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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. Imagine three encounters with a gigantic angel that started in August of 2002, and one of these encounters, my guest Keith Miller was given a scroll and ate it and it’s come out in the new book that we’re offering, “Surrender to the Spirit.”   But tell me about that third encounter you had with the same angel.

Keith:  Yeah, it happened it was pretty awesome because the first one in August and the second was September each month for three months there was a fresh encounter unexpected. Something I didn’t want to sense, but it was after the second encounter I began to dive into the Word on the strength and the stature of the Lord, as I shared yesterday.  But the third encounter I had actually for my first time back out to minister since the August encounter was in a church in Hobbs, New Mexico and they had previously booked me months before the encounters ever took place they had booked me for a set of meetings called Seven Days of Glory.  And it was awesome because at the time we booked it we had no idea that this was going to take place. So I went over to the church, and one of the things the Lord had promised me and what I had been asking for was where ever we went that we would minister out of His counsel.  And so when I got to the church there in Hobbs I was going to start Sunday morning and go all the way through Saturday. That Sunday morning I told the pastor I said, “Hey this is October 2002 I said I just need to have a little bit of time with the Lord if I could.”  And he said, “Okay just take my office” and so I went into his office and I just lay down on the floor and I sat there in his office.  And I just began to ask the Lord I said, “Lord I want Your heart, Your counsel what do you want to do in this set of meetings, what do You want to accomplish, what’s going to be longevity something that’s not a visitation but something that You are going to establish here in the realm of the Kingdom.”  And then all of a sudden as I’m praying, now back and lifted up into another encounter very similar as the first one. It’s like boom and I’m in the encounter.  And as I was in the encounter I was instantly in the throne room before the throne of the Lord.  And how I can best describe it was that in Matthew Jesus describes in Matthew 24 “He says I go to the right hand side of the power today and that’s what it was.”  I’m telling you, that’s what it was and it was like a real heavy incredible high power, holy incredible power like every fiber of my being was just just whew, it was just like this incredible holiness and purity and I was just undone again.  And I was just like this huge white incredible white glory power and I was just standing there and I was just looking and I was beholding the scene and then all of a sudden that same angel was on the right hand side of the throne.  As he was standing there and I’m trying and I’m literally going what is going on?  And all of a sudden the angel that I could see the hand of the Lord, I could literally make out his hand and inside his hand was an envelope and he handed the envelope to the angel and the angel walks over to me, hands me the envelope and I am so undone I’m shaking, I drop the envelope and the angel of the Lord picks it back up and hands it to me. I open up the envelope and there was no paper in the envelope, it wasn’t like there was anything in the envelope but the message was the envelope if you would.  I really don’t understand the fullness of that, but it was just like it was in the envelope, I didn’t pull out a piece of paper, but the message was in the envelope and there was two scriptures and the two scriptures were Revelation 4:5 and Isaiah 11:2 and then I was out of the encounter.

Sid:  And very briefly tell me what these two scriptures say.

Keith:  Revelation 4:5 is an incredible passage where it describes the seven fold flow, but it says “and from the throne proceedings lightning, thunders and voices and seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the Seven Spirits of God.”  And then Isaiah 11:2, and you know at that time I’ll tell you I didn’t even know what seven Spirits of God were. I said, “Seven Spirits, I don’t understand that.”  And then Isaiah 11:2 “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of knowledge and the Fear of the Lord.”  And that was the two scriptures that were in the message that the Angel of Lord handed me.

Sid:  And what did this mean to you after you reflected on it?

Keith:  At first I really didn’t understand it and in fact that seven days of meetings were incredible meetings because it was like He had given me a foretaste of what this anointing was going to release. I’d begin to minister out of the realm of God in those seven days that I would look at people and I would hear the Lord tell me what was wrong with them, and I would tell them and then I’d tell them things about their mother or their daughter and steel bars disappeared out people’s back and people were healed.

Sid:  And you mean that someone that had a steel bar because a doctor put it in there disappeared.

Keith:  Yeah, they couldn’t…

Sid:  That’s what I thought you said.

Keith:  Yes, they could not bend over, there was no way they could bend over because of a bad back and had a bar, a steel rod and we hit a… after that Sunday morning service from that point on those seven days was seven days of glory and we saw more than one time steel disappear names, addresses, diseases, people that weren’t even in the meetings.  Somebody’s daughter with a rare blood disease and just an incredible, and I really felt like it was the Lord saying, and at that time I didn’t know what was going on I just had the encounter, the two passages. I would spend all day looking up what does that mean, I don’t understand this Lord and I was just during the day studying and at night we would have the revival meetings and it was just incredible, just incredible demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that I’ve never seen before.  I dreamed about those things, I mean some of the days like A.A. Allen some of these guys, and there’s a promise that we all know that what He did formerly will always be greater in the latter.  And so I began to touch something in the Spirit and I said, “Oh my gosh,” and then after that seven day meeting I went home and I tried to find everything  I could on it, but there wasn’t much out there.  I couldn’t find anything, what is the seven Spirits of God? I thought I better be careful here because there’s only one Holy Spirit but seven Spirits I don’t understand this. So it began a journey for me that moment that I began to search out those deep things of God and begin to pray and dive into the Word, and He began to teach me on what are the seven fold flow?  Who are the Seven anointing, seven functions, seven different rivers if you would of the precious Holy Spirit of a believers life because Jesus himself said, in John 7 that out of your belly shall flow rivers, not just a river but rivers that’s multiple flow.  Job 29:6 says that the rock poured out rivers of oil for me.  I believe that it ties right in with that lampstand, and also with the wells that Isaac re-dug; the seven wells or the wells that he and he renamed that last well the well of the seven and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  What excites me is not just that you’re teaching on this but this teaching is so pregnant with the Spirit of God that people receive impartations on these seven Spirits of God.

Keith:  That’s right, in the beginning of Azusa Street the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t just a good teaching, it became something that the Lord was bringing forth for the Body of Christ to see revival. Then we know that He began to bring forth the understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  And speaking of gifts of the Holy Spirit you had quite a move of God’s Spirit in Pennsylvania briefly tell me about that.

Keith:  Yeah, it was awesome we went for a four day weekend and it ended up exploding for ten weeks.  So it’s twelve states, thirty different denominations came during the meetings and also touched the college, we saw incredible we saw warlocks get born again.  People that were actually worshipping the devil came into the meeting with the intent of messing with the meetings, pentagram on and everything. The power of God touched them and they got born again and to this day they are still serving the Lord.  So we just saw an incredible breakout on revival there in Pennsylvania.

Sid:  Well, on tomorrow’s broadcast, speaking of a breakout of God’s Spirit, I would like you to talk about what God showed you about the Spirit of Wisdom and when that came upon you. How your life was changed, and do you know what I believe I believe that when you teach on the Spirit of Wisdom that’s what’s going to be transferred as you’re teaching on that.  Have you had any other encounters where you’ve been taken to heaven?

Keith:  Yes, I have I’ve had several encounters prophetic encounters where I’ve seen different aspects like the Lord in counsel showed me different things of even establishing the wells of the old in the areas of those that have gone before us.  And how we honor those establishing what they released upon the earth by the power of the Holy Ghost.  But one of the recent things that we’ve had encountered was we were, Janet and I my precious wife, were just sitting in the front room and we’d just got through with a series of meetings and all of a sudden… the night before I had been woken up and I literally heard the majestic sounds of heaven.  And when I say majestic I literally could hear the deep worship and the majestic splendor of God…

Sid:  Ooops, were out of time we’ll pickup here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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