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Sid: The separation between Jew and Gentile, it’s finally come down and someone’s back was just healed in Yeshua’s name.  Getting ready Mishpochah to blow the grandest shofar and you’re going to hear the grandest shofar blowing on this show, the grandest trumpet in Zion, we want everyone everywhere to hear the good news.  We want everywhere to be Red Hot for the Messiah, my guests Don and Sue Heist. Don has an amazing gift of blowing the shofar, it’s not because it sounds better than any I have ever heard before and it does, it’s because of the anointing, the anointing destroys the yoke.  Don Heist, you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast as we were going off the air that God showed you something about Gideon, tell me.

Don: Yes, it was that the use of the shofar that when Gideon took his army into the Amalekites camp they were expecting that they were going to be fighting with them.  And so they broke their clay pots, held up there torches so they could see and sound of the shofar.  What happened was when they sounded the shofar the Amalekites got so confused that they actually turned on each other and were fighting and killing each other.  So I understand the story Gideon any his army were pretty much just standing there watching the enemy kill itself and they won the battle God gave them the victory and they didn’t have to do anything.  And I believe just as in Jericho the shofar is instrumental tool of worship and warfare and God’s voice being emitted from it as what really does all the power of healing or warfare.

Sid: Now, what you do which is very interesting on you CD “Take Me In” it is fully orchestrated but one of the instruments is the shofar.  And you also do the traditional that Messianic Jews and Orthodox Jew have been doing for thousands of years that literally, how did we get these originally get these original melodies that you do on this CD?  Where did they originally come from?

Don: Well, these have been passed down through generations and generations of Jewish Rabbis and Jewish followers of the Church or the Synagogue because no where have we ever found that them being written down.  So we don’t know for a fact how accurate we are when we are playing them, but we do know that by word of mouth they have been passed down through the generations for the use in the Jewish Synagogue and now we use them in the Messianic Circles as the same meanings to do the same things that they’ve always been used for but we’re exposing them and using them in more public manner that believers and nonbelievers alike can hear.

Sid: Sue, I have a question for you, who is Don’s wife.  You hear of all of these amazing reports of people being healed, and as a matter of fact, let me just interject something.  You had a prophetic word Don in 2007 and now people may or may not have been healed before but after that prophetic word, and explosions of healing occurred.  Who was that that prophesied over you and what even happened at that meeting.

Don: Well, we were at a conference in South Florida and Bob Griffin was there and as he was passing across the front of the platform where Paul Wilbur Worship Band and I were standing, he was prophesying and he just stopped and turned his head and looked at me and when our eyes met, I have to be honest and say it, it frightened me because it because I knew that he was about to say something to me.  And so he looked at me, pointed his finger towards me and said, “I have a word for you from God.”  And I’m standing there in awe wondering what’s coming and he says, “God just told me tell you that whenever you blow the cancer must go.”  And from that moment on we were getting reports of the most amazing things happening with healings.  There was a man at the conference that night that I sounded the shofar into his chest and a few weeks later he sends me an email that says that he was completely healed, that the testing when he went back to the hospital, all these golf ball size lumps in his chest were totally gone.

Sid: Okay, let’s go back to Sue right now, Sue, your hearing all these reports, you’re witnessing with your eyes, I know that when you had your husband on we had so many healings from him just blowing the shofar.  But you were rear ended in an auto accident and you had a horrible condition that went on for eighteen years, you’re seeing all these other people healed, didn’t you wonder why you weren’t being healed?

Sue: I waited a long time, yes I did and this preparing Don to leave for another conference that I had this righteous anger that just kind of arose.

Sid: Let’s go back a little bit; what were you diagnosed and describe your worse situation with this diagnosis.

Sue: The diagnosis was Arnold Chiari malformation which is a brain malformation where the tonsil of the brain lies low in the skull or outside the skull.  It’s degenerative and the only choice to make any changes was some very serious surgery with high complications because it being the brain and the vertebrae.  And we prayed and prayed.

Sid: What were the symptoms of this?

Sue: It prevented me from bending over when I would bend over forward to pick anything up I would have a severe knife stabbing pain on top of my head, sometimes it would last for minutes, sometimes it would last for days.  I could not do anything with movement as to riding as a passenger in the car, I had to drive rather than ride, I could not do elevators or escalators, it got to the point where they put prisms on my reading glasses so that it would pull my eyes back in because I need vision therapy because the eyes could not track properly.  Depth perception is a problem, anything with movement; I couldn’t watch any movement on TV whether it be football or ice skating or anything like that.

Sid: So you could not even be a passenger in a car?

Sue: No.

Sid: I mean you really were isolated by this, Don it must have been very hard for you to live with your wife’s condition, seeing all these other people healed and seeing your wife suffer for these eighteen years.

Don: Yes, it was and that’s the saving grace of the whole thing is that God just kept encouraging both of us to hang on by prayer and calling out on him.  We knew the day would come at some day the total healing.  We prayed together every day for her complete restoration and healing no matter what the doctor said.

Sid: Okay Sue, even though it was incurable short of very dangerous surgery that could have result in something even worse, one day you reached you point and you and Don agreed in prayer and he blew the shofar over you, do remember that day?

Sue: I do.

Sid: Tell me about it.

Sue: He was getting ready to leave for a conference and I just believed very strongly that healing needs to start at home, if our home is healed and healthy our churches would be healed and healthy and one last time I asked him to pray for me before he left and I wanted him to blow the shofar right into the back of my head where the brain malformation was.  He was a little resistant because of the sound being so loud and I demanded it and just cried on him one more time, please pray before you leave.  And he did, he left for the conference, he was gone three days and I just gave it to the Lord and said, “Okay, it’s in your hands, I was obedient to get the prayer and now it’s up to you God.”  And over those three days he was gone I started seeing healing being manifested in my body that the first day he was gone I dropped something on the floor, which normally I could not bend over and pick up with not severe pain and I bent over without even thinking and I picked it up and I just stopped myself and was shocked, it was like, wait a minute I don’t have any pain.  But over the three days he was gone, things just started changing until he came home that Sunday evening at the airport I actually rode the moving walkway with our son and we rode and escalator and our son was just astonished, no I can’t let you do this Mom, you are going to be so sick.  I said, No, I’m not sick any more.  And every symptom…

Sid: How long have you been symptom free?

Sue: Two and a half years a little over two and half years, October it will be three years.

Sid: Okay, time is slipping away, people listen to me right now Mishpochah, I believe the anointing is going to destroy the yoke on your life.  Let’s hear a selection “Holy Worship”

Don Heist’s selection “Holy Worship” 9.31 -11.20

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