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Sid:  You know the Bible talks about strange things in the skies in the last days.  It talks about fear from the things coming on the earth.  It talks about a great deception in the last days; now here’s my question if a Christian doesn’t even know the authentic there going to be a setup for the supernatural of the devil. They’ve got to know the supernatural of God or they’ll stand no chance when what the Bible says will happen in the last days happens.  That’s why I have L.A. Marzulli on the telephone right now.  He has produced three of the most unusual documentary DVD’s proving that there are things going on in the world that the secular press is not talking about.  I find it utterly amazing that they’re not talking about it.  In your heart of hearts L.A. why did you produce these three DVD’s called “The Watchers?”

L.A:  Briefly it is impossible, we did it to get people talking and open their eyes to what is happening right under their noises concerning prophecies and all this stuff that’s happening on this planet was written about thousands of years ago and now it’s beginning to manifest.  It’s beginning to openly, you can see it turn on the 6:00 news, the earthquake, the famines, the pestilence, the wars and the rumors of wars, the troublesome times, all of this was prophesied  thousands of years ago by Yeshua.  And now I believe we are in the time which is known as the birth pains which will lead into the tribulation.  So we produced it as a wakeup call for Christians, but to gather their non-Christian friends around. Put the DVD’s in and watch them.  It’s not you know Bible thumping or hitting…

Sid:  You know what I’m more concerned about?  I guess maybe because I lived so long in the south in the United States.  Very few Christians are even, it’s even on the radar that Jesus is getting ready to return, most Christians are what the Bible refers to as lukewarm.  Your DVD’s should be in every Bible study in America and because it’s facts, it’s not just opinion, it’s not just hearsay, you have scientist, you have doctors, you have things in the news that no one is willing to put out there.  I think that it was give a husband and wife conversation for now until the time Jesus gets here, fascinating things to talk about.  But I want you to briefly explain to me your understanding of the mark of the beast; I’ve never heard this before.

L.A:  Well, let’s do the back story; Yeshua tells us that “It will be like the days of Noah when the Son of Man returns.”  What differentiates the days of Noah the presence of the fallen angels?  The fallen angels, believe it or not, had sex with the woman of earth, read Genesis 6.  They produced what is known as the Nephilim; the Nephilim were here for four hundred years.  It contaminated the bloodline.  It was almost checkmate, if you please, it resulted in the flood.  That’s what differentiates the days of Noah.  Now skip into Revelation, we know first of all that anyone who takes this mark will not be able to buy, sell or trade.  The Mark comes on the back of the hand or on the forehead.  What is this mark?  And there is a lot of speculation about that, we read a little further, the buy, selling or trading is the easy one, but then we find out that anyone who takes the mark grievous sores will appear over their body.  And then we read a little later in it we found out that anyone who takes the mark is immediately judged and thrown into the lake of fire, gee that sounds harsh, where’s the grace and mercy of that, where is the loving God that we all know?  Something is at play here that’s hidden from us that we don’t really see, go back to the days of Noah, what’s going on, the Nephilim.  Go to the fourth criteria found in the Book of Revelation, although it doesn’t say directly the mark of the beast but it tells us that “In those days men and women will seek death and not find it”, so here’s the scenario, and I held the chip in my hand.  It will change your DNA, it will elongate your life span because one of the criteria of the days of Noah was that life spans that were 500 – 900 and older years of age.  So what if you have a chip which is going to correct your DNA, you will be told that it would correct your DNA?  It will extend your life span disease free five or six hundred years and by the way, you’ll be able to buy, sell and trade with it this is your stamp into the New World Order.  Just saying, but it fulfills all the criteria that we see in Revelation and when Yeshua points to in Matthew 24.

Sid:  Now I can see this going very very well I mean who would say no except someone that knows the Bible and has discernment and knows the times that we’re living in.  Otherwise, how could anyone say no to what you just described?

L.A:  Well, this is what amazes me, it’s like we sort of dumbed down the supernatural, specifically the churches in America…

Sid:  Well, seeker sensitive is afraid of supernatural because maybe the seeker might not come into the service and then end up being saved.  But what good would it be if someone is genuinely saved and has lack of knowledge of the supernatural end time events, and then the mark of the beast that you described comes along, they wouldn’t even feel that they’d be betraying Jesus.

