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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Gary Kah. And I am so fascinated with the information that Gary has put together. He has spent a lifetime putting this together, because if you don’t understand the forerunner of the Antichrist system, then for sure you won’t understand the Antichrist. And Gary, I find it very interesting that Tony Blair, President Barak Obama and the Pope had the same talking points within days of each other. Explain that.

GARY: Yes. A couple of summers ago, all three of those individuals began applying a lot of pressure on Israel. And there is an agenda behind this. Ultimately where it is going is toward the internationalization of Jerusalem, and also I believe making Jerusalem the interfaith capitol of the world.

SID: Why is that important?

GARY: Again, if you’re going to have global government, you’ve got be able to bring the religions together somehow and they see in their minds that Jerusalem is the place to do this because it’s where Christianity and Judaism have their roots. Islam also has a stronghold there and so trying to make this happen in Jerusalem is important to them. Tony Blair has gone so far as to establish the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which is actually an interfaith foundation. In his own words he has come out and stated that he is devoting the rest of his life to unifying the world’s religions.

SID: Okay. You exposed the names of prominent Christians that are deeply involved in this. I don’t understand how a real Christian could ever be deeply involved in this.

GARY: I don’t either. I believe that they rationalize and justify it in the name of world peace. But I am aware of the fact that on Tony Blair’s board of directors there is a very prominent evangelical Christian whose name everyone would recognize, and also an Islamic cleric and people of other religions. And again, if it simply has to do with reaching out to people of other faiths with the truth of Jesus, that’s one thing. But to cooperate in building something that will eventually unify the world’s religions, to me, that is a huge deception and we should not be promoting that.

SID: Okay. According to reading the Bible on a literal basis, which I do, a temple is going to be rebuilt. Gary, you have some fascinating information about this. Tell me.

GARY: Well again, in order to rebuild that temple, people have wondered over the years, how in the world is this every going to happen, considering on the contention on the Temple Mount. And we don’t know for sure how it’s going to happen, but there are some signs of how it could happen. The leading Muslim writer in the world right now, a man who has over 65 million copies of his books in print, his name is Adnan Oktar, he writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, is himself calling for the rebuilding of the temple. But he calls it majid or mosque, or a palace. And he believes this would be a great thing where people from around the world of different religions could come together and worship there.

SID: But Jewish people would never accept something like that.

GARY: Well you would think so. But there’s three leaders from the newly reestablished Jewish Sanhedrin have actually met with Adnan Oktar in Turkey. And after doing so, they posted the following statement on their website, and this is an excerpt of that statement. They say, “Out of the sense of collective responsibility for world peace and for all humanity, we have found it timely to call to the world and exclaim that there is a way out for all peoples. It is etched in a call to all humanity. We are all the sons of one Father, the descendants of Adam, and all humanity is but a single family. Peace among nations will be achieved through building the House of God where all peoples will serve as foreseen by King Solomon in his prayers at the dedication of the first Holy Temple.” Now get this. “Together each according to his or her ability, we shall work towards the building of the House of Prayer for all nations on the Temple Mount in peace and mutual understanding.” So these are some of the top Jewish people in the Sanhedrin endorsing the same idea that Adnan Oktar is putting forth, after having met with him.

SID: And you talk about the excavations under, in Jerusalem, the Shrine of Omar. Tell me about that.

GARY: Well very quickly, some Israeli journalists were secretly filming underneath the Shrine of Omar, and the tunnel that they were in, they discovered in an area off to the side some early documents from Jewish priests from the first century, apparently that were put there to safeguard them and protect them from the Roman invasion in 70 A.D. And these documents talk about the early church, what the church believed, how it functioned, it’s practices. And it makes it very clear that the early church did not adhere to replacement theology. In other words, they believed that God was still going to work mightily through the Jewish people and Israel in the years to come, especially in the last days.

SID ROTH: It’s very sad that we don’t know what the first Christians knew. For starters, they were all Jews. Now you know they weren’t involved in replacement theology, which basically, half the Christians in the world say that the Christian has replaced God’s plan for the Jew in Israel. And of course, God says, I change not. Boy, imagine the bombshell when this information is revealed. You can see things are really speeding up rapidly. The Bible says, “I’d rather you be hot or cold. If you’re lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.” That’s what Jesus says. Are you lukewarm or are you hot? If you’re neutral, you’re deceived. If you’re just a seeker-sensitive Christian, you’re deceived. You must be hot or cold. Either serve him with all of your heart or don’t stand up as a Christian. The good news is you don’t have to look back. You can have a new beginning right now, repent of your sins and tell Jesus, say it out loud. I want to be red hot for you, Lord Jesus. I want you to be my Lord. I ask for forgiveness of sin. I repent. Live inside of me, Jesus.

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