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Sid: My guest David Herzog, I’m speaking to him at his home in Sedona Arizona and David I understand over the last few months a tremendous sign has been occurring.  People with metal plates it’s been disappearing from them body, tell me about that

David: Yeah, it’s amazing I’ll be in the glory in the meeting and God will give me words of knowledge and I’ll see metal turning back to bone or just disappearing and people will come up and we’ve seen this for ten years but it’s like every week now it’s happening.  Metals just disappear, the screws are gone, the plates are gone  We were in London, England last week it happened there, it happened in LA this weekend, it’s just happening non-stop.  I remember Sid, one time…

Sid: By the way, do you know what I’m looking forward to someone has the metal removed and they flew to one of your meetings and when they go back to the metal detector at the airport, it doesn’t go off any more.

David: Wonderful, you know I’m sure it happens I just need to keep up with these guys that get these miracles, but yeah, they are just amazed.  One lady had a straight metal rod; she couldn’t bend her leg because it was a straight rod down her leg.  And at the meeting I just said “Someone can’t bend your legs bend your legs.”  The lady started bending her leg and starts screaming and I’m thinking, oh that’s not a big deal until I found out that there was suppose to be a metal rod in there.

Sid: Tell me, because this the question a lot of people are asking, someone that’s not use to walking this heavy manifest presence of God, this glory of God.  I want you to mentor them right now.  Tell them what they should be doing because there meant to walk in this glory of God.

David: It starts in your personal time with God, it’s intimacy with God, so one of the best ways, when you get up in the morning to pray.  Instead of just going through your list of things to pray, I would just put the list away for now and just start to praise and worship God just for who He is, not for what He can do for you, just because you love Him, until He comes.  And so I always talk about praise as the more faster breakthrough songs, you do maybe even dancing in your room and shouting to God and warfare songs and then you start worshiping which is the slow intimate songs and you do that until the heavy presence comes.  It will just get stronger and stronger and stronger.  And so you enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving and worship and then once you’re in that heavy praise, you’ll know when you are in that presence.  The atmosphere will change and then that’s when I start speaking to God but by that time you’ll see pictures, which I call visions of yourself doing this or doing that.  Start then to just declare what you see “Well, I declare this is going to happen or that is going to happen or maybe God told you that maybe you’re a preacher or you are going to speak somewhere and you see a city.”  One time I saw New York, so I said, New York open up Wall Street area, open up and within a couple of hours I was invited to speak in the Wall street area.  So a lot of time even your whole prayer life will change the way doors open will change, it’s a whole different realm when you pray in the glory you are like creating what you are speaking as opposed to begging God to do it.

Sid: Now I remember you talking to me at least a year ago maybe longer that you felt God told you that you were going to have an impact on people in Hollywood.  It’s starting to happen now from which you’re telling me.

David: Oh man, it’s amazing, just this last weekend, I mean I went to the Burbank, North Ridge area which is a lot of Hollywood actors were there but I found out that it is also the porn industry headquarters.  So I’m going to the airplane thinking about this, I get on the airplane and a drunk lady walks in, she’s kind of drunk, she misses her seat, comes back and she is sitting next to me, this was last Friday.  And anyway making a long story short, she’s kind of drunk, she asks me, what I do for a living, I tell her, ask her what she does and she tells me she’s a porn star.  And I didn’t tell you this story, but by the end of the flight, I was praying for her and she’s weeping and I found out she was from the Assembly of God, she’s a preacher’s daughter, Spirit filled, led a youth group, use to preach on holiness, against sin, against lust, preached at her prom, was a full blown evangelist outreach.  She use to see the blind healed and everything and she got raped on an Easter Sunday and it changed her whole life, she though God didn’t love her anymore.  So I told her, “God still wants you back and blah, blah blah.”  So that’s how the trip started could you imagine?  Then we get into the church and half of the people there are in the Hollywood industry, actors, producers, directors, writers and of course a lot of Jewish people in the industry so they were there.  And every night people were getting saved; people in the entertainment industry; Hollywood and Jewish people receiving the Lord, signs, wonders, miracles, the glory.  So it’s starting to come to pass, it is happening just supernaturally, I’m not doing anything to make it happen.

