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Sid:  My guest, Kathie Walters, our subject; angels.  So missed understood does everyone have an angel, does every believer or does every non-believer even have an angel?

Kathie:  I know that every believer has an angel assigned to them and that the angel stays with them all the time he never leaves them.  You see it’s not God suddenly doing something, it’s us getting tuned into the spirit realm and believing that is our inheritance.

Sid:  Now do angels look like us?

Kathie:  Yes.

Sid:  Now does my angel look like me?

Kathie:  Yes, he can look like you; I have some awesome stories about that.

Sid:  Tell me one.

Kathie:  Okay, I have a friend he’s a prophet and before he was quite full time he would occasionally go work with our building crew and one night he was in the motel.  They were all staying in a motel and there was a bunch of really rowdy workers in the next room to him.  And he was trying to pray and wait upon the Lord and he said “Lord I can’t pray with these people screaming and shouting and yelling.”  So it suddenly went very very quiet in the next room and the next morning when he went out they were kind of looking at him sideways you know.  So he thought, what’s wrong with them, and so my friend said, “What’s wrong with you why aren’t you talking to me?”  They said, “Well, you kind of scared us.”  And he said, “I scared you.”  They said, “When you came to our room and told us to be quiet and you had this authority and we all went to bed.”  So his angel went on his behalf and told them all to be quiet, but they thought it was him.

Sid:  You know in your CD’s and book you talk a lot about this, but you mentioned something even before that, you said, “That if we’re turned into our angel.”  How does someone that’s not tuned into their angel get tuned in?”

Kathie:  Well, like I said everything in the spirit realm we receive by faith; so faith is believing before we see.  Right?

Sid:  Of course,

Kathie:  So when I say the realm of the supernatural angel’s having these visitations that shouldn’t hurt you; you have to actually believe that.

Sid:  It’s almost like someone saying over and over I’ve never seen an angel, they’re in unbelief on seeing angels not realizing they’re reporting what’s happened in the natural, but not’s what’s happening in the Spirit.

Kathie:  Yes.  See the angel is there whether you can feel that or not but by faith I call it your antenna; you put your spiritual antenna up and pull the promise down. “Yes that is my inheritance; the angels are around me all the time because that’s the truth; that’s what God said.”  But also people have a funny little fear about angels because the things they’ve heard.  So sometimes if you talk about angels someone will say, “Oh, you mustn’t worship angels.”  And they have this fear that we are going to start worshipping angels.  But God’s angels don’t let you worship them.  There is not really an issue because if an angel came into your room and wanted you to worship him I think you would know that he wasn’t from God.

Sid:  Of course, now do angels ever tell you what to preach?

Kathie:  Yes, they do sometimes, yeah.

Sid:  And out of curiosity how clear when they speak to you how clear are they?

Kathie:  Okay, one angle that comes to my meeting, sometimes he draws a picture on the floor.  That’s why I sit down during the worship because sometimes he draws a picture on the floor for me and I usually get a scripture to go with it.  He doesn’t tell me everything to preach, but I usually I know that’s got to be some of the theme.  Or else I stand up and he’ll suddenly nudge me and give me a scripture or just say something to me.  Or sometimes he’ll come in the middle of when I’ve already starting preaching.  I have something interesting happen when I was in New Zealand last year and then the same angel that came there I’ve seen now in America for times.

Sid:  Tell me that story.

Kathie:  Okay, I was speaking in a church in New Zealand, the angel that usually talks to me about what to preach was half-way sitting down.  But another angel came into the back of the meeting and he was dressed in blue, turquoise and whites and he had like a cloth over his arm like a maitre d in a restaurant you know like a waiter?  And he suddenly came and stood next to me and the Lord said to me, “He’s waiting” he looked like a waiter.  So I said, “What is her waiting for?” And the Lord said, “To take people’s order.”  And the first angle, that’s usually in my meeting was smiling and the Lord said to me, “Then you showed everyone the menu because I just held out my Bible.”  So that angel came to take people’s order that night things that God had put on their heart and then he came in many meetings in New Zealand.  Since I’ve come back in America he’s suddenly appeared in four or five meetings to take people’s order.

