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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to being to prophecy, and my guest Denny Cramer, the perfect man to mentor you.  I mean Denny; don’t you wish you would have had a mentor that knew what you learned over the last thirty-three years of prophecy when you first started?  What difference would it had made to you?

Denny: It would have allowed me to probably move into my ministry sooner, but I would not have been as good a teacher in the prophetic as I am now because precisely of what I did go through to learn it myself.

Sid: Now, you mentioned something that I have found to be true, when I’m around say someone with a miracle ministry; I move more in miracles when I’m around someone who moves in words of knowledge; I move more in words of knowledge.  You find that that when people are around you the anointing literally rubs off and they start prophesying.  Tell me about what happened in Albania.

Denny: Yeah, you’re exactly right, the reason that this sort of thing happens is that the anointing Sid, is not just transferable it’s contagious.  In other words, you can just be around it and you can get it.  I was in Albania prophesying to Albanians and my interpreter, a brilliant young woman that spoke perfect English and perfect Albanian, was interpreting my English prophesy to the audience.  When she tapped me on my left shoulder and her name was Elvira, just a sweetheart and I said, “Yes Elvira?”  And she said “Prophet Cramer, I know what you’re going to say.”  And I then said, “Yes, I realize that, you are an excellent interpreter.”  She said, “No, no, no, you don’t understand, I know what you’re going to say.”  I said, “Elvira, oh I’m very confident that you know what you’re doing, you’re excellent.”  She said, “No, before you say it, I know what you’re going to say.”  And that’s when the Spirit of God said, “Your anointing Denny is coming on her.”  I said, “This is cool,” so I said, “Well, alright, what do you want to do with it?”  She said, “See the guy in the back of the church in the red shirt against the wall?”  I said “Yes, I know what you are going to say to him.”  And I said, “Go ahead and say it.”  So I never opened my mouth, but because she came under the umbrella or the canopy of my anointing because it’s not just transferable, but it’s accidently contagious she absolutely read that kids mail prophetically and I never said a word.

Sid: Well, you know Jesus said, or we read in gospels that He knew what people were thinking.  Is that true with you?

Denny: Exactly, it’s not mind reading, it is revelation; we call it the word of knowledge and I have been told many times that I have revealed the secrets of their hearts which is another way of saying you’ve known the very thoughts of the mind.

Sid: Now, I’ve interviewed a man many years ago that had a similar gifting and this is what he said to me, “Sometimes Sid, I wished there was a steel wall between myself and the person.  I don’t want to know what their thinking.”  Has this ever happened to you?

Denny: Yes, in fact what I do I put virtually everything else out of my mind; I concentrate only on that part of the revelation that the Holy Spirit wants me to address.  In other words, if I were to prophecy over you, you would only hear about seventy-five percent of what the Holy Spirit is giving me.  The rest of the information was diagnostic in nature for me understand how to prophecy the solution.  So I often tell people that you’re not going to get everything God gives me for you you’re only going to get the part that I’m suppose to give you.

Sid: Well, I want you to share that story about how the anointing is so transferable on you because with your book that we are making available this week, “You Can All Prophecy” that’s what I’m sensing as I’m reading it, it’s such encouragement to get someone to take a step of faith.  For instance, I find it very, very easy to teach people and then pray for them to speak in unknown tongues.  But it takes a little bit more faith to speak in something you understand, it seems to me the principal is the same; but why does it take a little more faith than with tongues?

Denny: Because we’re simply not as accustomed to expressing an inspired message in our known tongue as we are in just speaking in a language that we never learned, but it does not have to be interpreted.  In other word, when you’re prophesying you’re not only being inspired but you have to articulate what you’re being inspired about.  This is why I tell people, they ask me often, “How does this word, how does prophecy work?  And I tell them “I don’t know, it’s a gift,” and that’s the answer.  It works because God put a gift in the church, known as the gift of prophecy.  People say, “How do you do it?”  And I’ll say, “It’s a gift.”  They’ll say, “What does the voice of the Lord sound like?”  I’ll say, It’s a gift,” if you read the scriptures it put this way, “God put His Word in the mouth of Jonah ,” or “The word of the Lord came to Samuel.”  That’s the only way the writers of the Bible could explain it.  You just can’t explain a phenomenon, it’s a phenomenon; you can’t express more about what prophecy is other than to say that it is a gift; it is a gift.  God gives the ability to hear from Him and to speak for Him.  So all we have to understand is that there are certain steps to receiving gifts and releasing gifts, but fundamentally all this prophesying that is going on is just the result of an incredibly generous God who 2,000 years ago decided to put the gift of prophesy in the church and then Sid, make it available to every believer that wants it.

