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SID: Welcome to “Something More” [CHUCKLES]! And I’m gonna tell you, you are going to get “Something More” on this show. This is Sid Roth with my friend, th-the NEW –


SID: Dr. David Herzog!


SID: “My son, the doctor!” [LAUGHS]


SID: That’s what your father would say, right?

DAVID: There you go! Yeah.

SID: Um, but um, and by the way, for the record, David just told me it’s an “earned” doctorate.


SID: Uh, David, I just got an email from you about you’re minding your own business, you’re having uh one of you – you celebrate the biblical festivals because you believe they’re portals to Heaven.

DAVID: Um hm.

SID: Uh, and uh your worship leader messed you up! What happened?

DAVID: Well we’re doing our Pentecost conference like we always do, expecting God’s glory to come, and miracles, and salvation; and it’s the first night, and suddenly he just drops dead! The worship leader drops dead right during the first half-hour!

SID: Now how – how’s that for a start of a conference? [LAUGHS]

DAVID: And I had to speak after that too!

SID: [LAUGHS] Oh wouldn’t you – I hope you had a good message! No I’m just teasing!



DAVID: So – so I like, “Lord, he needs to get raised from the dead because it’ll affect my meeting!” No, that wasn’t the – and so he – he dropped and uh –



DAVID: so people thought he was like slain in the spirit or something, and after a few minutes, no he’s dead! They ran up to him, and so I told the worship leader, the second guy in charge that was backup, I said, “Keep leading the worship. Don’t stop, because if you stop, everyone’s going to panic and just go into ‘Oh my God!'” So I said, “Keep it going”, so everyone kept worshipping, and then a crowd of people went up and started to praying for him. Some others did some CPR that knew how to do it on him. And we had about oh, maybe 10 of us praying for him, you know. I was one of the ones praying, and commanding his spirit to come back in his body. And he came back!


DAVID: After a few minutes, his pulse started coming back. We felt a faint pulse –

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: and so I told the people, “His pulse is back!”, everyone cheered, “But keep praying,” then he died again. And he f-

SID: Now did you have a – a medic there that would –

DAVID: Yeah.

SID: say he died, or it – well how did you know?

DAVID: Well yeah, we had two. We had – first we had this – uh expert CPR training people, then we had the paramedics come in –


DAVID: from the hospital, and he was foaming – before the paramedics came, he was foaming at the mouth! He was cold dead-dead, –

SID: Hm.

DAVID: and we kept praying. Then they came in the meeting; they went on the stage, did their work, and we just kept praying! We – we kept worshiping, and singing the songs, so they were surprised. They were looking, and they said they felt the presence of God as soon as they walked in – they’re not Believers and we kept praying, praying, praying. Finally at the end they told us –


DAVID: not to go near the body, so we kept praying from a distance. And he was dead – dead-dead – and the paramedic was to – supposed to do like electric shock, and try to do something on him, and nothing worked. And we go, “Just keep praying everybody; keep praying!” And a voice told the paramedic – who’s not a Believer – “Try to bring him back one more time.” Because we were all praying, he thought “Maybe we should”, and he came back at the very end. And they said he’d died of double-heart – “widow’s heart attack,” the “widow maker” they call it, and they said they don’t see people come back from that. Wh – and they said they’re all un-Believers except for one; they’ve never seen this in their work, that someone comes back from a double heart attack – dies twice with a – a “widow maker” – and they could only attribute it to the prayers.

SID: So then did they whisk him off to the hospital –

DAVID: Yeah.

SID: to make sure he was okay?

DAVID: When they were whisking him off, he came back –

SID: Hm!

DAVID: from the dead, right at the last minute and an hour later, he was up talking! And they’ve never seen that, because the “widow maker,” you know that’s the big one; you don’t come back from that, especially –

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: if it happens twice in the same hour! So they were just so – the whole staff, everyone shocked – all the nurses, all the paramedics. And usually doctors try to like disprove if you say God did it. They were all saying it had to be the prayers; it wasn’t just a little CPR here and there.

