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Sid: Hello this is Sid Roth and I am mashuga that’s a Hebrew word it means crazy I am mashuga for Yeshua. And some of you that are laughing at me you’re mashuga for something I want to be mashuga for Yeshua for Jesus.  Now my guest Perry Stone he’s another one that’s mashuga for Yeshua but I can’t wait to interview Perry because as you know he’s a real student of the word.  And he has studied over…the Bible over 100,000 hours and as a result of that study and being a man of the Spirit he has come up with the most important revelation in the history of his ministry. And we’re going to be talking about a lot of them and you see what he does he studies cycles that are repetitive in the Bible. And when you understand these cycles it gives you keys for understanding the future. But Perry I understand you had a vision of the last days of something that’s about ready to happen a warning dream if you will tell me about it.

Perry: Well there was 2… recently and I’ll talk about more recently because the one you’re talking about was previously sometime back. I’m having an experience at night it’s happening once every 2 weeks of seeing tsunamis very very high waves coming over especially there is a city and I’m not sure if it’s on our east coast or our west coast or where it is. And I do believe one of them affects the United States however, and so having said that I’ll go through this real brief.  I was in…

Sid: But wait I have to ask you this I’m always looking for other meanings as you are to. When I hear a tsunami could it not it’ll be devastating but could it not also be a tsunamis of the Holy Spirit?

Perry: Well you know because the Bible uses the metaphor of water pouring out the Spirit in the last days you do have to when you have certain visions or dreams have to look at the interpretation of the symbolism as well. What I try to distinguish is how much symbolism was actually in the vision or dream like serpents or water or sheep or lamb or wheat or fruit trees verses does it appear to be more literal.  Now in the second one the second one I’m going to tell you about which is the main one this was very literal. We were in a city I don’t exactly know where it was I did see a sign but I’m very careful not to name it because when I do this people call us and people begin to panic and they begin to say “Should I move or whatever.” And people just have to pray and know the mind of God God will direct His people. My wife and I were in an apartment overlooking a city and we noticed over top of the city there were dark clouds beginning to form.  And I told her “Get everyone inside the building for security purposes I feel like something’s about to happen.” I then turned to a glass window this is a double story building and this was very clear I could see it just like it were yesterday.  And I looked toward the water and I noticed that there was a sign that this bridge was affecting a city on the east coast which it is somewhere on the east coast. And suddenly the strangest thing I saw a wave just come out of this water and it washed over the bridge and I saw the bridge begin to fall and the most bazaar part Sid was I saw the shadow of the Twin Towers come up out of the water not the towers themselves but a ghostly looking shadow that came up out of the water which made me wonder was this event caused by a terrorist attack? Was it caused by a sleeper cell or terrorist attack that was somehow going to affect this particular area of the country?  And I remember the wave came in the wave was taking a 2 story buildings that was on the water shore that was not far from this bridge.  And I did a little bit of research later and found out that this area is connected by bridges there is a lot of bridges in the area. There’s never been an actual warning of a natural tsunamis in that area but we know how those were also caused they’re caused by an earthquake an underwater earthquake and as it happened in Indonesia or it happened in Japan. But I’m really sensing and I don’t want to get sidetracked here on something but when we go back and look at Genesis chapter 19 at the incident that happened at the 5 cities at the plain Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, and how sudden destruction came to those cities because the first covenant that God ever established as you know is the covenant of a man and a woman.  God cut Adams rib in order to produce Eve, and the very first major commandment God gave was “Be fruitful and multiply.”  So the first covenant was a man and woman, the first commandment covenant that is “Be fruitful and multiply.” And we see the entire society now contradicting that and passing and I call it passing laws that are abomination before God. We know that if that type of thing happens and it continues to happen that God has to permit the same type of judgments to happen to America or whatever country they might be involved with the same type of issue as it would be with Sodom and Gomorrah.  And someone asked me the other day which I thought was a good question they said “Perry why do you think that America comes under a selective judgment faster than a nation that doesn’t know the Bible?” And I said “Where little is known little is required; but where much is known much is required.”  We have been a nation of the Bible, a nation of the covenant a nation that is founded is a fact by early fathers who did believe in Christ. Not all of them were not necessarily Christians there was a few deist or a few other beliefs there but majority were Christians and they established this land in covenant with the Almighty they believe God divinely raised it up. So if we take the covenant of our ancestors, and this is a phrase used in the book of Leviticus the covenant of the ancestors; and we begin to do things shedding of innocent blood is one in Matthew 23 talks about that the warning why Jerusalem was destroyed was because of the shedding of innocent blood and the other issue is the covenant of what we call marriage the man and woman and if we begin to contradict that and say “God you really don’t know what You’re talking about and we’re in a different time and culture and we’re going to do our thing.” It positions the entire nation into a situation of seeing some very horrendous things happen in the future. And it’s real odd Sid because there’s 2 paths that we’re on one path is a outpouring of the Spirit, gospel being preached, revival path and it fabulous the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We’re having conferences here in Cleveland with 4 to 6000 young people with 500 at one time being baptized in the Holy Spirit it’s the most phenomenal thing I’ve seen in my life time. The other side of the track almost running parallel with this is the, I call it “The days of Lot and the days of Noah track” where the signs of the days of Lot and the days of Noah are being fulfilled in front of our very eyes. And one track is very negative and the other track is very positive and depending on how an individual’s relationship is with God and the covenant that they have with God if you have a covenant you can be on that positive track headed to the kingdom. If you don’t have a covenant relationship with God you’re on the days of Lot and the days of Noah track in the sense of that was the track that saw 2 of the greatest judgments of their time. One was the universal flood and the other was of course the destruction of 4 out of 5 cities there near the Dead Sea and the southern part of Israel.  And so I’m seeing that something is up, something is going to happen and it does concern me but at the same time I do know God is very much in charge and God’s people have to keep faith in their heart.  You know the most troubling parable to me Sid is that one in Luke where the woman goes before the judge and keeps asking for the judge to avenge her and then Jesus said “Shall not God avenge His elected cry day and night to Him.” And then the last part of that says “When the Son of man comes shall He find faith on the earth?” And the implication there is that people’s faith can become weak at the very time of the end and they could become like Lot’s wife and look back as the greatest deliverance that’s ever happened the return of the Messiah is taking place.

