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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest received an impartation from God and keys from God so that he could do the same works that Jesus did and even greater. But what’s even greater than that, when he speaks, this impartation goes to those who are listening. You interested? Sid Roth here with David Martin. I’ll tell you David, as someone who studies the supernatural for 14 years, thinks they really know something and then in 1993, you had a vision. Tell me about it.

DAVID: I did. Sid, it was one of the two most significant visions in my life. And literally, I saw a picture of a man going through the barrier, and it was a thin barrier, almost like paper. But as the man went through the barrier, I knew it wasn’t me, but it represents all believers. God said to me, you’re on the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough coming into a move of my spirit unlike anything the world has ever seen, more signs, more wonders, more miracles than you can even imagine. I got a big imagination. But, wow, God, that’s awesome. And I said, “That’s great.” God said, “But I can’t use you yet.”

SID: How would you like God to tell you that, “I can’t use you yet.” And then two weeks later, God spoke to you again.

DAVID: He did. I was sharing the vision about spiritual breakthrough with the congregation, and as soon as I said to the congregation, I said, “The spiritual barrier is about to be broken,” God said, “That’s not what I said.” He said, “The barrier is not spiritual. He said, “You’re on the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough, but a spiritual barrier is already broken. The veil is rent. You got free access to my throne.” He said, “The spiritual barrier, the spiritual breakthrough, the barrier is intellectual.” He said, “The problem is you’re thinking too much like people, not enough like me.”

SID: And that’s where the Bible talks about renewing your mind. But these keys that God revealed to you, let’s take the first one, sensitivity.

DAVID: Well sensitivity, there are so many stories. But one that kind of leads up to that is the story of literally two weeks after God gave me the vision about the spiritual breakthrough, I was in this church and He said to me, “You’re thinking too much like people.” And as I thought about that, I realized that there’s a higher dimension and a higher realm. And then in 1998, literally God gave me, as I got up to minister in church, keys to the operating in the supernatural. Then I really discovered how it works. A few months later, I was in Rwanda doing a pastors conference with 250 pastors, all of which were involved from a negative side. They had loved ones that were massacred in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and God said, “Go there for a week. Minister to them,” and very emphatically, “Do not cover the gifts of the spirit, the operation of the Holy Spirit” because all these guys were not spirit-filled. But the very last meeting God said to me right in the middle of a sentence after a whole week of speaking about love and the things of God, right in the middle of a sentence, God said, “Stop.” Sid, it had to the longest moment of my life. It probably wasn’t more than a minute. But when you have 500 eyeballs looking at you and interpreter comes up and says, “What’s the problem here?” that minute is a long time. But right in the middle of that moment the Holy Spirit fell onto these 250 pastors. They all got baptized with the Holy Ghost. They started speaking in tongues.

SID: Were you talking about that?

DAVID: Not at all.

SID: So it was almost like a Pentecost experience.

DAVID: Absolutely, I mean, we didn’t go there at all, because that’s what God said to do. But it was the sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit to stop. And of course, in the keys that God has given me, key number one is sensitivity. Number two would be obedience to do whatever He says. And when you study miracles, I think it’s really important to realize that the law of first occurrence or first appearance of something. The first miracle that Jesus did was turning the water to wine. And Mary said to the servants, “Whatever he says, do it.” So sensitivity is being sensitive to the voice of God.

SID: And from that trip, you went immediately to the birthplace of the Shining One Revival. What was that revival?

DAVID: Well in the ’30s, a great revival hit on northern Rwanda, and that’s where God sent me to, and this outpouring of the Spirit, these pastors, they literally glorified God for three hours. And of course, when they started speaking in tongues I didn’t know it was tongues because it was [unintelligible].

SID: Of course [unintelligible].

DAVID: And my interpreter says, “This is not tongues.” But anyway, in that three-hour timeframe, God said, “Go to his birthplace” [with me] never knowing it was the birthplace of the Shining One Revival that started in the ’30s.

SID: And again, that’s the sensitivity.

DAVID: Exactly, and the obedience that followed with it. But in going there, the next day we went to the chapel where this revival broke out that literally spread all through east central Africa. As a matter of fact, if you look it up on the internet it’s called the East African Revival. But people that were touched by the Shining One Movement, they lived a long time, they had a year to God, very prophetic. As a matter of fact, many of the people live well over a hundred years of age.

SID: You know, when David received impartation of the Shining One Impartation, he told me that he just wept for over a half hour and was totally transformed. And now when he teaches about these supernatural keys there’s an impartation of the Shining One anointing. We’ll talk about it when we come back.

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