SID: Now you have shared this story uh with our audience previously, but to me, it is so sensational. Uh –


SID: you and your wife were having meetings in France, many years ago; and France is NOT known –


SID: as a RED-HOT area for the glory of [CHUCKLES] God! Uh, and God spoke to you to do something that would affect your entire ministry. What did He say?

DAVID: So I decided to go to Israel; God kept telling me, “Go to Israel”, and I thought, “Why would I go to Israel? I’m a missionary to France! God didn’t call me to Israel He called me to France!”

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: I’m there for one year, and God says, “Go to Israel”! Okay, so how am I going to go to Israel? I had no money. The next – I said, “Lord, if it’s Your will, I need $3,000 for my wife and I to go”. It’s three weeks – outreach, visit, everything – with my Bible school who I had graduated from; they were going to meet me there. And the next day, my car sold for exactly $3,000, so I knew; okay, I’m supposed to go. That money was supposed to be the – sustain me on the mission field. Now I have no money, but I’m going to Israel!

SID: You know, you – you were really living on the edge back then!

DAVID: Aw yeah, totally – I mean, crazy.

SID: Now how – how does someone that – now you have experience, and you understand the – how faith operates. But back then, uh, you must have really had a grasp of faith to uh, I mean here you’re with your WIFE and you’re – that – your – your nest egg is your car, you sell it. And so – and you’re going to squander it, and in a few weeks –

DAVID: Exactly.

SID: by just going to Israel. Now you got nothing!


SID: Alright, so you go to Israel; now what?

DAVID: On my way there, I read a book by uh –


DAVID: Shira Sorko-Ram called, uh, I forget what it was called, but how to share the Gospel to Jewish people! “I Became as a Jew,” I think it says.

SID: Yeah, I – I’ve read that.

DAVID: And I’m reading it, –


DAVID: and I read the last page that has the prayer! “Lord, use me please to reach Jewish people”. And I’m reading that last page as I’m at the airport waiting for the other tour from America to come – I’m coming in from France – and as soon as I say the prayer, I look to my right and there’s a little old Jewish lady sitting on the bench! She goes, “Hello, how are you doing?”, and the Lord says, “Start with her.” “Oh, right now?”


DAVID: “Oh, well what was it I read?”, and “don’t ,” you know.


DAVID: And I – it was really fast. I – uh – you give the Lord an inch, and He’ll do it, IMMEDIATELY! I said, “Uh, how you doing?” I forgot how I did it, but I shared the gospel to her, and she accepted the Messiah, right there, weeping as she prayed. Then she said to me, “Be careful! You might get in trouble for sharing this in the rest of Israel.” In that tour, we led 13 people to the Lord: 10 Jewish Israelis, and 3 Arab Israelis. And that’s when God said –



DAVID: and then – and then went to the Upper Room. I got slammed to the floor by the power of God – I never get slain in the spirit up to that point – and the Lord spoke to me and said, “Now your ministry begins.” And I was thinking, “Well no; I’ve ministered before”, but to the Lord, it’s like now it gets – it’s clocked; like now it – things begin. And that’s REALLY where things really took off;


DAVID: when I reached the Jew first, in Israel. And then I came back to France, and we had revival for like 5 years straight.

SID: But before that, what was going on with your ministry in France?

DAVID: Um I had an anointing. I – I would evangelize on the streets, –

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: I would get people healed here and there, but nothing major of significance that – where anyone would say, “Wow! Well you know I need to come see that.” But I – at times, I would see miracles –

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: I would get people saved, but I KNEW there was – gotta be something more. And I was – I’d fasted and prayed for 3 days. One day, and I said, “Lord, what’s – how do I do this? This country’s really hard”; less than 1% Christian. And when I was fasting and praying, God gave me Romans 11. He said, “Do what Paul did. Paul was successful in Europe; you’re in Europe. What did Paul do? Paul was called to the Europeans too, like you are.” He goes, “I go to the Jew first. I magnify My ministry by going to the Jew first. And even if I just save SOME of them, or even just make them jealous, I have magnified My ministry,” which means to the Gentiles. And I thought, “Well, okay, that’s all I’m getting in prayer,” so after that fast, that’s when God said, “Go to Israel”. Went to Israel; came back, and a whole new move of God began to hit us; and for 5 years non-stop, we were in revival meetings for 5 years. On the fifth year, it went for 6 months straight. It was the longest running revival in 50 years in one church.

