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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Taylor. And during the break we were talking about ears. I wish you had ears to hear what she was telling me. But you’ve actually prayed for people that the bones weren’t there.

LaDONNA: That’s right.

SID: And God has given them hearing. Tell me what goes on with people.

LaDONNA: Well most of the time they’re just so surprised. I’ve gotten to the point where I just think God can do anything.

SID: Are you telling me they’re not saying, I came here tonight believing I’d get my hearing.

LaDONNA: That’s right. Some of them, one lady that was born deaf didn’t even understand why I was playing the violin, and she just went to church because there wasn’t anything else to do. She was deaf. Her life was extremely limited. And she went, and she almost didn’t come to the altar when the person that was signing said, “Take your hearing aids out and go to the altar.” But she did, and she’s healed today.

SID: Now you’ve had the privilege, and I mean a high privilege of hearing the music of Heaven. What is it like, LaDonna, the music of Heaven? It’s got to be out of this world. I couldn’t resist it.

LaDONNA: How can I tell you with words, with a human voice what that music could sound like? I could say to you, it has many, many, many more notes than we’re used to hearing. The voices sounded like thousands or maybe millions of voices behind it. But it’s unmistakable. You knew you were hearing something supernatural.

SID: You see angels’ wings, Jesus right by someone, healing them as you’re playing.


SID: Tell me what angels’ wings look like. I don’t even know.

LaDONNA: What I saw was clear, transparent, pearlescent and very beautiful, like you see a dove’s white beautiful wings. That’s what I saw.

SID: You proclaim that people are going to be healed before it happens. I do that, too. And I have noticed that God honors it every time. Now sometimes I proclaim it, and I’m not in a friendly environment. And if God doesn’t show up, I’m in big trouble.

LaDONNA: Jesus loves for us to believe his word. And that’s what we’re doing.

SID: If I ask you to play your violin, which is right there, right now, what’s going to happen? I want you to proclaim and then play that violin.

LaDONNA: I know exactly what He’s going to do.

SID: Okay.

LaDONNA: There are people, you need to be healed of a broken heart because there’s something you’ve forgotten. Maybe some of you never knew it, but I’m going to let the notes speak to you.

[violin music]

LaDONNA: He loves you. He loves you. Don’t ever forget it.

SID: LaDonna, people are healed, which is so amazing to me, of not just something they got yesterday, but long term diseases when you play the violin. Tell me about one person.

LaDONNA: I remember a service where a gentleman waited until the end of the service. At the very end we were ready to dismiss and he came up. The presence of God got so strong when he got close, and he started crying, and he said, “I’ve had fibromyalgia for 23 years. I’ve been in constant pain for 23 years.” Instantly, Jesus took it away.

SID: There’s a song that I love, “All Creatures of Our God and King”. Tell me something that happened when you played this song.

LaDONNA: This music, to me, is the closest to the sounds of Heaven that I’ve heard.

SID: I can’t wait to hear that. Would you get to the music set right now. And I want you to hear some of the music of Heaven.

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