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David and Anita Duggan (2006)

Sid: My guests Anita and David Duggan, we’ve been talking to them all this week how God, the mercy of God, set Anita free from drug addiction, set David free from alcohol addiction. The thing that’s so amazing is that they work with a friend of mine by the name of Gary Oates who published a book called “Open My Eyes Lord.” So many people have been reading this book because for the first time it’s a step by step book of how to have your eyes opened to the spirit realm, but not just your eyes all of your senses open to the spirit realm. Anita you almost from the beginning when you got saved you started seeing angels. Tell me one of your first experiences with an angel.

Anita: One of my first experiences, Dave and I were married a very short period of time, and we had started going to Gary and Kathi Oates’ church in Gatlinburg. We had a guest speaker and David and I had walked in the back of the church and I noticed an angel leaning over where the book table was.

Sid: Now when you see an angel describe to me what you see with your eyes.

Anita: The angel that I saw with my eyes that day literally had a form; big he was fat, he had a funny look on his face and he was leaning his elbow, his elbow was leaning on the book table, and he was leaning over it just watching what was going on. I saw him.

Sid: Not in this case, but in general what are angels doing? Someone that has the discernment that you have what are they doing when they show up?

Anita: Well what I do when I see an angel is I ask them what they’re there for because sometimes I see angels in different ways, and different places at different times. I have seen angels standing behind people that are in a prayer line, and they are holding something in their hands which represents what that person’s destiny is. I’ve seen angels flying around the room; I’ve seen warring angels; I’ve seen angels come through walls that are marching that are fully armed. Really it depends on the place we’re at, the situation in a person’s life, or what the church represents.

Sid: Okay, let me take you a few years ago you were in Columbia at a youth meeting, tell me about that.

Anita: That was an amazing experience, it blew me away. This one church had a lot of youth in… there was a huge amount of youth in this church, like over a thousand kids, it amazed me. They all came up for ministry. When I started to… looked up to pray with them with my interpreter I started seeing angels behind every single one of these young people, and the angels were carrying something in either one or two of their hands. I’ll give you an example, this one angel came up behind this young man and he had a harp in one hand, and he had some kind of cymbal in another hand. I had no idea that this young man played in the youth ministry band of their church, and he was a drum player. He had been crying out to God to make his gift more versatile. He wanted to be able to play more instruments, but he also wanted to be able to be used more in ministry than just in music. When I saw this angel I just spoke it out and he collapsed; he just fell over.

Sid: Anita what was the first time you saw a manifestation of a physical healing?

Anita: It was our first trip to Peru with Gary and Kathi Oates, and there was a woman who came up and she had a tumor on her knee, it was the size of a grapefruit. When you put your hand on it, not only could you see it but you could feel it, it was really hard. I had an interpreter with me, and really to be quite honest with you I was scared because it was the first time I was stepping out in faith. It amazed me to see the miracle. I put my hand on her tumor and I raised my other hand up to God, and I just said “Lord I curse the life of this tumor in the name of Jesus. Lord I ask you to shrink it.” It was like letting air out of a balloon.

Sid: You could… your hand was touching it actually. Could you feel it going down?

Anita: Absolutely. It went down half way. I looked up at my interpreter and I said “Ask her if she felt that.” She was shaking her head yes before he even asked her. I said “Well let’s just continue.” We prayed more, and the tumor literally shrunk down; I could feel it disappear under my hand.

Sid: David, I understand that God has opened your eyesight to see the tangible presence of God’s glory. Tell me about it.

David: As a matter of fact Sid yesterday morning I was in prayer with some other people. We were just worshipping the Lord and praying scripture. We created a place, a dwelling place for God. I was lying on the floor and just soaking in His presence, which is one of the things that Gary’s book teaches so beautifully. We literally saw, there was at least a couple of us that saw the manifestation of the glory of God in the form of a cloud come into the room and settle over us. It was literally, I was touching it with my fingertips as I laid on the floor facing heaven.

Sid: David when you see this cloud, or experience the cloud, do other people see the cloud even nonbelievers?

David: Sid we had an experience we were in Medellín, Colombia. We were on one of the ministry trips with Gary and Kathi Oates and others. I had gotten up that morning and I was shaving in the bathroom and I was listening to worship music. There had been a spirit of intercession resting on me from the day before and I was continuing to intercede as I listened to this worship music for the people in the city of Medellín and throughout that country. When I came out of the bathroom into our hotel room, the room was full of smoke. The thing about the smoke was…

Sid: Now that was not on fire, right?

David: There was no fire.

Sid: Okay [Laughing] go ahead.

David: There was no fire, there was no smell of smoke. This was not natural smoke.

Anita: I mean we weren’t choking either.

David: The reason that I knew that it wasn’t natural smoke is it was more dense down near the floor than it was up high next to the ceiling. I told Anita I said “Anita look the room is full of smoke.” She knows that I like to take long hot showers, and her first reaction was well you just steamed up the room. I said “No!” I said “This is the… the room is full of smoke.” I went over to the window and opened the window; the climate in Colombia in Medellín is just wonderful and I wanted to enjoy the morning air. There was so much smoke from the manifest glory of God that it began to billow out the window, coming up off the floor and billowing out the window. I was concerned that someone would think that the room was on fire and looked out in the parking lot to see if there was anybody would be looking to see if…

Sid: I have literally heard of churches where this glory is as strong as you’re describing and fire trucks have come to these churches.

David: Well we were… well I was concerned about that. As I was looking out the window the phone rings, I go over and I answer the phone and it’s the front desk and they’re telling me that my smoke alarm has been activated by the smoke that is in my room. There are asking me “Is there a fire in your room?” I said “No, there is no fire.” “Are you smoking in your room?” I said “No we are not smoking.” They said “This smoke detector has been activated.” I said “Well my room is full of smoke, but there’s no fire here.” The joy of the Lord just came on me and I began to laugh in the presence of this glory of God. They said “We’re going to send a building engineer up to check it out.” So in just a couple of minutes a young man he comes bursting into the room, he sees the smoke; his eyes get as big as saucers Sid, an he’s looking around, he did what I did I looked at the air conditioner vent to see if there was any smoke being introduced through the air conditioning vent and there wasn’t. He went over he checked the smoke alarm, and then he went and looked out the window to see if there was any fire outside that would be introducing smoke into the room, and of course there wasn’t. When he turned around Anita was coming out of the bathroom and she just spoke to him and said “This smoke is the manifestation of the glory of God.” She just explained that to him, and he immediately said “Well I have to go check some other places I’ll be back” and he ran out of the room.

Sid: Now on these ministry trips is it true that you see every miracle that’s written in the New Testament.

David: Anita and myself have personally seen every miracle except someone being raised from the dead. That’s the only one we have not seen year to date. We’ve seen blind eyes opened; we’ve seen deaf ears opened; we have seen people who are lame from strokes absolutely healed in a matter of seconds so that they walk off completely normal.

Sid: You know what, as you’re talking about the glory of God, the glory of God is coming. I can’t see it, but I can sure feel the glory of God coming in this studio. I believe that on tomorrow’s broadcast there are going to be a release of the gift of miracles.


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