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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah, his name is Don Dickerman.  I’m speaking to him at his home in Bedford Texas.  He’s a Baptist minister that went into over 850 prisons over a twenty year period, saw thousand of inmates saved, but they kept going back to prison.  Genuinely born-again saved people it was like they went in one door and then came in the other door.  And he got so frustrated one day, he just broke down sobbing in his bed and he said, “Lord make me a deliverer and he didn’t even understand what he was praying because he didn’t have a grid for the supernatural being a Baptist minister.  But a prophecy came upon him and he had never heard a prophecy before, and then when he started speaking people at every service started getting healed.  He didn’t even know how to pray for anyone, he didn’t pray for anyone to be healed.  But it’s just the presence of God started pouring out of him and also in this vision that he had there was oil coming out of him for people to be set free of anything that’s unclean.  And so I asked him, “How in the world, I understand how you got into the healing ministry because you had nothing to do with it, but in affect Don Dickerman, I think you had nothing to do with it when you got into the deliverance ministry either.

Don:  Oh yeah, that’s for sure, that was not something I was looking for.

Sid:  I mean, you had set up an appointment to pray for a female inmate and experience man in deliverance was going to show up, they didn’t show up.  You’re stuck what did you do, call it off?

Don:  No, you know I thought about it, you know I was in Canada and she was there and she did the story about this lady Sid is that she was a former satan worshipper and was raised in a satanic home and with all kinds of ritualistic abuse and it’s a long story.  Probably by far the most dramatic deliverance I have ever had was my first one.  But it was a situation where she had been saved in prison and that night that I preached there she came at the altar call and basically begged for the deliverance knowing she had demons.  So we were there, we made arrangements through the prison and they gave us a conference room, actually where a meeting room with other staff and it was just me and…

Sid:  Out of curiosity what made her think that she needed deliverance?

Don:  Oh, well, she worshipped demons, she knew, she knew what she was dealing with.  She was actually the head of a demonic cult in Ontario that’s actually worldwide, the occult called the Brotherhood, she was being groomed she said to be the bride of Lucifer and it’s another area.

Sid:  So she got saved and she knew she needed to get rid of that excess baggage.

Don:  Yeah, and she was tormented.  Well, as with virtually everyone, the doorways are different but a lot of hers had to do with unforgiveness toward her parents and the people who had done some of the abuse to her.  But we worked through that over a few months and when I got there I was expecting to sit in with this minister and pray and hopefully learn something but it was not my intention to do it.  And she was so excited about being free, and I told her, I said, “Kathy I’m going to do what Jesus did, I’m going to bind demon spirits and I’m going to command them to leave you.”  Well, it got real tense, the look in her eyes I don’t think I had ever seen that much evil in anyone’s eyes right before we started and I felt you know some fear trying to come over me, but there was a strong anointing and I just rebuked it and immediately no fear.  But as I began to bind demons she trembled and so it was obvious they were present and I commanded them to reveal their name.  In the scripture that kept coming to my mind was Jesus said, “Who are you,” to the Gerasene and so that’s what I commanded, “Who are you?”  And they began to give me names through her voice, but as I would get the names, I just bound them commanded them to leave her and they did.  And so it was about a three hour process and like I said, it was the most dramatic of any that I’ve had.  Most of them are just not much more than prayer.  But I remember walking out of that prison that day and I had a red Bible in my hand and I stood on the steps of that prison and held the Bible up high over my head and said, “Yes, yes in the name of Jesus, yes!”  And from that experience we’ve had probably 25,000 deliverances since then.

Sid:  Well, Don let’s just go back to the woman that you were talking about I believe was Kathy, what happened to her?  Did she get out of prison, did she stay out?

Don:  Actually after the deliverance we stayed in touch with her and sent her materials and encouraging letters and so on.  And put her in touch with some people there in Kingston, Ontario and Kathy was released from prison maybe a couple of years after that deliverance, she has been out since the whole time.

Sid:  But there are people that listening to us right now and they are saying, “Kathy was a Christian, how could she have a demon?  What would you your answer be?

Don:  You know that’s my number one question is how can you have the Holy Spirit and also have a demon?  And that’s a good valid question; it’s one that I’ve struggled with.  But you know Sid obvious this is something you know.   Everyone that Jesus dealt with virtually everyone that he dealt with were believers, they were Jewish believers so every believer can have a demon or any believer can have a demon living in the soulish area or in the flesh.  Not in the spirit, that’s where the Holy Spirit lives.  So but that’s some of the conflict that the Bible talks about is the flesh warring against the spirit and so on.  But we don’t even minister to the lost people in deliverance.  With lost people, we want them to be saved.

Sid:  Well, you know the analogy I like to use is can someone born again get a cold?  Can someone born again get sick?

Don:  Sure.

Sid:  And the answer is yes, and there are spirits of infirmity so that’s acceptable, why not the demonic?  Speaking of the demonic what are some of the clues that someone maybe harassed in the demonic, what are some of the areas of someone’s life to look at?  For instance in your book you have sixty symptoms of demonic attack and how to close those doors.  Won’t you tell us a few?

Don:  Well, okay the obvious things of the irrational fears, irrational anger, tormenting areas of a person’s life, nightmares, nightmares are probably a big signal although there can be other reasons and this is a difficult part is knowing whether it’s the flesh or a demon or a demon influencing the flesh.  But generally when something is in the area of torment, it’s demonic.  There are so many symptoms that also could be something else, but I think most people already know where they’re tormented, the area, or mental torment or anguish and rejection.  Rejection is such a great area of torment or worthlessness or hopelessness.  You can say depression but there are some areas that are physical depression that wouldn’t necessarily be a demon.  But this, the typical things in our questionnaire is pretty much like a medical background form where we look into the ancestry of a person, what kind of sins were in the ancestry.

Sid:  A lot of people miss that, they don’t understand what are known as generational curses that could occur four generations back, but you pay the price unless you can know how to close that door.

Don:  Yeah, and you know the verse that we get a lot with people and I never argue or try to persuade anybody about this because this is always a truth encounter.  It’s just about truth and so in the area of generational curse, I don’t have a clue what my great, great, grandparents might have been…

Sid Roth:  Tell you what; hold that thought right there because we’re going to find out how the Holy Spirit is so wonderful and someone can go through self deliverance, they can pray for others to be delivered.

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