SID: Now I – I know something about uh David; we’ve been friends for many years. And when he ministers, the glory of God shows up; when the glory of God shows up, almost anything he says, happens! As a matter of fact, uh, he – he made another investment. He – uh, wherever I am around the world, he and his wife will show up to – to learn, so they can – uh so he can do the same thing I do, in reference to reaching un – unsaved Jewish people. Uh, but you had a meeting in Philadelphia, and – and I have to tell you, I – you – I want him to do MORE than me; I want him –


SID: to do better. That’s – that’s – that – that’s how the Kingdom operates; that’s how the world operates.

DAVID: Tough act to follow!

SID: But that’s how –


SID: that’s how the King – Kingdom operates! But I don’t know, David; tell me [CHUCKLES] about that Jewish bald man! [LAUGHS]

DAVID: [LAUGHS] Yeah! Yeah!

SID: Uh th-that – that – this is a – we have a – a word for it in Hebrew, “meshuggah!”


SID: And uh, David – I call David “meshuggah”; that means “crazy!” And he says, “Well, takes one to know one.” [LAUGHS]


SID: So tell me a – this is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of, David. Tell me about it.

DAVID: Well what’s – what’s even crazier is we did it in the Jewish Culture Center, which I don’t know how we got permission to do that!

SID: Now I tried to do this in Montreal and they kicked me out!

DAVID: Well –

SID: But you got in [CHUCKLES]. Okay. [LAUGHS]

DAVID: Well somehow we had a strategy that [CHUCKLES] worked. I’ll tell you later after the show what we did. But they let us rent it out, right there, and people came in, and it was awesome! And so I’m talking, and I’m like, “Holy Spirit, show up please! I need something here.” And I’m just talking, and they’re listening, and I’m – and I, you know, you need the supernatural to show up be- – besides just show praying for them. And I give some testimonies about bald heads growing hair, cancer being healed – just the things I’ve seen – and I just tell them, “Check your body; if something like that’s happened, let me know during this speech.” As I’m talking, a man starts to scream and holler and make a big commotion, and I thought, “Oh, getting persecution here maybe”.


DAVID: And I said, “Sir, what’s the problem?”, and he goes, “My hair! I’m growing hair on the top of my head!” And his wife was there, checking it. And he had hair that was not there; he was completely bald. And, you know, Jewish – little short Jewish – round Jewish guy.

SID: But you had said he – see, and this is how I understand the glory operates! When the glory shows up, and combines with the Word of God, everything happens quick!

DAVID: Yeah! It’s really fast! And then another lady, a Jewish lady was with a walker; she couldn’t walk without a walker. She screams, “WHOO!” And all of a sudden –


DAVID: she throws the walker, and she starts walking by herself! And I’m looking, and I – and I’m not – and I p- – I’m on the stage, so I said, “Why don’t you come up!”, so I’m trying to help her up. She goes, “[TSK] Excuse me young man, I can get up by myself!”


DAVID: Very Jewish older lady!

SID: Yeah!

DAVID: So, “Okay!”, so she gets up by herself on the stage, and everyone’s like, “[GASPS]!”, so the whole crowd was just like, “Wow!” And – and there was no wor – praise and worship, there was no NOTHING, because we couldn’t’ do it in there. We just raw, just glory show up, like you do, and God showed up! And then they all got saved! Whoever wasn’t a Believer was a Believer that night.

SID: Uh, just out of curiosity – and maybe you can’t answer this – but I really, I’m – I want to press you on this, David. Uh, I’ve been to your meetings. The glory shows up, –



SID: people lose weight supernaturally. I mean I was at one meeting where each night a guy would come, and he’d say, “See! My belt bu-“, and it’s continuing!