Sid: Perry I have to ask you a question and I’m sure others have asked you this “Why do you teach so much about Israel and Jewish roots?”

Perry: The real reason I believe for this is number 1 is in my earlier ministry which began in 1979 up to about 1984. I basically taught faith, the Holy Spirit baptism.  Of course I was an evangelist having revivals that would go 3 or 4 weeks in most churches where we would go. My first trip to Israel totally altered and transformed me and I know that you go to Israel and people really need to take a trip with you because you are so transformed in your knowledge it’s not just seeing the place it’s the knowledge. I realized when I went there #1 is I didn’t know as much as I thought having been raised in a church I didn’t know as much as I thought. Then I saw the prophetic element and when I saw the prophetic element I came to this realization I came back and realized went back into what I called the First Covenant or people call it the Old Testament. But I went back to the prophets and I began to realize that everything that they predicted about the time of the end is somehow linked to Israel, it’s linked to Jerusalem. For example Zachariah chapters 12 though 14 is totally linked to Jerusalem; it’s linked to God building up Jerusalem, Psalms 102 verse 16 “When the Lord builds up Zion then He will appear in His glory.”  And I began to look at these scripture and I began to realize okay Israel, Jerusalem, the return of the Jewish people, the blessing that’s going to come upon the land all of this happens really before the Messiah returns. It set up the process begins before he sets up His Kingdom on earth.  And that’s when I thought “Hey we’re missing something here.” Being raised a 4th generation minster in a more traditional full gospel church we basically taught either from the 4 gospels or the 4 books of Acts in a Sunday morning message. And then we come into the Epistles and taught the guidelines of living but what was missing when I grew up and I’m talking about my father was a great man of God and a great pastor and a great preacher but he admitted later “Perry I never understood the prophetic aspect because when we came up, and Israel became a nation in 1948, and the 6 Day War took place in ’67 we knew that it was significant but we didn’t have the knowledge to put it together. And Sid he said something to me that I’ll never forget I said “Dad why do you think that your generation didn’t quite understand the prophetic part of this?” And here’s what He said to me he said “Son because my generation was not the last generation.” When the last generation comes the final generation before the Messiah returns that’s the generation that will have the clear total understanding but like God said to Daniel “Seal the book until the time at the end then many will run to and fro…”

Sid: So that begs the question are we in the final generation?

