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KEVIN:  Thank You Jesus. I want to ask you just to set down one more time please. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus. Theres such a glory cloud in here. How many of you see that glory cloud in here? Wow. Now I want to ask you again. Test your bodies. And if youd had a release, a healing, a miracle. Somethings different. Please just stand up. I know Im asking you to stand up and sit down a lot but its easier for me to see. If you wouldnt mind just please stand up if your back was just healed. If, if, whatever it was just stand up. If your hands were healed. If your eyes were healed. Hallelujah. If your elbows were healed. We have some over here. Cmon, lets give God a handclap of appreciation.




KEVIN:  So what were doing you know in the ministry of Jesus sometimes He taught and sometimes He healed. So were just doin a little bit of both. Amen? I want to encourage you to embrace this aspect of Gods kingdom. Angelic ministry. You can embrace angelic ministry by entertaining His angels. Does anybody that want to do that?




KEVIN:  You know this is real and were at a season, were at a time, I like to call it an eternal crossroads on Gods calendar where Hes opening this up to whosoever. You dont have to be a pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist or apostle. Remember the five-fold ministry. Anyone can operate in this aspect of Gods kingdom. Anyone can begin to discern and co-labor with Gods angels but sometimes it comes as we learn to recognize them. And one of the things you can begin to do to learn to recognize Gods angels is to entertain them. Hallelujah. You know as a new believer I had this encounter in heaven. Jesus took me up into heaven and He said Im assigning these angels to your ministry. And I came back, after I came back I just began to be ravenous for the word of God. I began to study the scriptures and Ive done it for about 15 years now, just devouring the scriptures. Learning as much as I could about the word of God and reference to Gods angels. Thats a key for you. You want to accelerate angelic ministry in your life? Study instances in the scripture where there were angelic encounters. Like the Book of Revelation. Ezekiel. Hallelujah. I saw the Lord high and lifted up. You can exercise your spiritual senses in this way. I saw in the Book of Hebrews where it said that many people have entertained Gods angels without being aware of it. And I thought to myself well you know what? If people can entertain Gods angels without being aware of it I can do it on purpose. And I began to. I began to entertain Gods angels. Now at that point in my life I was poor. I was impoverished. I wasnt doing very well at all. And I would just get into my little house and I would just, I would cry out to God. I would fast, pray, read the word of God, rest in His presence and I would meditate upon the word of God. In other words I would study it and I would think about it. And in Psalm 4 I would rest on my bed. And now I begin to have angelic activity in the house so instead of becoming fearful I would entertain them because I had seen where people had done it without being aware of it so I thought well Im going to entertain Gods angels on purpose so I would tell them things like hey, guys, listen! Theres Ramen noodles and Kool Aid in the kitchen. If youd like some just help yourself.




KEVIN:  You know looking back on it now I dont think Gods angels like Ramen noodles and Kool Aid. Thats pretty much all I had in the house. Thats one reason why I fasted and prayed a lot.




KEVIN:  But things began to happen. There began to be an outpouring of supernatural experiences and supernatural things begin to happen in my house. And one day I was in my prayer room and I was praying and I was tellin God Lord, if youre not going to come down here Im going to come up there because I really had seen Gods angels for a season. It had stopped so I really wanted it to be activated again so Im entertaining Gods angels and all of a sudden I hear these voices in my living room so I get up very quietly and I go out of my prayer room which was really my little micro-bathroom and walked into the living room and POOF! Theres seven angels and this big angel in the living room and theyre playing around and joking and having fun. Hallelujah. So sometimes when you begin to entertain Gods angels theyll be attracted to you. You know when we teach about Gods angels from the scripture what begins to happens is they get very excited and there are a lot of angels that are very excited right now because people are going to begin to learn how they can co-labor with them. That Gods angels are real. And that you have at least one angel God has assigned to you and you can begin co-labor with them on this side of eternity. Can someone say amen to that?




KEVIN:  And Gods angels are ready, willing and able to help you. So as you begin to entertain Gods angels theyll begin to manifest. Hallelujah! I just want to decree over you that some of you are going to have angelic encounters and angelic visitations tonight.




KEVIN:  Let me say that again.



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