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Sid Roth welcomes Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov

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Sid: My guest Alyosha and Jody Ryabinov.  Alyosha is a World Class Concert Pianist, but you know Alyosha there’s been such a change, I’ve known you for many years and there has been a such a change in even as you’ve explained you know in the former Soviet Union.  You won awards and competitions and you’ve come from a long line of musicians, but there was a major turning point in your personal life which then affected your music tell me about that.

Alyosha: Well, when I realized that it’s a lot of effort to practice for a two hour concert and I did not want to do it.  At one point God began to speak to me and teach me and He said, “You know maybe I’m not looking for classical musicians in my Kingdom, but I’m looking for those that will worship Me in the Spirit and in Truth.  And I received a new desire to create music for His glory.  And that actually took quite a process and I had, in that process I had several encounters with God and the main encounter I had was when I truly truly experienced His love; that really affected the music.

Sid: You mean previous to that you had not experienced His love?

Alyosha: Not to the same degree, I mean as a believer I had already created some music and I believe that God’s love was flowing through it, but I myself did not know to the degree that God wanted me to know.  Because God is love and you know…

Sid: And by the way, speaking about love, I have here in my notes that you say, “Love has the highest frequency.”  That sort of sounds almost like scripture where it says, “Love never fails.”

Alyosha: Correct, yeah.  That scripture, “God is love,” there’s nothing in the world that is higher than God.  As a matter of fact scripture says you know, “If you’re not comfortable with love, then you’re not comfortable with God.”

Sid: And Jody, as you point out the opposite of fear is love, the opposite of love is fear.

Jody: Right, a lot of people try to just pray away fear or cast out fear, but it cannot really be cast out, it must be replaced with love, an experiential love in the very core of one’s heart and mind and that is something that only the relationship, an intimate relationship with God can do.  And most of us never really got copious amounts of affection love and having parents be presents and look at us with eye contact.

Sid: But we had imperfect parents so what do you expect because they had imperfect parents.

Jody: Exactly, so we’re all really destined to turn to God and there’s is only one way to get there and that is thru Yeshua the Messiah because He paid full price for us to get all the way to the heart of the Father.  Through what He did for us so we can get to the Father God, His love and experience that through Yeshua Himself and so that is what really displaces fear.

Alyosha: Let me in interject this, it doesn’t matter what kind of parents we have, there is a wonderful verse that has to be reality in my life and that is Psalm 27 verse 11.  And it says, “When your Father and Mother will forsake you I will take care of you.”  We have a parent that is the highest being in the Universe.

Sid: Alyosha you had a mentor who is now in Heaven by the name of Jack Frost.  What did he teach you that allowed you to transition into this perfect love?

Alyosha: I heard of Jack Frost first time in the year 2000 and he taught this message, you know that Our Father really loves us and that it is, you know we have hard time receiving His love. Because of our pain and hurts and experiences we had with our Father and Mother, but that is why Yeshua came to heal the broken hearts; He came to heal us so that we would be able to freely receive the love from our Heavenly Daddy.  It was absolutely a wonderful message and I listened to it for years and years and years but listening to the message is one thing, experiencing it is another.  God’s love must be experienced; it took several years before I went to one of the Schools that Jack started for ministers.  A school that lasted one month and it was a lot of difficulty even getting there because you know it’s a lot of money, I have to leave all my responsibilities and go, but I went.  And besides the great teaching, what I received was a group of people that had been processed by God’s love.  And they would just surround you and they would comfort you and for the first time I was in the company of people that you know I didn’t feel like I would have to tell them, “You know I’m a great ministry, I’m a Concert Pianist, I’m a this and that.”  I knew that I was loved with all my failures and all my problems; they loved me because love is unconditional.

Sid: Now, out of curiosity, is it easy for you now to love other people the way you were loved?

Alyosha: Much easier because you know, I’ve experienced it.  And not only that, but when I compose music I ask God to release God’s compassion to my heart and I have no problem you know feeling it flow.

Sid: Well, give us a tip for those that haven’t walked in that realm, give us some tips in how to walk in that realm.

Alyosha: Well, let me just give you first one experience that really transformed me because that was really the major, major transformation in my life.  In that school there was one big man and he didn’t teach much, he would just kind of sneak behind you and he would catch you in his arms and he would begin to bless you with a Father’s Blessing.  And I was uncomfortable with such closeness with man because I didn’t feel close to God, you know, I wasn’t comfortable being close to a man.  And he was strong and big and I’m small and my goodness.

Sid: So he overpowered you.

Alyosha: Overpowered me.

Sid: He overpowered you with love though.  Ha ha.

Alyosha: And he would begin to say “Father, give him all the love that he missed growing up.”  And he’d begin to bless me and I began to feel his heart.  It’s hard to describe because after this a cried for twenty five days straight.

Sid: Now just out of curiosity did you cry much before that?

Alyosha: Almost never because I was taught that men need to be strong, they don’t need to show emotion and all that and in a sense my family suffered because I did not know how to release the fullness of intimacy to Jody, to my wife and to my children.

Sid: Jody what difference have you seen in Alyosha since he’s experienced God’s love?

Jody: Well, the first thing I would say is that he is more sensitive, more attentive, sensitive to God to hearing the voice of God, and to me as his wife.  And then the first thing that really happened when he walked through the door after experiencing this kind of deep intimate love in his heart, not just in his head because he’s a brilliant man, so it’s easy for him to know the scriptures, but what happened when it hit his heart was a total transformation.  As soon as he walked through the door you could feel the difference, I started crying, I just looked at him and started crying, not just out of joy from seeing him which I definitely missed him, but I could sense that there was a change.  And now what we’re doing is we go out to the nations of the world and here in the United States is that we’re sharing this music and the experience of God’s love in the heart and we’re watching that not only transform our lives and our children, but also other peoples’ lives and this is what excites me more than anything else.

Sid: Are you seeing a difference in his music since he had this encounter?

Jody: His music has totally changed; it’s not the same music and not only that, but he gets on the piano now and he’ll start to hear the Lord minister.  The Lord speaks their words of love and he’ll start to repeat what he’s hearing in his heart and in his spirit which is aloud now and it’s totally different than anything he did before.

Sid: Let’s hear some from “The Lord is My Healer.”

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