L.A:  And they would take it willingly, they would take it, and that’s what terrifies me, that they would take it willingly.

Sid:  Okay let’s go to another area, why I’m hearing reports of birds’ mysteriously dying, cattle be mutilated, why is this going on?  Who is doing this, what’s the purpose?

L.A:  Well, the interesting part with the cattle mutilations, that’s been going on for decades, yet law enforcements have never brought anyone, anyone to trial.  And you know, you have a prize bull that’s worth 1000’s of dollars and you come in the next morning and night before and the bull was standing in the field and was fine and the next morning you come in and the bull is laying there, there’s absolutely no blood in the animal at all, we see that his tongue has been completely cored out, his sex organs are cored out, with laser light procession, there’s no footprints around this thing and it’s like you just sit there and go oh my gosh what just happened?

Sid:  Now, so it’s impossible to be kids that are just doing a prank?

L.A:  No, it’s not there is one interesting case Sid where there was four inches of freshly fallen snow around the animal, no footprints, it was literally dropped from above.

Sid:  Well, what do you believe this is?

L.A:  Well, I believe its part of what I call the coming great deception, it’s a good cop, bad cop of the UFO phenomena.  And again to make it really clear because I know time is short, when we talk about extraterrestrials, these are inner-dimensional beings as extraterrestrials.  They are highly multivalent fallen angels in my opinion.  And this is what they’re doing. It’s as days of Noah essentially.

Sid:  Now the surgery as you say it’s not something could do, it’s high precision.

L.A:  Well, the cuts are done literally with a laser like procession to them, there are magnetic anomaly sound around the animal, although sometimes there are chips that are found later on embedded in the animal.  People will call it high strangeness; people also report seeing lights in the sky.  Again, if it were only one or two of these things we wouldn’t be talking about it, this phenomenon has been going on worldwide literally for decades.  And most of the time the news media never reports it.

Sid:  Okay the Bible talks about changes in the sky that’s terrifying, you’ve documented changes in the sun and the moon.  Tell me about that.

L.A:  In one of “The Watchers,” Signs of the Heavens and the Earth; we talk about we believe the anomalous activity are the excintritity of a lunar surface. We plant an Italian scientist by the name of Lorenzo Loreo who wrote a paper about the excintritity of a lunar surface.  It seems to be like it’s wobbling, we’re not sure what we’re looking at.  My good friend and co-producer Richard Shaw and I, we’ve looked at this thing, we’ve investigated as far as we can go with it, there are YouTube videos posting from people all over the globe saying gee the moon looks funny.  How did it rotate, I understand that it rotates, I get that, but it rotates at certain times.  And it appears that the lunar surface wasn’t doing that, so we found this paper by Dr. Aurreo, who said that something is going on with the gravitational forces in the moon.  Meanwhile with the sun we see these coronal mass injections that are happening more and more frequently.  We see objects that are redacted, in other words brushed away by NASA hours after they are seen and put up by the Soho twin satellites looking at the sun.

Sid:  You have pictures of an object next to the sun, what is that object?  It’s never been there before?

L.A:  We don’t know what that object is and that opens it up to speculation, but when NASA begins to redact those pictures only hours after we’ve been able to get them, what do they have to hide, why are they doing this?  We sat down with Stan Dao and we showed him that clip and this image was given to us by Debra Sontag a researcher and this thing travels around the sun, moves behind the sun at a very fast rate of speed, what is it?  We don’t know, is it a craft, is it; it’s not a meteor, it seems to be under some sort of intelligent control.

Sid:  All right why is NASA hiding these things and they are, why?

L.A:  Well, here’s what I think, you know and what we’ve and there was studies in the 50’s and if the populous in the United States we told that we were not alone in the universe and extraterrestrials, remember Orson Wells, where the worlds deal that he did, it completely panicked.  Some people actually committed suicide with that.  It would change the very fabric of religion in this country; it would probably change most people’s paradigm and world views.  However, with the propaganda that we’ve had for the last thirty forty years like, movies like Star Trek and others of those …. I think the populous will be ready to embrace ET as a possible savor, I don’t think that we would cringe in fear, but that’s the reason why this whole thing has been kept under wraps.

Sid: You know the information that you have here and maybe on tomorrows broadcast I’d like to talk about the Bible codes that are that tell what’s going to happen this year, tell what’s happened in previous years.

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