Sid:  Now when he appears do you sense he’s there or do you know that he’s there?

Kathie:  I kind of, see I believe as you start to believe in the spirit realm and this is your inheritance and this is for you, what you maybe begin to see in a vision get stronger and stronger and in the end when people say,“Did you see that in the spirit or did you see see see that?” I say “I don’t know,” because sometimes I can’t tell the difference.  The spirit realm can come so strong that you really don’t know the difference.

Sid:  Now, you say in your book that angels can be funny, explain.

Kathie:  Yes, or they can, angels are very clever with words and actually angels hate religious spirits because religious spirits distorts the nature of God.  So I’ve seen angels in meetings playing with people, tickling people.  I’ve had even an angel come make faces at me to make me laugh, when it was heavy, because they’ll do what they can to get rid of the religious spirit’s that are holding on to people’s minds.

Sid:  You know, I have seen an angel tickle little children.

Kathie:  Yes.

Sid:  You know its one thing when an adult starts laughing and you wonder are they making it up or not.  But just out of the blue a little child just lays on the floor on their back and just is, you can see they’re being tickled all over there body.  It’s the most amazing thing.

Kathie:  Yeah, that’s to break them in, see that laughter is what I call like God’s atheistic and I believe a lot of people that are maybe sitting in a chair or floor laughing and laughing and sometimes the angels come and do that.  But they often find they get delivered from things, sickness, and mindsets you know.  But if there’s time on this show I have another story to illustrate that.

Sid:  Go ahead.

Kathie:  When I was in Australia there was a lady in the meeting and she sat right back next to the door, she almost had her hand on the door.  And I thought, “Why is she sitting back there?” But she said to someone else, “If that lady,” meaning me “Puts one step in my direction I’m leaving,” because she was terrified of me because I represented the supernatural you see so she was ready to run.  All of a sudden I looked back and this lady is laughing and falling off her chair and getting back on her chair and falling off her chair.  And she said, “What happened was these strangers went back there and they started playing with her and got tugging her hair and tickling her.”  And so she lost all her fear of the supernatural completely and came right into the move of God.  So they just went back there to break her fear and because like I said people have such weird concepts.

Sid:  Tell me about the time you were walking with an angel that told you the future for a number of houses in that neighborhood where you were walking.

Kathie:  Oh yeah, I was in Ohio visiting a friend and she had said she’s very athletic and she said, “Would you like to go for a run.”  And I said, “No, you run, I’ll walk.”  So I walk around her neighborhood, a beautiful neighborhood of about six houses.  And as I began to walk this angel steps into the pathway and begin to walk with me and as we walked around the neighborhood he told me about the people in the houses.  I remember him saying, “This couple in this house is going to leave and move to California and the people that are going to come here are Christians and they will help this little church down the road.”  Anyway he told me about each house when my friend came back we wrote everything down and in a year we checked and everything that he told me has happened.  When he told me those things she started to, my friend started you know to pray for her neighborhood more specifically.

Sid Roth:  You also have a lot of stories about supernatural protection from angels, what feedback are you getting from people that either attend your seminar.  And of course our two CD set is like attending your seminar; because at your seminar people even smell perfume from angels.

Kathie:  Yeah, well especially when I start to pray for people and you can smell the angels in the room, but there’s different manifestations and all the manifestations mean something.  For example, the weekend at my conference all across the front row there came found somebody walked pass me and everyone begin to smell an aroma like sweet apples.  You know she’s says the Beloved’s breathe smells like sweet apples.  And then over in one corner there was aroma like strawberries and then Bob Jones tells me that the strawberries represent friendship with God.  I have a whole list of aromas which I can send you, but all these things are speaking to you, speaking to people.  God speaks through the word, He speaks through His prophets and teachers, but He speaks through the manifestations too and the manifestation is the angels.  I believe it’s just getting stronger and stronger.

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