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Sid: My guest, Dennis Jernigan is red hot for the Messiah, as a young Christian man he had a war going on inside of him.  He loved the Lord, he knew the Bible, he was active in church but he had a secret life as a homosexual and he did not know how to resolve this.  He even got suicidal but God through His mercy revealed His love and set him free.  And when you hear his music, the operative word on His music is freedom.  He is not a song writer, as he’ll gladly volunteer, he’s a son receiver.  You see this music of his didn’t come from him and he knows that, it came from heaven.  And I believe that, I’ve never heard such a pure anointing on music and worship as I’ve heard on his and literally chains fall off of people.  Is it your experience that when you do a concert many people in the audience are suicidal, Dennis?

Dennis: It’s very common for them to come because especially concerning things like homosexuality a lot of people believe that’s a hopeless thing.  So I get a lot of people who are in despair and hopeless situations coming in anyway just wanting, it’s almost like they are touching the hem of the garment, that’s the attitude they come with.  So yeah, more often than not they’ll come up to me and talk with me afterwards so I know for a fact that’s taking place.  And one of the things I try to do after, when you lead people to freedom, they are going to worship, so after those times of worship are done and I stay to the stay until the last person leaves normally just hearing the stories because I want people to know, you know what?  Even if I don’t have the strength to say anything to you, I am going to at least acknowledge the fact that you’re worth my time because you’re worth Jesus time so you’re worth my time.  And by in large people just need to know somebody else cares they exist.  Most of the people I minister to Sid will never darken the door of the church, they just won’t, that’s why I have such a massive online ministry because people feel like they are going to be ostracised or rejected if they confess anything like that.   I’ve even had, believe it or not just of late the last couple of years, we’ve probably had ten or fifteen people come out of satanic covens who say that they can’t do this anymore, Jernigan’s telling me the truth, I’m going to follow after the Lord.  So we are seeing even that become a manifestation of what God is doing in our lives here.

Sid: Okay, there are people listening to us right now that are suicidal.  There are people listening to us right now that are homosexuals or lesbians; there are people listening to us right now that have been abused and that have addictions of different types; do you really believe that just the way that you were set free they could get set free that anyone could?

Dennis: If I can be set free anyone can be set free, and here’s the deal with suicidal thoughts, this is what the Holy Spirit’s revealed to me and it has really helped me overcome those things; is the fact that the right to determine life or death does not rest with me, that belongs with the one who made me.  So that means if I’m wanting to take my own life, and I’m free.  This was me, I can’t speak for anyone else but I was looking only at me.  I was so self focused I was making all the decisions of my life.  I was even telling God, “You can’t love me because of my sin.”  Well, that’s me sitting on the throne of my heart, that’s the suicidal thoughts for me ended the moment I said, “I’m stepping down, I can’t make a decision that’s meant for God.  He is the one that’s made me so He can love me as much as He wants, in fact we don’t get to decide if God loves us, that is not our place.  His very nature is love and it’s perfect holy love, we only have two choices in any moment and this is for those that are struggling with addiction or suicide or homosexuality or whatever.  Jesus loves you right where you are so you either accept it or embrace His love or you reject it.  And the good news is that not only does He love you right where you are but he loves you enough to not leave you there, that’s why it’s called relationship.  My viewing, most asked question in my life was your healing instant or has it been a process?  And the answer is yes, to both of those because in an instant I understood, I am who my Father says I am by the grace of God, nothing else, I can’t conform my way to that place, it’s just a free gift so I better embrace it.  So I did and the journey, the process of my healing has looked like this, when Lazarus was called forth from the grave he came out fully alive but he was not fully free because Jesus said to those around Lazarus, “Lose from him the grave clothes, so for about thirty years now, I’ve just been walking towards Jesus.  I want to be able to lift my hands in any area, so He says, “Well Jernigan, My son you don’t look good clothed in that pride, let’s rip that away, that the old grave clothes, that’s the things that define you in your deaden state, that’s not who you are.  See that spirit of humility that’s planted in you, that’s who you are, be that, be who I say you are.  So the process is just a journey of relationship and we have a God who wants, longs for relationship with us.  So to all your listeners, I say to you just cry out to God, He’s just waiting for you to just call to Him and He will meet you right where you are.

Sid: But you know what?  There are people listening to us that are exactly who you are speaking to and there are people listening to us that somehow they are not free, there not free to bask in the glory of God.  They are not free to have intimacy with God and I believe the anointing that sets people free of sin and addictions, that same anointing will set people free from self and the world.  And as a matter of fact, just briefly tell me about the song “Consume Me.”

Dennis: “Consume Me,” was written for, it’s a cool story.  I have a friend and when our sons and daughters became of age of thirteen we had not bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah but we had a calling them into adulthood, a calling them into manhood, or calling them into womanhood ceremony.  And we just spoke truth into their lives and just invited them into that realm and for my son, my friends son he asked me to seek the Lord and give him a son that would minister to his son his identity in Christ.  And as I thought about his son and I just realized he’s young, he’s passionate and I know his desire, his heart of hearts even as a boy was to be so consumed with the Lord that it’s hard to tell where the Lord begins and he ends.  And so that’s where the song came out, it was written for a young man of thirteen that if my heart cry and I believe it, it’s honest it’s the hearts cry of every believer who want to be known passionately by their Lord.

Sid: I believe that as you ask in the presence of God on this morning, consume me, that you will start not being able to know, it’s the beginning not being able to know where God ends and you begin.  “Consume me Lord.”

Dennis Jernigan’s excerpt. “Consume Me.”

Sid: That was “Consume me,” Dennis Jernigan who is just a receiver from God.  Now Dennis I know what is happening to me when I sit under your music, I know what’s happening to my staff when they sit under your music.  Tell me in concerts what happens to people.

Dennis: Well, we’ve had everything from people not only leaving the bondage of homosexuality and lesbianism but we’ve seen marriage after marriage after marriage, after marriage restored.  We’ve seen children reunited with parents, parents reconciled with children.  We’ve even seen manifestations of people receiving physical healings, you name it.  In God’s presence there’s fullness of joy so when we remind ourselves of God is here let’s deal with it like we do when we come to worship, our entire being is focused in that realm.  So the enemy has no place and if the enemy has no place than we are free to listen to what the Lord has for us and to receive what the Lord has for us.  So really we see more emotional healing than anything, just to be honest with you.  If people did not know that they were loved or lovable comes to place of realization it’s like seeing 100 light bulbs or a thousand light bulbs come on.

Sid: But you know what people that do know that they are loved do understand that still have chains by being in this world.  And I believe that those chains fall off of anyone that sits under this anointing.

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