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Sid: I am absolutely overwhelmed with the information that Gary Kah is making available to us.  He’s telling us secrets that the media has purposely hidden and in fact one of the things I saw in going over your material Gary, is about under an Islamic Shrine in Israel they found important original records that were buried there.  Now where was this shrine located?

Gary: Well, it’s a Shrine of Omar in Jerusalem and yes, some Israeli TV journalists were secretly filming under that areas a few years back and they discovered a tunnel that had initially been dug in the Middle Ages it’s believed by the Knights Templers that had control of that area.  And the Templers had found some of the early original documents of the church in Jerusalem involving and revealing what the church actually believed, how they were structured, what they did.  And information of that nature and this is very key information and I believe that there are those today who do not want that information out and as a result want control of that area.

Sid: Well, if the information came out, what I believe from looking over your data in Research is it would change the whole structure of what we call the church today.  It would even change the thinking about a hieracy that is rampant and the devil is the one behind if it’s hieracy and that’s called replacement theology where the Christians replaced the Jews.  And that just messes up everything to understand end time Bible prophecy.

Gary: Exactly, and of course many church groups over the years have been pushing replacement theology and these findings of what the early century church really believed and practice would totally shatter that.  And you know…

Sid: You know I would love to get a hold of that information; it would answer a lot of questions I’ve been asking God.  I mean these were religious people would stop controlling it so we could see what authentic Christianity really was like.

Gary: Yeah, exactly and I feel the same way, you know you cannot have the church replacing the Jews, it’s not scriptural.  But that’s what is being taught and that helped to lead I believe to the openness by some Christians during Nazi Germany to do what they did.  However, groups that do not believe in replacement theology have a much better openness to the Jewish people.  And so you kind of draw a line in the sand along those lines and people who do not believe the replacement theology also have a must more literal interpretation of Bible prophecy so they heed the end time warning and take them seriously.  Whereas advocates of replacement theology not so much so.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, there’s a man that intrigued me when he was the head of England, Tony Blair.  And he kind of dropped out of the scene and now he seems to be reemerging, but not in a very good way.  Tell me about Mr. Blair, what’s been going on with him?

Gary: Well, when Tony Bair stepped down from being Britain’s Prime Minister a few years ago he went through a lot of changes in his life.  Actually he converted to Roman Catholicism and then founded the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.  And also around that same time became the main negotiator for the Western Powers regarding Mid East Peace, so he has been traveling a lot to Israel, to Rome and points in between moving negotiations forward.  So he’s a very important figure in the world, a very likeable individual personality wise the way he presents himself.  But through his Faith Foundation he has openly stated now that his goal is to unify the world’s religions and so he is playing right into this inter-faithism this bringing together the world’s religions so that the global political agenda for world government can succeed.  And whether he’s doing this completely knowingly or unknowingly I don’t know, but he’s a very smart person. So I presuming that he must be in favor of global government because it would be difficult for him not to be in light of what he’s doing and some of the statements that he has made.

Sid: Now, you mentioned in your DVDs that we are making available amazing top evangelicals by name that are involved with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation how could these people be involved with that?

Gary: Well, one of them is actually on his Board of Directors along with a top Muslim Choleric and people of other religions and that again it mystifies me.  I don’t know how that is possible because this is not a case where the goal is unknown, Tony Blair has again openly stated that his purpose is to unify the world’s religions; he has even taught a course a Yale University on how to go about doing that.  And so to have a top Christian Evangelical Leader involved in that with him it simply if unacceptable, it really is.  And it breaks my heart to see that, but again a sign of the times I suppose.

Sid: Okay, so the foundations is after unifying all religions, but it seems as though a focal point is Jerusalem, why Jerusalem?

Gary: Well, in Jerusalem you have Christians, Jews and Muslims all with a major stake there.  And the ultimate goal in all of this is to make Jerusalem the Interfaith Capitol of the World; to bring all the world’s religions together there.  And also another goal, along with that from a political stand point is these people would like to Internationalize Jerusalem.  In other words, basically remove it out from under Israeli sovereignty and make Jerusalem international entity unto itself with international peace keeping forces there.  And so it would be its own political machine so to speak and the religions of the world coming together in that spot, in that location.  And of course, you and I both understand this really would set the stage then for the anti-Christ to take power.  Because if the international forces would ultimately have control of Jerusalem and are pushing this inter-faithism and coming together of this world’s religions; and this world’s countries then who would be able to stop a leader of that international authority from taking his seat of power in that spot?  It’s very intriguing of what really could happen through all of this.

Sid: Now, something that you reveal I’ve never heard before, that in 1993 there was a letter written to the Pope by the Prime Minister of Israel Perez and what did that letter say?

Gary: Well, in that letter that was sent by the Pope by Shimon Peres, Peres promised to internationalize Jerusalem to go along with internationalizing Jerusalem and granting UN political control of the Old City.  I stagger when you think about it and again…

Sid: And now, of course Peres is dead now so does that have any validity?

Gary: Well, this information came out many years ago and I believe it did get limited coverage in the media, but after a short time you didn’t hear much about it.  But it was not a secret that Shimon Peres was a very strong globalist and was very committed to a global agenda and I believe that his role has been over the years to help condition Israel, prepare Israel to come into this global government.  And you see you have to understand Sid, the biggest, one of the biggest problems that internationalists have had in bringing about this global government has been that the people of Israel and the people of the United States are so independent minded and they don’t want to go into this world government and so somehow there has to be a conditioning, reasons have to be given for why it would be to our advantage to move into this World Government.  Otherwise people aren’t going to do it unless they really have to they aren’t going to do it.  And I believe Peres was involved heavily in trying to lay the foundation in Israel to help get the Israeli people to that point.

Sid: And you also bring out something that is amazing, how could Muslims believe in what the Muslim believes unite with a Christian, with a Protestant, with a Catholic, but there’s a connection between Mary and Islam?  Explain.

Gary: That’s right this is something I actually stumbled on to in my research, I didn’t know this until a few years ago.  But Mohammed believed that when he would go to Paradise that Mary would be his wife.  And also there is a high regard for Mary within Islamic circles partly for that reason.  In addition to that, Mohammed had a daughter by the name of Fatima.  Now Fatima of Portugal is the location of where apparitions of Mary allegedly were seen in the early nineteen hundreds and of course that’s not a secret most people listening would know that; the alleged apparitions of Mary and Fatima of Portugal.  Well to Muslims that was significant because they thought of all places where these apparitions shows to appear it was in Fatima, a city named after Mohammed’s daughter.  And so there is this connection between Mary and Islam and of course Mary is highly revered in Roman Catholic circles as well as of course honored very much so in Protestant circles.  But this is being used; these facts are being used to try to bring Islam and Christianity together and there has been some success along those lines.

Sid: You know I hear of stories, wonderful stories and I meet Muslims that have had encounters with Jesus, where no human agency has witnessed to them, but Jesus has come and they’ve become extremely strong Christians.  But isn’t it interesting many Muslims are also having appearances of Mary which you can see where that’s going.

Gary: Yeah, in fact I told my wife years ago that, “If the time ever came when we would hear of Muslims claiming to see apparitions of Mary that we know that things were getting very close that were getting close to the end,” and all these pieces of the puzzle fitting together for global government and also eventually the return of Jesus.  But Muslims in different countries now including Egypt and Indonesia are saying that they are seeing Mary and in some cases hundreds at a time.  There apparitions of Mary are allegedly promoting global unity, unification of the world’s religions and our coming together.

Sid: Oh, our time I’m sorry our time has slipping away again Gary.

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