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Sid:  My guest, Joan Hunter is red hot for the Messiah.  As a young child she was taught by two of the best that understood the healing and miracle ministry; Francis and Charles Hunter known as the Happy Hunters who are now in heaven and she is building upon that foundation.  And the thing that you teach that I feel is so important is to be human is to have trauma, somewhere along your way.  Most of us have had traumas in childhood that we’ve totally forgotten, but we have physical diseases that are result of that trauma.  Even you talk in your book about the ph balance; you go from the natural to the supernatural; explain what your understanding of what trauma does to a body Joan Hunter.

Joan:  Well, it is amazing what it will do to a body, when my Mother passed away a couple of years ago, I remember you know I was like I told her body good bye and we had done all of that kind of stuff.  And it was like I’m getting ready to do television across the state of Illinois and I was just really, and I was like man this heaviness was coming on me, this trauma was coming on me, my voice was going.  Because a lot of time trauma will show up, it will affect the voice and I’m like, I can pray for the sick with no voice but I can’t do television or radio without a voice.  And I’m like God help me here and you know and I made it across the state, I got to my motel room, got in the shower and I’m like, “Father, right now in the name of Jesus I’m like (laryngitis voice) Father right now, I could hardly even talk.  I curse the spirit of trauma, I curse a spirit of grief that is trying to come and overtake me.  And I said, “I’m serving you an eviction notice you are trespassing on God’s property, you cannot come into this body in Jesus name.  And I command every bit of that to go and I said in the name of Jesus I command my voice to be restored in Jesus name and I went Hallelujah!”  And I looked around the room for my Mom, I’m like oh, my Mom said that you know because it sounds so much like my Mom.  But the heaviness the grief, the trauma left instantly.  Now I still miss my Mom, I still miss my Mom and Dad and you know, but the heaviness is gone, it’s just gone.  And there’s no grief, there’s no trauma you know and I don’t want to make light of the fact that there gone, but you know what the heaviness of their departure isn’t there.  And God took that away and one thing that we need to be real careful of is not letting any of that trauma and any of the memories to try to come back.  Because they’re going to come knocking at the door sometimes and you need to be prepared for that and to go, “Oh I know I deserve to be sorrowful, I deserve to you know wallow, I deserve to hang on to this stuff,” you know and it’s like I don’t want to hang on to any of that grief.  If I had not gotten rid of the grief and the trauma I would have not been able to even be on this radio program today because the enemy would have come in destroyed me with fibromyalgia and pain and sleeplessness and cancer.  It would have just eaten me up and like you say that is just really eating at me.  Well you know what, whatever is eating at you get rid of it and the manual teaches you how to get rid of all of this.  And then recently with what had happened in my past and the divorce of years ago, the betrayal of an unfaithful husband who is homosexual and you know recently there was a big you know news things about betrayal in this family and you know and how he had lied to her and I’m like, “Oh I can relate to that” and it was like I started reading the article a little bit and I’m like, “Oh, I rebuke this in the name of Jesus,” I shut the magazine and I said, “You know I am not going to allow the enemy to come in and remind me of the pain of my past and remind me of the betrayal that had happened almost twelve years ago.” I refuse to let the enemy do that so it’s very very important that we keep…

Sid:   You know what I believe; if you had not made that decision at that moment you would have given the enemy access to put cancer on you again.

Joan:  Absolutely, and the manual talks about where have we opened the door for sickness to come in.  We need to do a self examination, not self condemnation, but self examination and look at ourselves and say “Where, if I have opened up the door anywhere show me.”

Sid:  Now let’s suppose a doctor has just done a blood test and they say “You’re a good candidate for leukemia, we better keep an eye on you,” what would you do if you got a report like that, what advice would you give someone?”

Joan:  “I would say no, I would first of all say, “No I’m not, and I’d say,” you know like when I walk out of the doctor’s office, I mean because he told me he says you know, “You’re going to get diabetes, you’re going to get macular degeneration because you’re mother had it; you’re going to get this, you are going to get cancer, you are going to get blah, blah, blah.  I mean he went through the whole list you know because your fifty-eight years old now you’re going to get bam, bam, bam.  I’m like, “No I’m not you have a good day doctor, I’m not getting these things, I refuse them in Jesus name.”  And I walked out of the door and I said, “I cut those words off in Jesus name,” and then I went, I said “Father right now I thank you that you’re restoring my eyes like the eagles, you’re giving me a new pancreas in Jesus name.”  And I started going through everything that he said negative about me.

Sid:  Well, the good thing is it tells you what you’re to pay for.

Joan:  That’s right, I’m not opposed to going to doctors, you know I’ve got a doctor who’s a doctor.  I say, “Let’s go and let us figure out what’s wrong and then what’s wrong let’s pray specifically, very specifically for that to be turned around.”  Everything that he’s spoke over me that was a possibility is no longer a possibility because it’s gone.  In the “Healing Starts Now Manual” there is a chapter called nurture the natural man; that is a chapter written by my daughter who is a doctor.  I have incorporated in the book things that we need to do in the natural; for example, you get healed of diabetes, all right let’s go get donuts, ice cream, no!  Don’t do that, that’s abusing your body.  We live in a natural body, we need to do that.  Like I have somebody that says, I just want to worship God all night long and never sleep again.  Well, she almost killed herself because our bodies in the natural need sleep.

Sid:  Joan, there is a river of healing that is being released right now, I don’t think this, I know if you pray for people right now they’re going to have miracles!

Joan:  Where ever you hurt in your body, whatever is wrong, cancer, whatever, placed your hand on it and we’re going to in the name of Jesus speak it gone in Jesus name.  Father right now in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing through these radio waves right now in Jesus name, first of all I curse the spirit of trauma, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, any form of hopelessness I command it to be gone.  I curse any form of oppression, depression, I curse the fibromyalgia.  Command that spirit of pain to go spirit of fibromyalgia, spirit of chronic fatigue syndrome and the heaviness of depression that comes with it I command every bit of that to go.  I curse any spirit of cancer, I curse any prion in everybody command that to go, I curse MS in Jesus name.  I command all of the labels to be removed, ADD, COPD, post traumatic stress disorder, all these labels;  those labels are removed now in Jesus name.  I speak life, health, wholeness in Jesus name; I command new rotator cuffs, I speak two new knees in Jesus name.  New elbows, new vertebrae’s, new discs, I command the bodies to literally grow in height, I curse scoliosis in Jesus name, I command the proper curves to be restored to backs in Jesus name, and I curse any form of migraines in particular that have been brought on through trauma and trauma of even in the birth canal and the forceps, all the trauma to be gone, the stress to be completely relieved, any residual effect of stress on bodies right now in Jesus name  I command that to be gone.  I speak health and wholeness to the entire digestive system in Jesus name, I curse any form of constipation, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, crones disease in Jesus name, I speak a brand new set of intestines, any form of endometriosis, female problems I command that to be gone.  Anybody that has had sexual abuse right now put your hands on your upper thighs, those are where your limp nodes are and that holds on to a lot of the sexual trauma right there.  Father right now in the name of Jesus I command that trauma from any form of sexual abuse to go in Jesus name, I command those limp nodes to be completely released of any storage of trauma in Jesus name.  And I curse any form of fear in any of these bodies in Jesus name and Father right now, everybody that listening put your hand on your head.  Father, in the name of Jesus I just speak like a Holy Ghost etch- a- sketch for their memories, the bad memories to be completely erased in Jesus name.  Every bit of pain that is associated with any form of betrayal, rejection, abuse, sexual included, verbal I command every bit of that to be completely completely wiped out in Jesus name, in Jesus name Hallelujah.

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