, no, no you don’t understand…

Sid: How could a baby days old, pull out their own chest tube?”

Denny: Go figure? Go figure”

Sid: They can’t, I mean they can’t even operate their fists or their hand to well.

Denny: Pulled it out in the middle of the night, the nurses didn’t discover, he said, “You don’t understand your baby is fine.”  Then the doctor…

Sid: The baby could have died when it did this, if it could have done this, which it did, but it should not have been able to, but if it did it the baby should have died.

Denny: And here’s the cool part, the doctors said to us and I quote, “It’s, it’s like a miracle” and as he said that Diane and I looked at one another and we knew that we had our miracle baby.  He then recovered from all of his traumatic birth.  They thought that he would have brain damage and heart damage, he was totally and completely healed, he became a star athlete in high school, he is now married with a beautiful wife and a granddaughter and he’s thirty-four years old.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity, in your family line were there any prophets?

Denny: Virtually none.  I’m an Amos kind of prophet, I didn’t come from a family of prophets, neither was I professionally trained.

Sid: So, how did you get this marvelous gift?

Denny: Like, you and every other believer, gets their gifts, by a decision from a generous loving God who loves to give gifts.

Sid: And as you explain in your book, non everyone has the gift of prophecy such as you have, but everyone can prophecy, “If that’s the case, why come very few Christians’ prophecy?”

Denny: A number of reasons, number one, we don’t believe the Bible, that’s where most of our problems stem from, we just don’t believe the Bible.  If the Bible is true in the easy parts and the good parts then it almost also must be true in the difficult parts and the parts we don’t always like.  In other words, I believe that it’s all true and if it’s true on the day of Pentecost, Peter stood up and said “Hey, this is what Joel was talking about!”  Joel prophesied hundreds of years earlier that when the Holy Spirit was poured out in the last days there would be a gift that was be inserted into this church.  It wasn’t tongues, it wasn’t falling over when people pray for you, it wasn’t gold dust, those things are fine and good.  What is was was the gift of prophecy; Joel referenced it once when Peter re-prophesied Joel’s prophecy he referenced it twice.  He said, “Your sons and daughters will prophesy; your handmaidens and your men servants will prophesy,” so…

Sid: What’s so wonderful about your book is I love the subtitle; the title is “You Can All Prophecy.”  The subtitle is “Stepping out with Integrity,” that’s a very important word.  And what you literally do and what needs to be done; and the first church understood this.  So Denny, you have a call from God to demystify the prophetic.

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