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LaDonna Taylor

Sid: So LaDonna Taylor goes into the hospital having what she thought was relatively minor surgery it was botched. LaDonna does this happen often to people?

LaDonna: I’ve been told that it happens a lot. But for me when horrible things happen it seems like they always happen to someone else. But oh no now it happened to me.

Sid: Yeah, it’s easy to preach healing when you’re well, it is. It talks no talent at all. Okay, so then you proceed you have 8 surgeries and you go home after the 8th and you figure your one the mend right now. But you figure wrong what happened?

LaDonna: I figure wrong, I was just home a few hours and I started getting extremely uncomfortable, sick to my stomach vomiting and it just continued and continued. Finally the doctor was called and from what we told him he knew he said “Get to the emergency room right away I’ll meet you there. When they met me there they took x-rays and they told me your colon is blocked, another surgery. “Oh, I just had 8 surgeries, I knew I’d lost strength like never in my life and now I’m facing another surgery.” They waited a few days but they ended up having to do that surgery. And then after that surgery my colon would not recover.

Sid: So what did the doctors say to you; what was the prognosis?

LaDonna: They were just waiting. I had to get stronger because they wanted to do a 10th surgery, actually to remove the colon.

Sid: Yeah wait a second now, you’re 65 years old, your 89 pounds and losing weight all the time and another surgery? I mean enough is enough how could you take all of that LaDonna?

LaDonna: Well they wanted to do another one but they told me “You’re not strong enough for what we need to do so we’re just going to wait.” And in that waiting time is when death moved into the room.

Sid: Could you actually feel a spirit of death?

LaDonna:   Oh, I will never forget the day it happened. I just felt like it was trying to detach me from my body.

Sid: Hmm.

LaDonna: But I held on because there’s something I knew from my life with God and I knew “By His stripes I am healed” I knew that. I knew that I had more people to reach for Jesus Christ.

Sid: But you know the devil know his strategy; even someone that has that revelation knowledge when they’re sick you get worn out, you get tired, explain.

LaDonna: I got so tired there were several times that even with my focus on the Lord it was just the medicine in my mind and the fact that my body was so worn down several times I wanted to turn over and look at my son and say “Let’s, please let’s give up, take me to hospice I can’t fight anymore.”

Sid: Well, you had recently been a guest on It’s Supernatural Television, you did an amazing show for us and it was going to be aired while you were in the hospital. And you made arrangements to see it. (Laughing) Tell me what you did.

LaDonna:   I did, I received emails from your staff telling me the play date and I watched for it and I turned the TV on at the time I set my alarm and I watched my life from the time I was a child and what the Lord did in ministry and all the people that He healed. And as soon as the show started playing I have a little smart phone that was sitting by my hospital bed and I started getting little beeps one after another on the smart phone. People were emailing and as they saw how the Lord was using me in ministry for me to pray for them because they were dying.

Sid: But you’re dying and they want you to pray for them. Now you had a nurse assisting with you, what did she think of the show?

LaDonna: She cried through the whole show because she thought I was dying. She cried as she watched how God had used my life and she thought that was all in the past. But I was fighting, then I picked up my destiny again Sid as those emails came in I started praying for others.

Sid: You know I believe since there is no time in eternity that God knew that you needed to see your own show and arranged for you to do the show before you were in such critical condition. What an amazing God we serve!

LaDonna:   What an amazing God we serve, that’s when I picked my destiny back up. Now I will tell you that physically things didn’t change on the outside, but on the inside I had picked my destiny back up and I began to be restored with hope.

Sid: You know I feel like we should play from one of the CD’s we’re making available “Amazing Grace.” Let’s hear LaDonna Taylor on “Amazing Grace.”

Amazing Grace Excerpt

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