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Sid: What happens to a nice Jewish couple in New Jersey where the husband’s in the diamond industry working with Chasidic and Orthodox Jews.  He’s Vice President on the diamond exchange 6 figure income and he has an encounter with Jesus.  And then his wife has an encounter with Jesus; she’s what we affectionately call in the Jewish community a JAP, a Jewish America Princess.  But they had a deniable encounter with the Lord and Bonnie there was a turning point in your life even after that occurred.  When the two of you went to visit my friends in a church in Toronto?  What happened to you and your husband?

Bonnie:  We had gone to visit an outpouring we were told of God in Toronto where the Spirit of the Lord had just had visited a place and people were being healed right in front of us.  People were finding Messiah; people were having dreams and visions.  It was just an entire encounter with the Spirit of God; things that we can read in scripture were coming to life.  They were actually happening and they happened to us as well.

Sid: Now tell me what you observed with your very eyes that happened to your husband there.

Bonnie: Oh my (Laughing) well I experienced my husband king of being nailed to the floor under the power of God, and experiencing the presence of God stronger than ever.  My husband was just crawling around; crawling on the floor; and was on the floor of an elevator and nailed just sitting there.  Crazy things that just seemed to be crazy at the time which later on which we came to understand where the power of God invades the body the body the body is very weak and feeble and just does not stand up and act it’s normal self.  And it was a few days of that and again knowing I was married to a very sane man; we knew that it was just an encounter with the power of God.   

Sid: Would you put your husband Felix on I want to ask him what come about this.  Felix has a nice job a 6 figure job and Vice President on the Diamond Exchange.  But after this occurred for 6 months what was going on with you Felix?

Felix:  Sid I was manifesting on the streets of New York City (Laughing) it was just an incredible…

Sid: You mean by manifesting is the glory of God would come on you and you know what some of you may be laughing right now.  But you cannot stand when the glory of God comes on you; the Hebrew word for glory is Kavod which means a heaviness.  And when the Kavod of God comes on me I can’t stand up; how about you Felix?

Felix:  It was the same way I would be going from an appointment to another appointment and as soon as I just began to come into the presence of God this thing began to overcome my physical being and I became completely incapacitated.  I remember when my first journey to Toronto I came from rather conservative roots; I’ve always been rather a conservative person.  And we came back from one of the meetings and I want to tell you I literally crawled from the front door of the hotel on my hands and knees through the lobby.

Sid: Now you are a Vice President of a large diamond company you’re not supposed to be doing this Felix you know that.

Felix:  Yes (Laughing) but it’s just you know an amazing amazing time; I have no explanation other than looking back; the Lord was getting us ready to take a traumatic supernatural step of faith out of a very solid career.  Keep in mind that I’m in my mid 40’s, kids in college, we have a home, I have a wife and God was getting us ready to take one incredible dramatic move. I believe that the level of revival that hit our lives was all in preparation for the ministry to the Jewish people.

Sid: Paint me a picture of what is shortly going to happen in the New York metropolitan area; no not just the New York Metropolitan area throughout the world in reference to Jewish people.

Felix:  I believe that we are in an hour where God’s arm of salivation He literally is bringing forth his voice. Jewish people are having divine encounters with God because of the hour that we are in.

Sid: Last month you invited me to a series of meetings at your congregation and there were a number of Jewish people there that didn’t know Messiah that came forward.

Felix:  Correct we had 6 or 7 people come to faith in Messiah, some of them were Jewish.  What was it?  Well, in their heart they are already seeking more of the supernatural they’re seeking for God, but there is something in the presence of God, the power of God, that draws His people to them.  And that’s what’s happening all over the earth; not only that I believe that we’re in a day that God’s restoring the church.  And restoring the hearts of the fathers to the children giving them an understanding of the Hebraic roots and the very purpose of the church in terms of stewarding the end time harvest of Jewish souls to Messiah.

Sid: You know when I first became a Jewish Believer in Messiah in the 70’s in the early 70’s there literally was a move of God’s Spirit.  I’m seeing people getting healed right now in their mouth, their teeth are being healed; their gums are being healed.   And pain of all kinds especially in the back and neck and hip; pains of all kinds are disappearing.  But in the early 70’s Felix when I became a believer there was a wave if you will of God’s Spirit on young people it was called the Jesus Movement.  And there were a number of young Jewish people like myself that were swept into the Kingdom.  I believe that what you’re saying is history is about ready to repeat.

Felix:  Absolutely, absolutely God is getting ready for a move of God; the Spirit of God is coming upon the earth and it is indicative of the soon return of Yeshua. And there is a hunger and longing in the heart of God’s people throughout the earth, throughout the entire earth.  Not only just New York City which is a strategic center and political in every way; but God is moving across the entire earth amongst His people powerfully.

Sid: Tell me about your congregation, Beth Chofesh, which means Beth which means House and Chofesh means freedom.  Now Bonnie explained yesterday that you were given the name of the congregation supernaturally and you didn’t like it because you thought it was too complicated for people to pronounce.  But God made it very clear that that’s the name of your congregation; what’s the objective of your congregation?

Felix:  Well, the Bible says “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom” I believe in 2nd Corinthians chapter 3.  And that had always from the very beginning been central to our hearts.  You know when we look at Jewish people coming to the Messiah, to me once the Jewish people come to the Messiah they need to come into a relationship; a supernatural relationship with the Holy Spirit.  And to allow gifts to operate in their lives because I believe that is what God had intended.  And as I looked around not; by any design, not by any conscious effort I realized that there was no places houses of freedom that were “Messianic” in nature.  Where the Jewish people could not only come in and retain their Jewish distinction but also experience and to operate in the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.  So what we see often is we see Jewish people who come to faith, Jewish and non-Jewish we’re a One New Man congregation.  This is what is in the center of our heart; I believe both Jew and Gentile are one in Messiah and both of them come into that unity.  The Gentile has an opportunity to come into that context to receive the fullness of their inheritance and also to be used fully to a light to the Jewish people.  But Beth Chofesh is a place where we say “Lord operate, move and have Your being in this place.”  And that is why I believe the Lord has the freedom to operate; we see supernatural things, we see gifts of healing; we continually see the supernatural nature of who God is.

Sid: What are we going to see? I know what we’re seeing right now but I believe that just  as we’re going to see an outpouring of God’s Spirit on all people and many Jewish people are going to be swept into the Kingdom.  I see an increase in the supernatural and I saw something when I was at your congregation; I saw that you weren’t afraid to pray for hard cases, I don’t mean headaches I mean people that had to have creative miracles.  You seem pretty bold in your faith Felix.

Felix: I believe that we have to become a people who believe in the impossible because we serve a God who makes all things possible.  I believe that in no way can we limit our faith.  Not that a healing for a headache or any other type of ailment even a cancer or whatever it may be but when we see patients, we see people who need a re-creative miracle whether its Spina bifida or any dramatic and drastic condition where a re-creative miracle is needed.  God is the God of the impossible; He’s not limited by those things.

Sid: Felix but we are limited by time right now so we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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