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George Bloomer

Sid:  My guest is sure red hot for the Messiah Senior Pastor at Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina.  All of this week we’ve been finding out how God has been molding the man to help set the captives free.  But George God uses you in prophecy for instance what is He showing you about what’s going on in the stock market?

George:  He showed me in the beginning of the year and I was sharing with our congregation how He showed me it’s on a rollercoaster the top of the rollercoaster it dropped.  It looped and it did it’s second drop and then mysteriously and miraculously I’m still on the rollercoaster but we’re going over as it were speed bumps just very very small little bumps that would just bounce us but nothing that would drop us or nothing that would take us up too high.  And the Spirit of the Lord said “This is our economy.” We have seen the first drop I think another one is about to come and then release us in the next few years to these small speed bumps in our economy. I think in the listening audience and those who will hear this program begin to be great stewards over their finances, honor God with their substance buy that which they need but stay in the growth of the economy, but also put some away for a rainy day and God will sustain us through the hard times.

Sid:  What has the Lord shown you about the United States and Israel?

George:  I had another dream and in the dream I saw National preachers of all different nationalities blacks, Hispanics, whites, Jewish or what have you preachers of the gospel and they had blindfolds on. And there was a voice in the dream that says “Remove the blindfolds” and when the blindfolds were removed off of our eyes we stood in front of different religions.  There were all different types of religions Islam and there were Krishna Unification Church and all different types of all religions and they had guns putted at us and they released those triggers and the bullets went into us but we didn’t fall. I think there’s going to a showdown between the false religion and true religion. and the Lord has revealed that to me and it’s very important that we in the body of Christ begin to discern and understand the time in which we live in.

Sid:  Specifically though has the Lord shown you anything between the relationship between the United States of America and Israel?

George:  I think this coalition that we brought together and I say this prophetically under the unctionizing of the Holy Spirit. The coalition that we brought together the Arab nations and these other nations who have come together to stamp out terrorism and to go after Bin Laden his terrorist cells I believe that something will spark in the months to come that will make these nations including the United States of America who has been a friend and a protector of Israel to rethink their protection of it and maybe even turn on them for a moment I heavily feel that. That that will spark the beginning of the end as we know it.

Sid:  How close are we to the return of the Messiah?

George:   I don’t really know I’m not a…I also say this to people that I’m not a prophet but the things that I see come out of the heart of God so I’m not…I trust in Him the things He showed me they come to past I don’t have a calendar I don’t have a date on it but I will say that we’re closer now than we we’ve ever been. And as you know that’s the little oust to get out of the question but I think we are extremely close but I don’t want to get into dates.

Sid:  Are we going to see a great revival in America?

George:  It has begun.

Sid:  Do you have any insight as to what will be some of the ingredients?

George:  Well there will be a…what is going to come I believe the next move of God is going to take place with the youth with our young people. They are very fed up they will take the message.

Sid:  Listen there’s a lot of adult Christians that are fed up with how religious the church has become.

George:  (Laughing) Amen.  But I believe it’s going to be…the next move is going to be with our young people.  The old men will dream dreams and the young men will see visions. We’re going to God pour out of His Spirit on all flesh and we’re going to see our sons and our daughters literally prophecy and I believe that’s going to happen and take the message the street. But we’re going to see a glass fall of false religions in our society and the message of souls and salvation.  And the prayers for Israel we’re going to see the intercession for Israel come back through the church.

Sid:   What’s going to happen to the United States of America if we go against Israel?

George:  We’re going to fall.

Sid:  What’s going to happen to churches that go against Israel?

George:  Well the same thing that’s been happening to them they don’t prosper they don’t prosper…

Sid:  How about the reverse what’s going to happen with the United States of America if we stand tall and strong with the nations Israel?

George:  And I answer the same way what’s been happening to America. We on 9/11 2001 when those planes turned into missiles and went into the World Trade Centers people were devastated. But it was because America’s shielding of Israel that we didn’t see the full devastation of the plans that took place on that particular day.  Because it was not only a set for a plane directed at the White House or the Pentagon or Camp David all different types of plans were to happen that day. I believe it was the plan of the Almighty God that would allow the sucker punch to go through to collapse the buildings to get us to wake up to start us to pray to make us aware of the time that we’re living in.  But we didn’t see the complete devastation.

Sid:  By the way a lot of people aren’t aware of this but there were plans… and the United States was ready to release before the United Nations a plan to partition Israel set up a Palestinian state. And this happened this plan was solved because of what happened at the World Trade Center and many people feel that this was what triggered the horrible devastation there.

George:  Yeah I believe that.

Sid:  You had a dream that doing this show almost a month in advance on October 26th but you had a dream about water; tell me about that reoccurring dream.

George:  I’d been having a reoccurring dream that I’m standing at the top of a mountain which I believe is the Continental Divide where the waters separated between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean. I’m on the America side of the Panama; I’m on the American side of the Niagara Falls.  I was at the Keyser Falls at the top overlooking the American Embassy.  And in each dream the still clear water turns green, green slimy green an algae green with a little smell to it.  I believe the Lord speaking to us that the enemy will try to attack our water supply; biological warfare that we have been experiencing is just a little warning to prepare us for the onslaught of the terrorist attacks. And the most frightening thing about this whole new war to stamp out terrorism is this one thing. In the movie Poltergeist this little girl stands in front of the television and she says “They’re here.” Well that’s our problem those that will do this don’t have to come from Iraq or Iran or Pakistan or Afghanistan they’re already situated here.

Sid:  So what should a true born again believer do…

George:  Pray.

Sid:  …in the midst of all of the turmoil that will be coming?

George:  Pray and seek the face of God at a brand new level pray for the peace of Israel, pray for our leaders and that’s what God commands us to do. And the Bible teaches us solid solid principles that “These signs shall follow them that believe in My name they shall cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues and if they eat any deadly thing it shall not harm them.” And I believe the scriptures and I stand on the word. I wrote this book “Weapons for Warriors” you renamed it.

Sid:  Co-named it “Armed and Dangerous.”

George:  “Armed and dangerous” it’s time for the believers to arm themselves with the proper weapons for our warfare. The Bible says “For our weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of every stronghold.” This is the time for us to engage in spiritual warfare with the proper tools to put the devil in his place.

Sid:  Will there be an increase in miracles, and increase in creative miracles?

George:  Absolutely, just one moment we will see the miracles of the Bible days of the last shall be first and the first shall be last. The things, the way that the Lord started this off that’s the way we’re going out. We’re not going out with a fizzle we’re going out with a bang! We’re going to see men and woman of God the anointing of the Lord come upon them and they speak the word and dead people get up after falling dead; we’re going to see limbs grow back on.

Sid:  But your burden is that many that aren’t listening aren’t free enough to move in this that’s why you wrote the book “Weapons for Warriors.”

George:  That is correct.

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