Sid: Now what does it mean to you that for the first time in actually when I first became a believer in the early 1970s there was a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people but then it kind of, it stopped and now God’s started again dealing with Israel, dealing with Jewish people.  What does this mean to you David?

David: Well, it means that well it says that when the fullness of Gentiles come in then all Israel shall be saved.  So were seeing a lot of nations and I travel around the world, Sir Lanka and a lot of places, they are coming in.  So the fullness of the gentiles are coming in.  And when that reaches a completion the Jews start coming in and the Jews are coming in now.  LA has one of the largest populations maybe next to New York, these heavy Jewish population areas are suddenly completely ripe for the gospel which means that the return of the Lord isn’t very far.

Sid: Now it says that we don’t know the day or the hour but we certainly know the season and that’s what I hear you saying.

David: Yeah the signs of it, I would say, work like he’s not coming for 100 years but live in holiness and live right with God as if He’s coming today.  But yeah, He’s a, something is up I’ve never seen such an opening and my own Father it took eight years to pray for him to receive the Lord, and He’s Jewish and now I’m seeing people, his own relatives coming to Lord just very very very fast.  Not even putting up a mental argument about it, which is amazing, a Jewish Lawyer came the other night and when he got there he told my Jewish Aunt, you need to join this ministry.  This is before he received the Lord; he already liked it because the presence and the glory of God was in that room.

Sid: Now, another thing that happens when people enter into the glory where the presence of God is that they have Heavenly visitations, tell me about some.

David: Yeah, Heavenly visitations can be anything when they enter the glory sometimes they get prophetic dreams, sometimes they get angelic visitations, sometimes they see the Messiah himself, Yeshua will come in the room or visit them, so it is just anything of Heaven coming down and visiting you.  Some people get a dream and then they wake up and say wow I went to Africa and later find out it wasn’t a dream, they go to Africa and people say “Oh, your back.”  So, yeah it’s a whole new realm, it’s a whole new world, it’s not like our world here.

Sid: Tell me about the experience in French Guiana.

David: Oh yeah we were there preaching and it’s heavy witchcraft area, the tribal people there worship this tree which they use to channel demons, this tree looks like an antenna.  It’s pretty weird, it’s like a weird dream and I went over there and the Lord told me these people worship these other gods and demons.  He told me have them give an offering to Jesus.  So I took up an offering, imagine the poorest of the poor area, but it was to change their worship, to what ever they give they worship.  So he said, “Were going to worship Jesus through the altar call and what happened was before I give the altar call all this gold dust of different colors fell.  People were covered in rainbow colors like dust, like all the different gems.  All these witches got saved, Heavens were cracked wide open and then when I went back to my little cabin…

Sid: And by the way, you just made a profound statement, all these witches got saved, because there are people saying “Gold dust, that’s not from God” well guess what, the devil is not going to throw gold dust that will cause witches to get radically saved!

David: Demons are coming out them too.

Sid: Ha ha.

David: They were screaming out, the glory came, the signs and wonders came and then salvations and deliverances came and then me and the apostle in the cabin were in were visited by angelic visitation until 4:00 AM I had never had an experience like that un until that time.

Sid: Tell me about Bethel.

David: Okay, I took people there where they think was the spot, it is kind of in the middle of nowhere in a settlement area, we lay down, played some music and told people just close your eyes and just see what God show you.  And people were, some were crying, you could hear people being touched.  And once everybody got back up and I said, “What happened?”  One lady said “That I went to Heaven and she was there with me and Jesus told us this,” and I said hold on.  And she was pointing to the lady, but the lady was far away and the lady didn’t hear the conversation.  So we went to the other lady and we said, “What happened to you?”  “I was taken to Heaven; I was with that lady over there.”  And I said, “What did you talk about?”  It was the exact same visitation, same conversation; Jesus had told them the same thing.  So, they were both taken to Heaven, Heavenly realm with the same place, same time together.  So it was just amazing.  That was Genesis 28; it says “This is the gate to Heaven.”  So there are geographical portals on the earth that are still open since bible days.

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