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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, I met about 15 years ago for the first time. I was at a leaders meeting in Israel and I was so struck with the accuracy of a prophet, and he is a prophet, and he knew nothing about me. He didn’t know that I was struggling. He did not know that God had given me a new revelation, and I was proclaiming it everywhere, and I was being hit with the worst resistance. And I went into the meeting where he was speaking, in Israel. I sat down, and your first words to me, do you remember your first words, Chuck Pierce?

CHUCK: I do remember.

SID: What was it?

CHUCK: I remember how I saw what you were struggling with, and how God had such a plan for you to move the body of Christ into a whole new dimension of thinking.

SID: He said the word, “one new man”.

CHUCK: Absolutely.

SID: …I was so encouraged…when you said something to the affect, “You’re going to bring the one new man.” The first time I met you, I knew you had a genuine, true, prophetic gift. I want to find out about how this gift developed in you. But the thing that’s so amazing to me is in 2005, you heard a word about the President of the United States. What did you hear? And by the way, this was documented. This isn’t just he said it after the fact. In 2005, what did you hear?

CHUCK: Well we were traveling across every state in America, Doug Sheets and I, and we had gone across Alabama from Birmingham to Montgomery. In Montgomery, we were in a large church, Kyle Searcy’s church, and while we were there the Spirit of God came down and said, “You prophecy that the next president will be a black man; and an Afro-American would become the next President in America.”

SID: Now that took, we Jewish people have a word. It’s called “chutzpah”, nerve. That took chutzpah, Chuck.

CHUCK: It did. It really did to be that specific because I knew, that by 2008, that would be able to be tracked.


SID: And the thing that’s interesting to me is that he realized, when an African-American would become President of the United States; but he knew it way back then, that the curse from slavery would be neutralized; but as you put it, the roots would not be dealt with. Now, if a curse is neutralized, and let’s not get into it yet, but the basic root of the curse is not dealt with; what’s the repercussion?

CHUCK: Well if the basic root isn’t dealt with, Sid, it’s going to rise up, and it’s going to produce a different type of fruit; not the fruit that we were normally used to seeing, but the root will come alive again. Now the root of all slavery is anti-Semitism, linked with the concept of Mammon. And so, one of the things that I was seeing was, God was going to deal with the slavery issue that had divided America. But the root issue of anti-Semitism would then arise, and I believe the Lord showed me within three years…

SID: You know, the most amazing thing is, what he showed you on that. We’ll get to that in a minute. But I want to find out about the making of a prophet. You ended up, through sheer exhaustion, in a hospital; and there was a Pentecostal minister in the next bed. Talk about a set-up. So take me to that.

CHUCK: It was a sovereign time. First of all, our family had great potential. And my dad, who was a wonderful man; who had the ability to prosper, had fallen into corruption and died a premature death. That left me with being the first child over a 400-acre piece of land, ranch, and various aspects of it. And in the midst of it, we were not in good shape. Exhaustion came to me because I was working, I was going to school. I was partying, in ways I shouldn’t have been partying. And my grandmother, who was a godly woman, came to me, on my mother’s side, and said, “God has a different plan for you. Not the same plan that your dad, not the same direction your dad went.” And of course, when you’re 18, you don’t want to hear all that. Three months later, I ended up exhausted, with double pneumonia, in the hospital; and of course, my grandmother was a nurse in the hospital, came into my room and said, “I told you this was going to happen to you.” I was under oxygen. But God – in His sovereign grace, put me in a room with a Pentecostal preacher, who introduced me to someone I didn’t know, the Holy Spirit.

SID: And the Spirit of God came on you, literally.

CHUCK: He got out of the hospital and the Spirit of God visited me for three days.

SID: And there were two main things that were accomplished during these three days. The first thing that happened was Israel.

CHUCK: The first thing that happened was he told me, “Read the Bible.” Well there was something, the Spirit of God was there. He drew me to the Word of God. I started reading. In Genesis, you can’t read Genesis without coming into a question and an understanding of covenant. Now remember, the Spirit of God was visiting me. Therefore, it was as if the Word of God was redoing me from inside out; using the Word of God, and producing an understanding of covenant. The God of Israel, I believe, visited me. I believe the Spirit of God, who is represented through the Son, revealed to me the God of Israel. And in the midst of that, I began to see Israel. Something else happened, Sid. During the time I was there, it was the Munich Olympics, and I saw the hatred. Now I’m reading the Word, and God is revealing to me Israel. And how did He do that? My dad had acquired all the 12 sections of land of his inheritance. And there, I’m reading the Bible, and it’s about 12 tribes. And all of a sudden, it was as if I knew that if God could promise this group; who had a lot of mess about them, what He was promising them, He could do a work with the same family, bloodline that I had.

SID: I believe that he had such an encounter with the Holy Spirit that, number one; someone’s neck was just healed. That’s not number one. But that’s what God just told me. But number one, he got a revelation on Israel, and he has hung with that revelation. Number two, God spoke to him, and said he would restore everything that had been taken; and he could teach others how to restore everything that has been stolen from them; because of this revelation in Israel. And number three, he was so saturated with the Spirit of God, he began to prophecy the most astounding things. Wait ’til you hear what he heard about President Barak Obama. Be back right after this word.

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