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Sid:  We want everywhere to be a friend of God. My guest has written a book that helps people become a friend of God, it’s called “God’s Supernatural Power.” My guest is Bobby Connor who has just a marvelous gift of prophecy.  Bobby you said on yesterday’s broadcast you knew when attempt was made on your life of an abortion in your mother’s womb.  But what was the first time that you can recall hearing God’s audible voice?

Bobby:  Okay Sid, the first time I can really recall was when I was five years old my brother and sister had gone to public school and this was my first time to be by myself without a sibling.   And we’re in East Texas so I walk down behind my mother’s house which seems like a mile or so, but really it’s probably it’s two three hundred yards and I’m a little bitty blond headed five year kid, I walk down to this grove of trees and I lay down on my stomach and I’m laying on the grass and I put my hands on my face and my hands and I said out of my mouth. “Well, I guess I’ll have to be by myself.”  And when I said that a wind came, a wonderful wind came and got whirling around in the top of the tree above my head and a voice spoke to me out of the wind and said, “No Bobby, you’ll never be by yourself, see.”  And when this voice said, “See” the heavens, the sky rolled back just like you’d roll a scroll back and I saw what I thought was horses running back and forth across heaven with their mane and their tails on fire.  What it was, was angels but I’m a little boy from Texas so it looked like flaming horses.  And so I though everybody saw that so when I got around some little kids, my little friends I said, “Man I could see into the sky and they laughed at me and mocked me.”  So I thought I’ll never tell anybody that I could see into the sky.  But that was my first to ever have the voice of God speak to me where I knew that it was a supernatural thing.

Sid:  Well, you explained on yesterday’s broadcast how you went from a double barrel shot gun in your mouth to wanting to commit suicide to giving your heart to God.  But did many prophetic things happen to you over the years where you just knew things about people and you kept it to yourself?

Bobby:  Yes, before I was converted, I believe I got the gift when I was in my Momma’s womb, and then even when I was growing up I could tell if the telephone was going to ring and I could tell if my mother was going to drop a set of dishes or if somebody was going to walk into the room and what kind of conversation they were going to have.  And I thought that everybody was that way and then when I got converted the only friends I had were Baptist friends, and so when I finally told some of them they go “Oh no that’s not right.”  So then I tried to shun the gift and wouldn’t let it operate and then finally the Lord spoke to me and said, “Bobby I’ve got more power to direct you than the devil does to deceive you.”  So then I started letting the Holy Spirit do whatever He wanted to do.

Sid:  That’s amazing you were able to bust out of that box because I mean you’re taught theology these gifts aren’t for today and yet the gifts are operating.  Tell me the most significant thing one of the first most significant things were when you were able to use these gifts without being intimidated?

Bobby:  Okay, I’ll tell you a very this is one of the times the gift worked that was very beneficial for me.  Like I told you yesterday’s broadcast my father passed away, I never knew him and so my mother was in a very hard time and so one time a voice came to me and said, “Don’t get on that pony.”  Just a very strong voice, so I said, “What pony?”  And the voice said again, “Don’t get on that pony.”  So my brother was one year older than myself so I tell my brother, “Don’t get on that pony.”  And he said, “What pony, I said “I don’t know but just don’t get on that pony.”  And then this the strange thing my uncle came, my mother fixed our little clothes up and me and my mother and my brother and our little sack and clothes get into the car with our uncle and we drive for hours outside of Athens, Texas to up around Amarillo somewhere there.  And we pull into a long driveway, drive down to like a ranch house and so help me a woman walks up with a little bitty Shetland pony and two cowboy hats and she says, little boys get on the pony.  And I started screaming, “We’re not getting on that pony, we scooted over in the backseat and started screaming and crying and my mother started crying and said, “I can’t do it.”  But here’s what the deal was Sid, that was an orphan’s home and that’s how they would take the children away from the parents they would bring them to the car and let the little boys ride off on the pony and then the parents would drive off.  Isn’t that something?

Sid:  That is amazing.  Now I have to tell you something Bobby, I evaluate prophets on the accuracy of their prophecy.  Does the prophecy come to past and many times I’m disappointed, and many times I see the genuine gift.  I wonder if you could tell me a few prophecies that you have had that have come to pass.

Bobby:  Okay, yeah.  One was concerning George W. Bush becoming president of the United States. I got caught up into way up into heaven and I saw a light flashing and finally to make a long story short I asked the Lord, I said, “What do you want,” He said, I want George W. Bush to run for President and if the church will pray and really extend they’re intercessory prayer I’ll speak again to the nation again through a burning bush.”  And then He said, “Go to Washington, D.C. and prophecy this.  This was before George W. Bush chose to run for President and so that came to pass.  And then I…

Sid:  I have to ask you, now that you’re saying that, has God given you any insight into this current election?

