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Sid: Question, “If someone squeezed you what would come out?”  Answer, “Not a whole lot different then if someone were to squeeze someone that did not know the Messiah.” Problem, “How do you solve it?”  I have an individual that I’ve just gotten to know on the telephone and I am so excited about this interview.  That by faith we’ve decided to do 2 weeks; his name is Leif Hetland and Leif was born in Norway from a 4th generation Pentecostal family. He went astray as so many young people today are doing it.  But he had an encounter with the Messiah that revolutionized his life and he decided he would serve God.  But he quickly as a Pastor went into burned out works mentality. He didn’t know anything better so he kept doing it.  But then he found that there was something better.  Then he found that there was something more and then his whole ministry was transformed.  And I’m believing as you listen to us this week your whole life will be transformed.  Aren’t you crying, aren’t you praying to God that there must be something more? Aren’t you saying to God ‘I’m desperate for greater intimacy with you.” Yet there seems to be something that is blocking what you know should be yours but you don’t have it yet.  I believe that you ease drop in our conversation that there’s going to be light-bulb that will go on that will forever change your destiny.  Leif,I had a very unfortunate thing happen to me a couple of days ago.  I got  together with a friend of mine is a Biblical counselor and he said “Sid, would you please pray for me because I’m meeting with one of the worse situations; a little fourteen year old girl; she had never been sexually active and one day she had an argument with her parents and she went out in a huff and got together with a male friend and had one beer.”  And he said “You know you really, and she had never had beer in her life.

Leif: Hm.

Sid:  And she came from a good Christian family and then her friend said “You know,” and they were at a party with a few other people, “You really need to unwind would you have another beer.”  And she did; she had the second beer and then before she knew it they slipped a drug on her called ecstasy and before she knew it she was getting intimate with all of the male guests at that party.

Leif: Wow.

Sid: And she was going to now meet with this Biblical counselor; what a sad tragedy!  And he said something to me which I would like you to pick up on.  He said when he first spoke with her he said “Where do you think you made your mistake?”  And she said “When I had my first beer.”

Leif:  Hm.

Sid: And he said “No, you made your first mistake when you got angry with your parents.”  I’d like to know what’s going on inside of you with that story.

Leif:  Well, I can identify with that story because it was very similar to my own life and my own story because of anger towards parents and eventually towards church and also related towards anger towards God.  And I spent about 5 years with scars as a consequence of some of my action that I did as a result of it.  But I do believe that so many young people that are looking for security; they’re looking for love, value; they’re looking for affirmation they’re looking for purpose and destiny.  And suddenly as a thing in the middle of that when something is being devastated many times when they don’t know what to do they don’t know where to go.  First of all I want to encourage some of the parents as a reminder of Luke 15 where you have a perfect father and still one of them  chose rebellion and the other one chose religion despite of the parents have lived right and perfect.  The other encouragement I want to say even to this young lady and this young girl like it is my life and  I hope that no body needs to experience what she had experienced.  And then at the same time Sid I have seen again and again where the Father Himself places His robe of righteousness.  And I have sit there actually who had ended up actually with prostitution and has stood before an altar with white dress feeling like virgin again.  And that means that through Messiah, through Jesus an encounter of the robe of righteousness being placed upon them that they have been bathed by the Father and in the Father’s love.  And He went back and He visited that incidents and all the different things that took place that the Father just erased and when they’re looking back they’re not looking at their history but their destiny.  So I think that even like a Rehab she was not treated on behalf of her history but her destiny.  And I just want to encourage both the parents that even if they’ve been perfect parents you can still end up with a prodigal son and a brother.  And for this precious little girl what men had meant for evil God still can use this for good and she could be a tool that God can use if she just allowed healing love of God to move in and to visit that episode and to be able to through the precious blood of Jesus like we believe in physical healing do an emotional healing.  And I have 100’s and 100’s of stories just from the last couple of weeks not of the same incidents but  similar incidents where people again have been restored back again just before the fall came in.  So I am sadden in behalf of her and her family and at the same time period I do believe as I’m saying that so many times I’ve seen that tragedy has become a triumph.  And instead of whining we can be shinning; instead of being bitter we can become better.  And that’s what I and I pray that the rest of the believing audience will do; we will stand in the gap and we’ll pray that for this for this 14 year old girl and the family.  And that this little girl can be another person that would fit into the Hebrew hall of faith, I will call it a hall of grace.  And humility releases God’s ability, so when she has broken down she’s been humbled I just ask now that we would have the same view towards this girl as we see the Heavenly Father did in Luke 15 towards a prodigal son because maybe of his anger and hurt he wasted his inheritance.  And let us just also keep that heart and that love.  And I do believe that that perfect love can come in and it can bring healing to the wounded heart and the wounded spirit and one day that she can stand before a husband even back in the memory bank knows what happened she can still feel like a virgin because of the precious blood of Jesus covers over all of the mistakes that she has done.

Sid: Leif I want to take you back to 1995 and an individual I’ve interviewed several times crossed paths with you; his name is Randy Clark.  Tell me what he prophesied.

Leif:  Well, I was in a pastors conference in Halgason, Norway. I was the Senior Pastor of  Psalmist Baptist Church.  And in the middle of the meeting like everybody else I had a lot of orphan spirit and orphan thinking; I can be honest I went there I want to get something so I can have a growing congregation of gifts of the Spirit.  I was there to evaluate God in   what He was going to do for me.  But when Randy came up to me and he prophesied he spoke and he saw a picture of me being a bulldozer and he said, “You are going to go into nations and territories where the gospel has never been before and I’m seeing like the Amazon jungle a bulldozer and I’m seeing it’s knocking down all of those trees but I’m seeing there is a mass amount of people that is following after you.”  And then he used the word apostle.  As a Baptist I was just thinking well, missionary but I didn’t understand what that meant.  But right after that I had a major injury where I ended up with almost nine months out and in of hospital and almost most lost my sanity; so it’s very strange that there’s a battle that you have to fight after the battle you won.  There God is making me pregnant-ed  with His purpose and His reason but I didn’t have ears to hear what that meant.  But for nine months I laid in hospital bed with a destroyed neck and back.  And all I could do was to look up and during that time period the Father started to beat His beat in my heart in regard to the 35,000 people who died today who lived their whole entire life on this earth and they never heard the name of Jesus and it just changed my life.

Sid: In your wildest imagination Leif, in your wildest imagination did you ever think you would win a half a million Muslims to the Lord?

Leif:  Definitely no and still sometimes I feel intimidated when I’m hearing about me winning because I do know so clearly everything is God’s grace.  And it’s such a team effort and there’s other people that definitely needs to get the honor and the glory for that.  I was thinking about one Pakistani missionary who said “I spent 25 years praying and preparing the ground and eventually was kicked out of the country.  And I saw two believers in those 25 years.  He is a professor of one of the most famous seminary actually the head of the Messiology Department with a PhD.  And then for us to be able to be coming into place such a seed to 10s and 10s of thousands of people in every single meeting.

Sid: I was watching a video in Pakistan and seeing blind eyes open and people…children that have never spoken before, never heard before.  And I believe Mishpochah that God has lead Leif to an understanding of the Father’s love that the Father God has for Leif.  And the Father has so much love He has as much love for you as He has for Leif and I believe as much destiny as for you as He has for Leif.



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