Sid: And now I noticed that you have had a number of prophecies of things that have come to pass internationally, although you consider your specialty really for individuals, but you prophecies the Afghanistan War, the Indonesian earthquake, the terrorist bombings in England.  And again, were these things you saw in advance or how did you receiving these prophetic words?

Denny: Regarding the predictions that you are referencing I was actually preparing a sermon one day in my office, when I looked up at the world map on the wall of my office and God began to give me impressions for some fifty-five different nations.  Most of if good, some of it not so good; and He began to reveal to me various things including some of the predictions that you mentions.  This was back in ’97, so it’s a fifty-five nation prophecy, but this is long before those things ever took place and there is a reason for that.  If you’re a prophet you do one thing more than anything else, and that is you predict.  In other words, someone said, “Well, I’m an apostle,” good here’s the question I want to ask you, “What have you built?”  Why?  “Because apostles are master builders.”  Alright, you’re a prophet, great “What have you predicted and what has come to pass?”  What do you mean?  That’s what prophets do.  It’s like saying, I’m an evangelist, “Do you have any converts?”  No, “Then you’re not an evangelist.”  You’re a pastor, show me your flock; “What do you mean?”  You said you’re a Pastor, “Show me you’re flock.”  You’re a teacher of the word, “Okay, give me some of your teachings so that I find out if you know what you are talking about.”  These are what the fivefold ministry do, apostles – build, prophets – predict, that’s what we do.

Sid: Speaking of predicting, at the start of 2010 God showed you insight into the year 2010. I’d love to hear what God told you.

Denny: He gave me ten words, which is kind of cool; ten words for 2010, ten words for 2010 and these are the little word that He gave me:  Number 1: Obey, Number 2: Secret, Number 3: Filters.  Number 4: Honor.  Number 5: Wisdom.  Number 6: Creative.  Number 7: Media.  Number 8: Fear. Number 9:  Holiness.  Number 10: Dream.

Sid: Now I could speculate on all ten of those but, why don’t you tell me what God meant by all of those ten words.

Denny: First of all He said, they were for all believers’ worldwide, this was not just for America; this is a word for the Body of Christ.  The first word Obey, He showed me if each believer begins or continues to obey God, the devil is going to experience extreme frustration and failure in his attempt to delay or destroy the will of God.  In other words simple obedience for 2010 is going to produce incredible spiritual victories.

Sid: So, as we obey we give the devil a nervous breakdown, is that my shorthand, is that correct?

Denny: Listen to this, he has virtually no strategy that can successful stop a believer who is operating in obedience.  This will be the key to our spiritual warfare in 2010.  Not binding and losing, not casting out, not prayer and fasting, not intercession, obedience.

Sid: Tell me the second word, that’s enough, as we say at Passover, it would have been enough, but give me a second word.

Denny: The second one is really exciting to me.  He gave me the word secret.  He said, “That as each believer walks in obedience God will begin to share even more prophetic secrets with them through the prophets.  In other words, for 2010 the prophets are going to begin to operate in a much higher level of revealing or unveiling secrets to the church.  We know the verse in Amos; the Lord God does nothing of any spiritual significance without first revealing His secrets to his servants the prophets.  And I saw that for 2010 the prophets are going to begin to equip the church by operating on a much much grander scale regarding prophetic secrets and that word means intimacies and confidentialities, private information, secret counsel, so the prophets are going to start reading mail.  I mean they are going to start operating…

Sid: Oh, we’re out of time I hate to do this Mishpochah, but we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast, I want to hear those other eight Words.

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