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SID: I’m pretty overwhelmed of the concepts that God is downloading to David Herzog, this whole concept of appealing to the Court of Heaven. How did that start in your life?

DAVID: Yeah, it started when I was in a meeting and there was a boy there. There had been great miracles and the mother was crying, and I said, “Why are you crying?” She said, “My son here is going to go to jail for many, many years. Tuesday is the court case.” “What did he do?” “Well, he did something really bad on the Internet involving pornography but on the level that would put him in jail for many, many years, and they have all the evidence. They have his computer.” I asked the boy, “Is that true?” He said, “Yeah, I messed up.” He got saved, he repented. And then I said, “Let’s go to the Judge of Heaven and Earth before you got to the earthly judge and present your case to him.” And we did that, went through the protocol. He repented. He had a call on his life for ministry. We presented our case and I felt I heard the Judge say, “It is finished. He’s forgiven.” And he goes to the court on Tuesday.

Judge: You know you’re going to go to jail for a long time because of all the evidence we have against you.

DAVID: He said, “Even if I go to jail I want God to use me. I’m just happy, I’m saved, I’m free.” The judge and the lawyer threw the case out when he heard his testimony.

Judge: This case is closed.

DAVID: And so actually as it was in Heaven, it mimicked on Earth. He didn’t deserve it, but neither do any of us.

SID: So that’s where you first got this revelation. Now you say repentance is very key to this. Explain.

DAVID: Yeah. So when you go to the Court of Heaven for anything, let’s say finances or health, or anything that it seems like it’s not working, in the natural you take it to court. If something is not working to get things done sometimes you got to go to court. So you go to, you got to go to God as the judge, not just as the healer for healing. When you need justice you got to go to the judge. And so that’s how I started understanding it, wow, there’s got to be a judge in Heaven if there’s one on Earth, on Earth as it is in Heaven. And that’s kind of how it started happening. And in my own life I would start praying, and I would take things to the Court of Heaven, not just to Heaven. A financial situation for someone who owed me a huge amount of money, decided not to pay it from overseas. And two days later, all this money was wired back. He had an emergency business meeting and the money came back. While I was in Russia, I was detained because of the books in Russia I had. And my wife reminded, Stephanie reminded me, she said, “Honey, let’s go to the court of Heaven.” We did it while we were in a detention type place, and five minutes later after being held for a while, they said, “You can go.” And I said, “Why did you detain us?” They go, “Don’t ask, just go.”

SID: You know what I love about David is that God downloads these revelations. He then experiments with himself and his family with these revelations then he teaches to others, and people are getting amazing answers to prayer. Now one of the importances of repentance is because of the accuser of the brethren. Explain.

DAVID: Yes. So when you go to the Court of Heaven, a lot of times a little voice comes in your ear and says, well you’re not perfect. You did this or you said that. And a lot of times you say, yeah, oh that’s right, I can’t pray. That’s the accuser of the brethren accusing you so you don’t feel you have boldness to go to the Throne. But the judge in the court will say, sorry devil, that evidence is not remissible in this court because it’s already been repented of. So when repentant of sin, it’s not just something that God forgives you only, but also so you have authority in the Courtroom of Heaven to get your prayers answered.

SID: You have a great, great love for new agers and you were recently in a store with a new ager, and you had quite an encounter. Tell me about that.

DAVID: Yeah. Well the reason I love them is they’re looking for love, joy, peace, but just in the wrong places, but they’re sincere. Many of them are really sincere. So I go in this and this lady is really nice, and she knows me. I go there to get a sandwich or something, or a salad, or a raw food place. She goes, “Where have you been?”

Woman: So where have you been? I haven’t seen you.

DAVID: I was in Peru. We opened a blind eye.

Woman: Oh. So did you learn all the mystical things of that country?

DAVID: No, people came to our meetings. How was your week?

Woman: Good. I levitated off the ground yesterday, a few inches.

DAVID: How did you do that?

Woman: Well I invited 3000 Buddhas in me.

DAVID: They weren’t Buddhas. They were demons.

Woman: No. They were Buddhas.

DAVID: Did they look Chinese with little bellies?

Woman: No, they were actually ugly and skinny.

DAVID: They’re demons. And then she said, “Well I was very uncomfortable when I was levitating.” I said, “I would be, too, if I had 3000 demons inside me. And then she came back down, she said, off the ground, and then she said that Jesus appeared to her.

Woman: When I came back off the ground, Jesus appeared to me.

DAVID: Isn’t Jesus great? He rose from the dead.

Woman: I know. I did, too.

DAVID: You rose from the dead? She clinically was dead in the hospital. She said Jesus appeared to her, she rose from the dead, but no one shared the Gospel with her, so she was kind of searching in new age and psychic stuff. Nice lady. I said, “Then what happened?”

Woman: And I got to this place called the Kingdom of Heaven. Have you heard of it? But I wasn’t allowed in. There was this loud voice and this big bright light, and it said, “No man comes to the Father but through me.”

DAVID: I said, “I can tell you what’s going on.” I said, “You have all these other lovers, these other boyfriends, different, which is false gods, Hinduism, Buddhism, new age, and He’s the one who saved you. He’s the one who rose you from the dead. He is the one that can save your soul and he’s not going to stop pursuing you. He’s a jealous God. He wants only you for Himself.” And she started crying, and I got to pray with her and lead her to the Lord.

SID: You said something so fascinating to me. You said that when you were in France you were having a hard time reaching the people, and God spoke to you and told you to go to Israel.


SID: And then your ministry really opened up in France. Why going to Israel? Why not go to New York City?

DAVID: Yeah. I was in France. It was really hard. I was in France, less than one percent Christian. I was there 12 years and the first few months I was there nothing was working. So I fasted and prayed for three days and said, “God, what am I doing wrong?” He said, “Do what Paul did. Paul went to the Jew first,” though he was called to the Gentiles in Europe. That’s the Roman Empire. I said, “Okay, how do I do that?” He goes, “Just do what I tell you.” I said, “What do you want me to do?” “Go to Israel.” So I said, “Go to Israel? Why would I go to Israel when I’m in France? I just got here. I have no money.” He goes, “Sell your car.” Sold my car for the exact amount of money the trip cost, joined our tour team from our Bible school, led 32 people to the Lord. And when I got back to France we were in five years of non-stop revival, ending in a six-month revival, was the longest revival in 50 years in one church in Paris. It was just, the Lord told me, “If you touch Israel and touch the Jewish people first he’ll bring the Gentile harvest.”

SID: That’s such an amazing truth. So few realize this, you would reach more Gentiles by reaching to the Jew first than by going to the Gentile first. It’s called the spiritual law of evangelism. When we come back I’m going to have David give you a revelation of how you can get the blessings your ancestors were robbed of, when we come back.

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