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DONNA: But that’s not what God ever intended! Heh!




DONNA: He told us what? There’s greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world! So we have to know that we know that we have a relationship with God!




DONNA: And you know here’s Hannah. She had a desire. I believe God obviously put that desire on the inside of her but the one who was closest to her tried to talk her out of it! Well-meaning. He wanted her to be happy. But I want to tell you there are some things that God puts in your spirit that people can’t get for you!


AUDIENCE: Wow. That’s right.


DONNA: Even if they wanted to they can’t manufacture it. You know Elkanah had done everything he could do to try to give her a baby. Right? It wasn’t happening. But that’s because God wanted to get credit for this miracle! And so she couldn’t go to her husband for it. She had to go to God! And just when everybody else around her had given up on the miracle what happened? The Bible said she stood up! [laughing] She changed her position! She moved! And see this is a very important aspect of faith. Oftentimes when God begins to put something in our spirit that He wants to do something new in our life, He wants to bring about a miracle, He asks us to act! It was just like Sid was saying. Begin to act into your miracle! Begin to move towards something! You remember when God called Abram? He told him all the litany of things that He was going to do for him. He said I’m going to bless you. I’m going to bless your family and I’m going to give you a homeland and in you all the nations of the world are going to be blessed! But He said you got to get up out of your home country and follow Me! And go where I tell you to go even though you don’t know where you’re going!




DONNA: See the problem is many Christians have gotten too complacent just sitting in a pew hoping that someday the prophet’s going to come and give them a word that’s going to change their life when all the words you ever need are right here in the Book!




DONNA: And if you just get up in faith and act on them you’re going to have the miracle that you need! See we’ve got to have a relationship with the Word of God. And she, Hannah didn’t go to the psychiatrist. She didn’t go to the doctor. She didn’t go to any type of fertility doctor. She didn’t go to the banker. That’s where we’d go. We want help we go with the arm of flesh every single time and then if that doesn’t work we go to God. But Hannah knew her last hope and her only hope was the Lord and she stood up and went to the house of God. This is what I want to tell you. There might be some of you who have allowed the enemy’s lies and your circumstance to actually bow your head, disfigure your face like Hannah, take away your appetite and put a depression on you. Can I share a little story with you?




DONNA: When I first started travelling with my father as an afternoon speaker I was also the general manager of his ministry. And you can imagine I had done education my whole life so I had to learn a whole new business. And then I was called into the inner cities to do deliverance ministry. And so I remember clearly one day I was packing my suitcase and I begin to hear a voice in my ear saying you know you’re really too busy to take three weeks off to go to the inner city. You really don’t need to go to a tent meeting anyway. The only one they’re really coming to hear is your father. And I would be saying yeah. And then I heard besides it’s just the afternoon service, not too many people in the afternoon service and I began to agree. Don’t ever agree with the devil, folks!


AUDIENCE: Yes! Amen!


DONNA: Cause he’ll just keep piling on! Finally you know he played dirty! He can play dirty! You know the last thing he said to me and after all you’re just a woman!




DONNA: And I said yeah so I picked up the phone and I called my dad. You know dad I’ve got so many things to go, I’ve got so many things going on in the ministry. Why don’t I bow out of this tent meeting? He says I hope you’re packing your bags cause you’re going, girl!




DONNA: So I packed and I went and got moved and I forgot all about that conversation with the enemy until the next tent meeting. And I started hearing those lies but this time I started to believe them. Yeah, they don’t really want to hear me. It’s just the inner city. I don’t feel like going anyway. I’m too tired to go and I actually can see myself, I remember the day, my head in my hands, sitting on my sofa feeling like I’d never amount to anything. I’d never be a preacher. I’d never measure up. And the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. Who called you? You did Lord. Who’s the one who knew you when you was in your mother’s womb and called you as a prophet to the nations? You did Lord. And I began to change my position. Who’s the one who sent you to the inner city? You did Lord. You’re going on assignment to set the captives free. Yes Lord! And all of a sudden I stood up on my feet and I began to talk to that dirty rotten devil and I said devil I want to tell you something. You’ve been a liar from the beginning! You are the father of lies and I’m not accepting it anymore!




DONNA: You didn’t call me to preach! God preached. And you don’t like my preaching too bad! I hope you’re in the audience cause I’m going to preach louder when you’re sitting there! I’m going to heal the sick and cast out devils!




DONNA: And then it started to go something like this! [shouts in tongues] and I was spread-eagle in my living room. And then when I got done looked around and guess what? Shoo! No devil! [laughs] So I’m going to tell you there’s something about standing up, letting your spirit rise up standing on the Word of God! I remember Dodie Osteen talking about how when she was diagnosed with cancer and she was supposed to die in two weeks. She literally got the Bible out. Put it on the living room floor and stood on it! Said God, I’m not standing on a doctor’s report! I’m standing on Your Word! Hallelujah!




DONNA: We’ve got to move toward our miracle! Turn to somebody and poke them and say move toward your miracle! You at home say, I’m moving! In fact why don’t you stand up right now and begin to worship God! Now you going to tell, that’s okay, you can do it [laughing].


AUDIENCE: Praise the Lord! [CLAPPING]


DONNA: Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!



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