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Sid:  My guest is going to help so many people because she’s just published a book that we’ll be featuring all this week called “Anointing for Healing.”  And it’s a hardback and it’s a beautiful book, it contains a vial of a anointing oil and the book explains secrets of anointing oil that I think the church, very few Christians today understand the power that’s involved when you have faith in what the anointing oil stands for.  And this is one of these how to books, how to pray effectively for a healing and my guest is Melanie Hemry and I’m speaking to her at her home in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Melanie before we went on the air I asked you “What’s God showing you to tell us?”  And you talked to me about the aspect called the interaction with man and how it’s so misunderstood.

Melanie:  Yes, that’s right the Lord has shown me repeatedly and what He asked me to share with you today is that, His interaction with mankind is still the most unreported story on earth.

Sid:  You know I know all these things, but for me coming from a traditional Jewish background I look more on sovereignty and I know it’s humanistic, but I’m thinking, “Well, if God’s not going to heal me then I just won’t be healed.”  Now I don’t believe that today, but that’s what I had engrained in me and I think most people that call themselves Christians it’s engrained that, oh God will heal me if He wants to.

Melanie:  That’s the way most of us were raised, certainly.  I was raised in a denominational church that taught me to be born again and to love God and to revere the Word.  But now they taught that the same God that occasionally has a good day and heals somebody is the same one that may put cancer on you to teach you a lesson.  And I don’t believe that today either because the Word of God doesn’t support it.

Sid:  Well, let’s find out a little bit about you, you were a Registered Nurse for sixteen years and I have to tell you, I am so intrigued with life after death experiences because every one of us has to make that trip and so we want to understand it a little bit better.  Tell me some of the experiences you had as a Registered Nurse.

Melanie:  Well to be perfectly honest in my early twenties I was a believer who had walked away from the Lord and was not in church and was not living my life right.  And I was under conviction about a number of different things and the Lord just kept revealing Himself to me.  And you cannot be a Registered Nurse and not experience the power of God and see miracles; it’s your choice what you do with it.  But I had a patient that I’d taken care of for quite awhile who was a judge and he threw so many blood clots to his brain that he had three flat EEGs which is proof that he was brain dead and the doctors told his wife and the family to put him in a nursing home that he would never recover.  And they refused to do that and they stood in the circle and prayed and asked me to join them, and the truth was at that time in my life I would rather stuck needles under my fingernails.  But what do you say, of course you join them and they prayed and they asked me to go home and take care of him at home.  And on the ride home from the hospital in the ambulance in a sovereign touch of God he was miraculously healed.  And he totally recovered and went on to try astounding number of cases on the Federal Court Circuit.  So that was a huge wakeup call to me, another one was when I was doing a resuscitation on an African American Pastor, we shocked that man and we resuscitated him for so long and finally his cardiologist called and said, “That’s it thank you all very much.” And after everyone else was leaving the room a young intern said, “Let’s try one more time,” and we shocked him and he came back and he sat up in bed and he told us in detail, every word we’d spoken and everything we done in the resuscitation and the only way he could have done that is from watching from above.  There’s no way laying flat on the bed being dead you could do that; that was a wakeup call to me.  And then one day I asked the Lord, I said, “Okay, if you’re really there and You’re trying to get my attention then make it so clear to me that I can’t miss it.”  And I was working in the Intensive Care Unit, I had a patient who had a brain stem stroke and when you have a brain stem stroke no stimuli gets from the brain to anywhere in the body.  You could do anything to her body and she wouldn’t feel it because it was nothing there and I was changing her IV dressing and all of a sudden the alarm went off on her monitor and her heart had stopped.  So here’s a woman with no heartbeat with a brainstem stroke and no neurological life at all.  And I watched her eyes open; I saw her sit up in bed raise her hand in greeting as through she’s looking at an unseen stranger and with love dripping like I’ve never heard, “Jesus!”  And then she floated back to her pillow and she was gone and I knew at that moment there wasn’t a drug on earth powerful enough to get her back once she’d seen Him.  And I decided that it was time to get my heart right with the Lord.

Sid:  I would think that would do it to anyone.  Now tell me about your book “Anointing for Healing,” in your heart of hearts why did you write this book?  And I have to tell you, I’ve been interviewing people that have been healed for over thirty years, but you have managed to put together some of the most unusual verified miracles that I’ve ever seen put together in one book.

Melanie:  My coauthor Gina Lynnes and I wrote this book because God kept saying, that what His interaction with man is the most underreported story on earth.  And we wanted to try and write a book that could be understood and received by people all over who are maybe in churches or not in churches and they don’t know what He’s doing.

Sid:  Is that why you made it, it’s a hard back but it’s such a beautiful cover, it’s one that people would put on a coffee table.

Melanie:  Yes, Bob Whitaker was very much, this was a project out of his heart and it was very much a combination between him and Gina and me.  And he wanted that cover to be beautiful and for the anointing of God to be revered.

Sid:  Now have you had much feedback on this book yet?

Melanie:  You know the people that have read this book have been writing to us and there was one woman who wrote to us and she had given birth to a son with Down syndrome.  And she said, “That she ordered the book because she wanted to understand about anointing oil and she said she got it and she read it and she said, “I didn’t know that healing was part of our redemption, I didn’t know any of that.’’  And we’ve just been getting cards and letters from people whose lives have been changed by the stories in the book.

Sid:  You know we’re going to have some of these stories, actually the people themselves telling their stories.  For instance on tomorrow’s broadcast we’re going to have the women that was healed of Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS.  That is such; I mean I’ve known people that have died from Lou Gehrig’s disease in fact it is a death sentence; tell me some thoughts you have about her.

Melanie:  Wendy Moore was a young mother in her, wife and mother in her twenties who was an Emergency Medical Technian that road in ambulances and had a baby and she would get these strange things where she would be on the floor playing with the child and move her legs to get up and the single didn’t through and she couldn’t stand.  Or she’d be doing fine and then she could walk up the steps or she couldn’t lift a stretcher.  And in 2001 at the University of Michigan she was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease and they told her that 50% of the patients that are diagnosed survive two to five years.  And that she was so far advanced she would soon be on full disability.

Sid:  Now, from what I understand is eventually your body shuts down and you can’t breathe and then you die.

Melanie:  That’s exactly right and one of things they told her is, what’s going to start happening is these situations that your in is your going to get worse and you’ll start tripping and falling.  And so Wendy’s case she had an Aunt who had heard the gospel involves healing and that she had gone to a Bible School and learned what the Word of God has to say, the promises of God for healing.  And she told Wendy, she goes “You don’t have to die of this.”

Sid Roth:  By the way, that’s a word for someone that’s listening to us right now, “You do not have to die, God says “I want you to live and proclaim the works, you shall not die you will live and proclaim the works of the Lord.”  And no matter how hopeless your situation, I have to believe that you wrote this book, not just for the hopeless people, but for anyone that is sick of anything, I mean it really is a how to manual.

Melanie:  Yes.  There’s also someone out there whose facing a knee replacement and God is touching their knee right now and it’s being miraculously healed and they will not need that surgery.

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