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Sid: Now my guest Larry Hutton, has got the most wonderful key, Larry I have to tell you when I was listening to your CD’s and the CD has a title “How to Live in Peace All the Time” I felt I could feel the peace of God.  I could feel the pleasure of God; I mean I have so enjoyed listening to your teaching that I had to find out in 1977 when you had a visitation you told me that the presence of God was so strong that you probably couldn’t even get up?

Larry: Yeah, yeah it was pretty awesome.

Sid: Jus out of curiosity, was it ever that strong before that time?

Larry: No Sir, no I had never experienced it before that time.

Sid: I bet you were one excited young man.

Larry: It definitely transformed your life, I mean when you start talking about not having anymore down days the rest of your life; I mean I thought that was too good to be true.  But thank God he showed me in the word, the Bible and it really is true.

Sid: Larry, in 2010 God spoke to you a very sobering word about what’s coming on the earth, tell me what He said.

Larry: Well, he told me that things in the world were going to get worse, that we had not seen the worse yet, but that for His children, for the children that are following after the Lord Jesus that it would not be a time of turmoil it would be a time of being light.  You can walk in His peace right through the dark times and right through those stressful and hurting times and have them not overwhelm you.  So it was pretty sobering in one sense and…

Sid: I have to believe that the message that God taught you in 1977 where He personally taught you how to live in peace all the time, step by step was in preparation for what believer’s need now at this point in history.  There’s going to be…, you know what it reminds me of?  It reminds me of the Exodus where there was a distinction between God’s people and the Egyptians.  That’s what I’m hearing you say.

Larry: Right, yeah because I mean with time the way they are in the financial arena and physical things attacking people and all this stuff it’s like I mean, just overwhelming for people in their mental and emotions and to learn to walk free from that is just…

Sid: Now when God talked to you to you personally in 1977 and told you that you could live like this 24-7 you told me, it was hard for you to believe.

Larry: Yeah.

Sid: Tell me the first test you had that you could remember because as you explained, since ’77 you’ve had plenty of opportunity to have fear and worry etc. but in the early days you must have had what I find is when God gives us a revelation;  the devil gives us a major test.  Tell me about it.

Larry: Yeah, well the Lord had taught me that all of the fears and the stress and the depression and discouragement, all of those things we have to face that He already faced them at the cross and defeated them for us.  So I remember I was at Delta Airlines one time and some lies were told about me that it looked like it was going to make me lose my job. Management had gotten wind of it and they didn’t want to give me the opportunity to defend myself and so I had all of this I was wanting to you know how the old saying, “I’m going to kill those people that lied about me.”  So I had my anger, and then depression and then fear of losing my job and all of this stuff and the Lord reminded me; He said, “Remember what I taught you in John 16:33. That I’ve deprived it of power to harm you and defeated it and conquered it for you.”  And so then I just remember standing up and He told me, “Now speak to those feeling, speak to those negative emotions, talk to them like you would a person and tell them I already told you in advance they were coming and that they were coming and that they were defeated.”  And I remember Sid; I jumped up and just started almost shouting, I mean just started shouted, heah you, just talking to those feeling that I was so about to be overwhelmed with.  Talking to them and just said, “Listen, you don’t have any power to make me depressed, you don’t have any power to make me stressed or worried, I am free!  Jesus already defeated you and I’m free from you; I have the peace of God in me.”  And Sid, when I said that another supernatural thing happened, I felt like I was enveloped in a bubble.  I mean it’s hard to explain it, it was like I was in this bubble of peace that God just garrisoned me like the hedge of Job, it was like all of a sudden I had this peace that I couldn’t even explain.  And I just walked through the midst of that storm and a short time later all of the lies came out; I never even said one word to defend myself but God turned the whole situation around.

Sid: When something like that happens, when you just know inside like you knew when you started speaking to all that turmoil that was hitting you.  Do you ever jump up and down and get excited because you realize what has occurred even though you can’t see it with your natural eye?

Larry: I’m sure some people would probably think it’d be silly if they saw me, there’s been times when I had things like that happen where I just do a little, I guess I’d call it I’d do a little gig, I just dance before the Lord.  It’s just like Lord, you just, I mean it just thrills your soul so much, you just can’t help.  It’s like joy unspeakable.

Sid: Okay, Larry between you and me just the two of us now, it’s been a long time since 1977, you’ve had many opportunities, many, many, many I mean I can probably throw a few that have hit me in the last week.  I’ve had many, many, many opportunities.  Everyone listening to us has, are you telling me that since 1977 you can really say you’ve had no stress filled days, no depression, no woe is me days, no strife filled days, you’re really telling me that?

Larry: I am really telling you that, but between us and face of the Lord Jesus that I have not had a down day, a stress filled day, a depressed day, a discouraged, day.  Plenty of opportunities like you say, but I learned how to pass them up; I learned how to not let them overtake me when they came against me.

Sid: Now you were telling me that over the years since you’ve taught this people with physical conditions get healed.  What about someone with high blood pressure?  Do many people take this teaching and their blood pressure becomes normal?

Larry: Yeah, we’ve had quite a few testimonies of people coming up and they’d tell me, “Larry I was a like a major worry wart and I just always worried and it just caused high blood pressure; but when I found out that Jesus gave me His peace and I didn’t have to worry anymore; I got set free and the blood pressure stabilized and I don’t have to take the medicine anymore.  We heard that many, many, many times.

Sid: What about people, big chronic problem in America with Christians as well as non-Christians is insomnia, I bet this has a lot to do with curing insomnia.

Larry: We have and we actually have gotten testimonies from people that have been telling us that they used to have sleep disorders, and sleep problems and that they actually learned that they could not only live in peace during the day time, but they could lay down in peace at night and then have their sleep sweet.  And that’s been a wonderful testimony, I love hearing people say that; because you know Sid, man when people can’t sleep then that causing all kinds of problems in every other area of your life.

Sid: I have to believe this is such a key, I mean I’ve heard medical studies that people with cancer, if they’ll watch comedies and laugh and laugh it releases some good things in their body and they actually get healed.  Well I happen to believe the reverse is also true; if you’re living in strife all the time, if you’re living in fear and in worry and in panic.  And you’re like a roller coaster, you’re going up and down, it’s got to release things in the body that cause you to be sick.

Larry: Absolutely, absolutely I mean I’ve even talked to doctor friends that have told me that you know that when they go to medical school they’re trained to diagnose these different illnesses.  And when people come in and they can’t diagnose them they realize man this is caused by stress, it’s caused by depression, it’s caused by anger, just all of these things that our bodies were not created to handle; and so it just causes all kinds of messes.

Sid: Now, before this happened to you, before ’77 and the Lord personally came to you, you felt His presence in such a tangible fashion and He showed you step by step how you could live the rest of your life with no down days.  Tell me some of the more severe emotional problems that you were dealing with before that happened.

Larry: You know I didn’t think that I was an emotional unstable person then.  I remember the Lord spoke to me about that and showed me, “Larry if you can’t control your temper then your emotionally unstable.”  Man that was like a low blow, it’s like I thought, woe I’m not emotionally unstable, I’m strong; I’m an athlete I got my act together.  But when I let temper and anger control me and then when things would happen and depression and discouragement and those things would overwhelm me and just rule your life you know.  Just cause you to make wrong decisions and treat people wrong and be mean to people and ugly and it was things like that that I needed…

Sid: Larry, were out of time, but I have to tell you I feel the pleasure of God on your teaching.

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