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SID: I tell you what, I need a miracle. This atmosphere of Heaven affects everything in your life, everything. If you can operate in that atmosphere, for instance, tell me about how the atmosphere Heaven affects ideas.

JOSHUA: We were in Singapore several years ago and I saw God releasing packages upon people, giving gifts. And they were coming down in just little tiny presents upon people. And in that atmosphere I asked people to lift up their hands and just receive what God was doing. Well there was a businessman from California who owned a bakery and he began to receive these gifts from Heaven. And as he was receiving them, God began to give him a download, literally a blueprint for the plan that he needed to follow in his business in order to do a gourmet line of pastries, gave him the whole detail how to roll it how, how to make it functional, and God blessed it. And I ended up getting pastries on my doorstop for quite a while after that because God blessed him such a wonderful way.

SID: But it is amazing when you do things God’s way how you prosper. For instance, did you know you could be in the atmosphere of Heaven for evangelism. Joshua and I both had good friends that are in Heaven now, the Happy Hunters. And I never knew this, but they had a visitation from an angel telling people…

JOSHUA: Right.

SID: To teach people the simplest, easy way, easiest way, I personally had ever seen for evangelism. Tell me what this angel instructed them.

JOSHUA: This angel came to Francis as she was sitting in a restaurant, and said, “Would you like a new tool for sewing?” And of course, Francis was very excited to receive it. At that time she didn’t realize it was an angel. She thought it was just a man in the restaurant. So she said, “Yes, I’d like it.” And he said, “Okay, I’ll tell you how to do it.” And so he instructed her. And then, and she said, “Wow, that’s amazing. I never heard anything like that.” And he said, “Let me do it. I’ll show you how this works.” And she said, “No, no, no, let me do it because you’ve told me how to do it.”

SID: That sounds like Francis.

JOSHUA: It was Francis. I mean, she was just a go-getter. And the waitress came to the table, and Francis asked the waitress and said, “Did you realize that there’s only two kinds of waitresses that work at this restaurant, those who are saved and those who are about to be. Which one are you?” And the next thing Francis knew this waitress was crying, tears just coming out of her eyes, tears streaming down her eyes. She said, “I need to be saved. I’m about to be saved.” And when she said that, Francis just led her in the sinner’s prayer, and she accepted the Lord. And Francis said that she had to go back behind the scenes for at least ten minutes to kind of get herself together before she could even come back out again, because God had done such a transforming work in her life.

SID: This is the difference between life and death. This is the difference between living and just living the way you are, living in the oxygen of Heaven. If you like things the way they are, then don’t say this prayer. But you know, a very wise man said, if you keep doing the same things, the same way and expect different results, you’re meshuga, you’re crazy. Say this prayer with me: Dear God, please forgive me of all of my sins. I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I’m clean. And now that I’m clean I make Jesus my Messiah and Lord. Amen. Joshua, get to the piano right now and I want you to play supernatural music. And that you that said that prayer, I want you to know what God says: Though your sins be a scarlet they’re as white as snow and you are righteous. And get ready for the simple supernatural through Joshua’s music.


JOSHUA: [singing] The Glory Realm, the realm of eternity, the realm of the heavenlies, the Glory realm. [talking] I want you to lift up your hands with the Glory [singing] what’s here now. The Glory Realm, the realm that the angels sing, the realm of our Heavenly King, it’s the Realm of God. It’s the Realm of God, yeah, yeah. What’s the Realm? It’s the Realm of God. It’s the Realm and I want to live, I want to dwell in this realm forever. And I want to be in the secret place just to see your face. And I want to live, I want to dwell in this realm forever, worshiping you in the secret place, in the secret. I want to stand in the secret, to stand in the Glory, stand in the secret place, stand in the Glory and receive what God is doing, how he’s moving, what he’s really saying. Just receive what God is doing, how he’s moving, what he’s really saying. Just receive, just receive it. Whoa…

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