SID: “My belt buckle is on – I’m on another notch!”


SID: [CHUCKLES] I’m on another notch!” And uh, I saw another woman. She had gray hair – because she was seated right in front of me, –


SID: and I was watching her – and I watched the gray hair turn brown!


SID: Uh, but it’s got to do with your love for God, which then he shows up big with the glory.


SID: But, tell me how YOU got into this. How did it start with you?

DAVID: The signs and wonders?

SID: The glory!

DAVID: The glory, yeah. Well, after that 6 – so first, Israel, you know.

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: I – I went to Israel; then God touched me; I was crying, and God said, “Now it begins … in 5 year a revival.” And after the 5th year, after the end of the 6-month revival in Paris, I started getting hungry again for something even greater, but I didn’t know what I was LOOKING for, and I started reading Acts chapter 4!

SID: Uh excuse me; he just gave you a clue! And uh don’t miss it! He “got hungry”. Now, hunger – to that degree – was coming from God. But do you know something? You can start it! And in fact, a lot of things start in the natural, and end up in the supernatural. Okay; you were “hungry”, and then what happened?

DAVID: Well, I was hungry in the middle of a 6-monty revival, so you would think that was the climax of my ministry.

SID: Yeah!

DAVID: But towards the middle of it, I start feeling empty inside, like there was something greater than the present revival I was in! And the Lord said, “If you pull out of this revival, and seek My face, I’ll put you into a greater glory”! So I had to sacrifice the present move of God, being known as the guy that brought – and I said, “I don’t care about being known. I want – there’s gotta be more than” – and this is awesome what we saw, but I’m not comparing it to what other ministries are doing. I’m looking at the Bible – Peter’s shadow’s healing the sick, signs and wonders, multitudes getting saved – and I said, “Okay”, so I quit the revival. I pulled out after 6 months, which was the time to leave, I think. And then God said to me, “Seek My face.” I did.

SID: Stop. What – what does that mean? What does “seeking His face” – what did that mean? What did YOU do to seek His face?

DAVID: I did everything I knew to do.

SID: Uh huh.

DAVID: So I – I fasted and prayed for like 21 days; I felt God told me to do it; I didn’t’ want to. I felt – then I was still hungry. I – I would pray, worship, repent of anything I could think of.

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: And then, at the end of that – it was a few months period, I just said, “Lord, if You don’t bring this new glory, I don’t want it; I’m not going to preach anymore.” I was like that desperate. I HAVE to have something, because I’ve tasted so much now.

SID: I’ve heard men of God say, “God, either show up, or kill me! Take me to Heaven!”

DAVID: Well I was almost like that; –

SID: I’ve –

DAVID: “I’m going to go up to Heaven if -“, and

SID: Yeah!

DAVID: or, “or You come down”, but I just uh, –

SID: Or,

DAVID: because I’m not – I’ve heard –

SID: I’ve heard some people say, “I’m going into my bedroom, and I’m going to stay here” –

DAVID: Yeah.

SID: “till God shows up.”

DAVID: Well it’s – basically it was –

SID: That was the desperation of you.

DAVID: Well this is like months like this. It was just like, “God! There’s gotta be more”, because the more you get of God, then the more you realize you DON’T have; it – it’s hard to explain.

SID: Oh.

DAVID: And you go, “Wait! There’s even MORE, but I don’t HAVE IT!” In Acts 4:6 – said, “Oh God! I have to have this!”, Sid. I was just – it’s desperation. And then I caught something from the Lord – supernaturally – in the prayer time. Then I met some other people like Ruth Heflin; she had, carried the glory.

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: And I had received something from her really strongly. And then I went back to ministry, and suddenly signs and WONDERS started manifesting! The bald heads growing hair; the people’s teeth with no – people with no teeth, teeth appearing in their mouth. So it wasn’t just healings; it was creative –

SID: You must have been SO SHOCKED –

DAVID: I was!

SID: when this started. I mean –

DAVID: Gold teeth, and all this crazy stuff!