Perry: With all of my heart especially with what you see in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Lebanon, what you see taking in the northern part of Africa, the situation with the EU, the situation with America I honestly believe Sid you know you’ve got the blood moon issue which are definitely prophetic cycles which are definitely taken place the lunar eclipses I believe we are really and truly in the time of the end.  For me to sit here and say “How many years is that, how many months is that” I stay clear of that despite the fact I do a lot of research on cycles and patterns. I do believe however that the great revival, and you’re experiencing some of that yourself when you have gone to Israel. The great revival among the Hebrew people. And not only that there’s this really amazing visitation of God with visions and dreams among the Muslim people all over the world. That type of thing is indicating to me that the gospel is getting to the nations and that’s what’s going to have to happen to bring in the kingdom to the earth where Messiah can come to Jerusalem to rule for that thousand years that John talked about in Revelation 20. So I really do believe that we are in that time called the time of the end. And honestly Sid it’s about the most exciting time to live right now; you and I couldn’t have picked a better time. I mean you and I could not have picked it but you know our parents did I guess.

Sid: No, no God chose us to be here I believe we are created our DNA…Perry Stone your DNA was created from heaven to be able to do what you’re doing. Tell me…but my producer told me that I really got to find out about this Rabbi Samuel; tell me about him.

Perry:  This is intriguing, a Rabbi Eudemon Samuel was a Greensburg German Hasidic Rabbi in born about the year 1217 but he made these amazing predictions about Jerusalem and the coming Messiah.  A little background in his day at age 55 he wrote 2 books.  Now one of them has been lost and the other one I remember my Jewish guide showed me this book way back in the ‘80s but it was in Hebrew. The time frame that he was dealing with was 1096 to about 1270. And this was before what was known back then as the crusaders lost Palestine, of course I’m using old terms here the Rabbi would have used back then to the Muslims in about 1291.  And this was his exact quote okay it says “When the Ottoman Turks conquered Jerusalem they would rule over Jerusalem for 8 Jubilees; afterwards Jerusalem will become a no man’s land for one Jubilee and then in the 9th Jubilee it will once again come back into procession of the Jewish nation. They will signify which would signify the beginning of the Messianic end time.” So quick let me run through this in Leviticus 25 a Jubilee is 7 times 7 years or 49 years with a 50th year itself be the Jubilee the Jubilee is every technically every 50 years is the great Shabbat in other words. Alright now when the Rabbi gave this description about the Ottoman Turks 300 years later after he wrote this in the year 1517 the Turks took Palestine and the city of Jerusalem and several years later they started rebuilding the walls and you know this you’ve been to Israel enough those crusaders castle looking walls in Jerusalem were actually built by the Turks they weren’t built by Herod the Great.  And so they start rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.   Now this Rabbi…imagine this now I mean this is like in the 13 centuries writing this he said “There’s going to be 8 Jubilees, so 50 times 8.” Fifty is a Jubilee multiplied 8 times or 400 years that is exact time the Turks had Jerusalem from 1517 to 1917 exactly 400 years which is 8 Jubilees.  Then his next prediction is this alright in the 9th Jubilee it will once again go back into the hands as a Jewish nation. So 1917 let’s go ahead 50 years which is the next Jubilee which is 1967 during the 6 Day War Jerusalem was reunited it became the Capitol of Israel at the end of the 9th Jubilee based on his timing, based on Rabbi Ben Samuels timing. That was a period of 50 years there’s a Jubilee. Then he says this and this is what’s so exciting to me he’s been so right on these other predictions. He says “In the 10th Jubilee would fall from 1967 to the year 2017. From the 9th to the 10th Jubilee will be the Messianic era the timeframe of the Messiah. So when you look at this to me it’s very exciting because you know a person can make prediction after prediction if they missed it at some point it kind of messes up with the rest of their prediction. He’s hit it on the head with these Jubilee cycles. And you know from a rabbinical thought Biblical numbers mean things; first 6 is man; 7 is perfection; 8 is new beginnings; 5 is the number of grace. But when you look at the Jubilee cycles there are entire books that were found at Qumran.  Entire scrolls called the Book of Jubilees where the writer put everything in Israel’s history on Jubilee cycles. And the there is definitely without a doubt patterns to be found in the Jubilee so if the Rabbis previous predictions have proven so correct. Part 1 the 8 Jubilees, Second part the 9th Jubilee. And this 3rd part would be 10the Jubilee from 1967 to 2007 that means we are now for the next 7 years are entering into what’s called the Messianic Era where the emphasis is going to be on the Jewish Messiah. And it’s going to be on our Yeshua the one that we love and He is going to manifest His presence, He is going to manifest His visions, His dreams to people and we are going to see the greatest understanding of who Jesus is.  Your know Sid the whole battle…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought Perry.

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