Bobby:  Well, I’ll tell you what the Lord; to me the Lord’s been very silent concerning this coming election.  I’ll tell you, a couple of years ago since you’ve asked the question; a couple of years ago the Lord came to me and said of me, “Who do you want to be President?”  And I didn’t understand the severity of it, so I quick back at him and told him who I didn’t want to be President.  And then He rebuked me and said, “That is not the question that you were asked.”  And then so humbly I asked Him, “Who do you want to be President?”  And here’s what He told me, the only thing that I can genuinely say the Lord told me concerning this coming election is this.  He said, “If the church will pray, I will sustain the nation through dark days through a brown bag; it will be as the lad’s loaves and fishes,” that’s what He said.  Then He said, “Don’t tell anybody,” so I kept that for oh about a year and a half and then He said, “Now you can tell.”  I told then, Lou Engle and some other guys got the prophecy, but that’s the only thing…

Sid:  What does that prophecy mean?

Bobby:  I honestly don’t know, all I know was remember when Mike Huckleby, the guy’s asked him once, “How can you explain getting as far as you got with the least about of money that you’ve got and the least amount of support?”  He said, “The only way I can describe it is it’s like the lad’s loaves and fishes.”  So he used the very same terminology the Lord gave me, I don’t know but then I don’t have anything else from the Lord concerning it, but I know that it’s very important that the church pray and we get the right person in there.

Sid:  Are we going through some treacherous dark times in this country?

Bobby:  Very dark, the Bible said, “Watchman, watchman what do you see?”  And the watchman replied, “I see both things, light and night.”

Sid:  That’s my perception also, we’re going to have the best times in the world for true believer, and the worst times in the world for the world.

Bobby:  Yes, that’s exactly right; it’s Isaiah 60:1, “It’s time to rise and shine for our light has come, darkness is come across the people but the world’s light and glory will be upon His people.”

Sid:  Now I’m holding your new book “God’s Supernatural Power.” I’m very, very excited about what’s going to happen when people read this.  What type of feedback, it is a new book but what type of feedback are you getting on this book?

Bobby:  I’m getting a lot of good response. The number one response we get is that it is encouraging to people to realize that they have a destiny that they are not just some kind of a biological birth, that God preplanned their life and that He’s got a wonderful destiny for them.  And we try to show them who they are.  The first chapter deals with the identity crisis.  Heaven and hell both are posing the exact same question to every person on earth.  Heaven God, hell the devil.  They’re asking the very same question; they’re synchronized on what they’re asking the people and here it is. “Who do you think you are?”  And see what the Bible says “What the person thinks, so they are going to live.”  And so we need our opinion about ourself changed; God has confidence in this generation, or he’d never let us live in this crucial hours.  One of my favorite verses Sid right now is Philippians 2:13.  “It is God that works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.”  And boy can you imagine the creature doing something that would bring the creator good pleasure.  So I found out what that is, it’s Luke 12:32, “It’s your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”  So that’s what the book deals with.

Sid:  And you know what I catch from your book though?  It’s time to get out of the audience and become a performer rather than a spectator.

Bobby:  That right, you know He says “The kingdom of God doesn’t come just with talk but with action.”  So that’s what we’ve got to do, I love what the Lord told me once, He said, “Tell My people that they’re about to believe what they know.”  It’s going to move from the head to the heart to the hands.”  It’s going to move from head knowledge to real heart faith and then actually become doers of the Word and not just hearers only.

Sid:  And a book of this nature is so important at this moment because I believe God’s up to something new, I believe in the atmosphere.  Whereas the things you prayed and you didn’t see results you’re going to be crying now, assuming you haven’t given up, and you’re going to start seeing results.

Bobby:  We are in a time of God’s favor, 2nd Corinthians 6: 1 & 2.  We’re in a time of God’s help and God’s favor that Paul said, “It’s the acceptable time, it’s a time of God’s favor, a time when God will help us.” I’m very excited to see the day that we’re in.  I believe we’re in Hosea 10:12.  That verse said, “It is time to seek the Lord until He comes and reigns righteousness upon us.”

Sid:  You mention an intriguing thing in your book, “That the Lord is looking for friends.”  What do you mean by that?

Bobby:  Oh, I love John 15:15 He said, “I don’t call you a servant any longer I call you a friend.”  And friend’s really communicate with one another, and I believe it is probably one of the highest accolade that we could receive being called a friend of the Lord.

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