SID: When that first started, [CHUCKLES] I – and – and you would go back to your hotel room at night –

DAVID: I was shocked!

SID: I – you must have been more amazed than the people that had the gold teeth and –

DAVID: Oh, I was! I’d say, “What is going on here?”


DAVID: And it wouldn’t even stop! He would go, “Now call out people that have white hair!” Their hair turned. I said, “Where’s that in the Bible, Lord?”


DAVID: He says, “Well, I’ve renewed the youth like the eagles!” “Okay; not the bald eagles, hopefully!”


DAVID: And then – then he goes, “Now,” after a few months of that that He goes, “Now bring it back to Israel; “first fruits” – bring it to THEM first.” So the – right when I got it, after a few months I went to Israel. Uh, spoke in a few places, and the signs and wonders started hitting Israel, and Israelis start receiving th-the Messiah, Yeshua! Then I come back to France, and God said, “Because you went AGAIN to Israel, now I’m going to enlarge the cords of your ministry.” And we were renting the same buildings that Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Carlos Annacondia were renting. Every 3 months, we were just renting these huge civic centers, and just – and it was – then these guys from uh I think TBN Europe, they had 2 hours on Sunday night, and they gave us their 2 hours, and put the meetings up.

SID: Um hm.

DAVID: So God just kept blessing and favor because we received the glory, were hungry, but then He maximized it when we went to the Jew first.

SID: But – but – but what is “the glory”?

DAVID: The glory – it’s like if you died and went to Heaven, –

SID: It’s the atmosphere of Heaven.

DAVID: the atmosphere of Heaven; how you be – but while you’re on the Earth. It’s – it’s awesome.

SID: Because I’ve been in David’s meetings, and it’s just like uh the glory just invades the meetings. And then he calls words of knowledge, and it’s – huh, I hate to use the term because it’s – it’s God, so uh no matter what happens but – it’s sure faster and easier in the glory!

DAVID: It just [CHUCKLES] seemed that way, yeah! I’m – I’m HOOKED on His glory, because, it’s like someone – I never was a drug addict, but people that are, they say, well they start with marijuana, and then they go to higher drugs. If they’re hooked on a higher drug, they can’t go back to a lower drug. It’s the same with the glory of God. I’ve tasted of the greater glory; I can’t go back to just “normal” Christianity.

SID: Uh okay. Uh huh, look, “normal” is everything the Bible says plus more.

DAVID: Yeah.

SID: Why do I say “more”? Because Jesus said normal is “[Y]ou will do [the same works I have done] and even greater”, so that’s why I say plus more! A-and by the way, uh, another – another thing that’s very important in the gospel of John. It said if all the signs and wonders and miracles that Jesus did were recorded in books, there wouldn’t be enough books to contain them; meaning everything in the Bible is true, but it doesn’t have ALL the miracles that Jesus did! So, tell me about your new book. I’m very excited about it,


SID: “Align[ment] with Heaven”.

DAVID: Yeah, “Aligning With Heaven”. So basically, this book is about how to get that, –


DAVID: that glory I’m talking to you about; how do you align with Heaven, in such a way that’s there’s unobstructed glory coming on your life in God using you. And that’s – what the book’s about, how to align with Heaven.

SID: Well let me – let me read a few uh bullet points you have on the back: “How I can align my life with Heaven’s timeclock and calendar”; and – and that’s very important.

DAVID: Um hm.

SID: Uh, “What are the ancient pathways that opened up the supernatural for Moses, Elijah and Solomon”; “What ancient wisdom allowed Solomon to be a king, inventor, writer, scientist, psalmist, businessman, and see the glory cloud firsthand?”; “Where are the forgotten geographical and seasonal portals?”; “What are the ancient secrets to world harvest?” Uh, I – I would have to believe that uh what you have in this book is what you have learned by operating in the glory all of these years. But I’ll tell you [CHUCKLES] one of the things that excites me the most –


SID: is “The Courts of Heaven”


SID: We’re going to talk about this. This will literally, as you understand it, totally change your life.


SID: “Something More,” up next.

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