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SHAWN: Doesn?t that sound ridiculous? Give yourself the grace to grow and track when it?s right! Journal. Like get a little journal and track when it?s right and track when it doesn?t hit. Track what you?re feeling. Track when it was correct, what you were feeling inside, what you were thinking. Maybe the times that you?re getting it the most right like I had one guy tell me I was in the most unbelief before all the times I was getting it the most right. So now whenever I?m in extreme unbelief over what I?m getting inside I know it?s God!




SHAWN: I mean how weird is that? Our processes are all different so I want to encourage you figure out your process. Nobody can make your process happen and nobody can want prophecy or desire it for you. You have to want it yourself. You have to actually manifest out of your own faith this journey with God but it?s do-able and you can do it! I promise you that if you try and do this it will blow you away. Now the last thing I?ll say is I just got a text while we were sitting here, I just got a Facebook text and one of the girls who?s involved with the West Virginia revival, have you heard about this? In the last 8 week over 4000 people have gotten saved! And she just wrote me. I didn?t know I had any connection to it at all. She just wrote me and said we?ve been going through your book ?Translating God? for the last two weeks. We?re doing a ten week study on it and almost all the leaders involved with the revival are going through it and we?re taking greater and greater risks. And one of the brand new girls, converts in Applebee?s gave a word to someone that contained so much detail that it provoked us to all to be hungry because we?re doing this study together and we?re like if she can do it as a brand new believer we?re all doing it. So we?re all getting high-level words of knowledge. Just so you know it?s the next wave of what?s going on here in West Virginia.




SHAWN: So here?s my challenge to you. If I can do it, if our used-to-be-orphans in Africa can do it, if our girls who used to be street walkers can do it, if the West Virginia kids who are just getting saved out of High Schools can do it you?d better believe you can do this! But it?s going to take a process and it?s going to take some hard work and faith and belief and not getting discouraged and not having significance issues and not getting into performance and just going God, You are God I?m not and I don?t have to look like You! I don?t have to be awesome. Thank You Jesus! I?m not awesome. You?re awesome and when you come and choose to be awesome in me oh it?s so awesome! And when I?m just me it?s not so awesome. So teach me how to walk with You in Jesus? name. Amen. Okay. Let me pray for you. Holy Spirit, I pray over this group. I see you over here too. I pray over this group and I pray over those watching right now. I pray over you. I pray that God would give you a word of knowledge ministry, a prophetic ministry that if you would be diligent to pursue this God is going to give you details of people?s hearts that are undeniable, a black and white moment with Jesus where they go oh my gosh, oh my gosh You?re real! Oh my gosh You saw me in those times! Oh my gosh You knew me when it was hardest! Oh my gosh You were there from the beginning! Lord I pray that we would have those ?aha? moments. That we would birth better ?aha moments? than Oprah can. God that you would give us an ability to prophesy and to touch people?s lives! And I pray over each one of you watching and each one of you who is here that you would have an impartation of a manifestation of prophetic anointing that would stimulate and advance and accelerate this process in your life! I believe this is a ?now time? for this. I believe I?m walking in something that?s transferrable. I feel a blanket going across this auditorium. I?m feeling it going all the way through the airways right now, all the way through the internet. I pray that there would be a release right now of glory! In Jesus? name! Now I?m going to give you some words here and I think most of the words here will be local. I did write them down when I was in the green room. I have a friend named, it?s actually a whole family. The Hendrickson family. But I felt like maybe there was someone with the last name of Hendrickson. Is that, you?re a Hendrickson? Henderson? Okay. Is your name John? This is you then. Okay, this is good. I saw then the Hendrickson?s but you?re Henderson, John. That?s all I got. I?m nervous now. Umm.




SHAWN: I did write down that do you have just one daughter


JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: And do you have two sons?


JOHN: Three.


SHAWN: Three sons. And are two of them married or all three of them married?


JOHN: Two are married.


SHAWN: Two are married so you have two daughter-in laws cause I was seeing three girls.

JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: That?s how I was seeing it. And I felt like God was just saying that from the time they were little you?ve prayed for them for this incredible purpose. And there?s John Jr. There?s a John Jr., right? And I feel like John Jr.?s going to be your signpost in this next season. He?s a great young man but he?s about to come into like significance of purpose and identity like he never has. And I?m telling you his life like he?s going to come into, I feel like part of it is linked to career and desire inside of him. And I feel like God is saying I?m moving on behalf of your children. All of your prayers have been heard from heaven. He loves your prayer life so much and I felt like I wrote down this phrase which may mean something. He said the church is rising around you. You have a message for the church.




SHAWN: What does that mean to you?


JOHN: Our new church is called ?the Rising.?


SHAWN: Oh come on!




SHAWN: That?s awesome! Well He told me that you have a message to help the church ascend. That?s amazing!




SHAWN: That?s amazing. Lord God! I?m telling you He?s going to answer your prayers and even as you?ve done such a good job of loving His kids so much, not just your own kids, but so many people?s kids. He?s going to do such a great job of fathering your children in this season. Each one of them is going through like greater purpose, like questioning. And some of them have a little bit of purpose discouragement. Don?t let this, tell them not to be super discouraged. God is going to intervene in their lives if they just call out to God. Just ask Him what He wants for them in this season. In 2016 and 2017 these bigger question marks are going to be answered by His heart over your children and the in-law kids, like these two in-laws, the daughters.


JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: And your daughter?s husband and maybe her little boy? Did she have a little boy?






SHAWN: And so God?s is there someone


JOHN: It?s my son-in-law and my grandson.


SHAWN: So your son-in-law and grandson are right here. So God is touching them with such a spirit of love and power. Your whole family unit?s going to be blessed! So bless you guys! Thanks for coming today.




SHAWN: Jesus is so good. Wow! I?m so glad. It?s happening, guys, it?s happening.




SHAWN: Okay. I?m taking a big risk here. And I saw a username as DBLASS07. Does that make sense to anybody? DBLASS07? And it might be a Diane. Does that make sense? There?s somebody who works here but she?s not here in the room now? Okay. She?s at her desk right now? Can you go ask her if that?s her username? Hey we can do it even though it?s on TV right now we can do this. This is great. So DBLASS07 just so she knows. I had one more username. I never get usernames but I asked God for new information I never get and He gave me Terry Bishop 911. Is that a username? Where is he? Terry Bishop you?re working on the show and we?re getting you. Is this, is this your, is this a username you use? Terry Bishop 911? Is that like your email or something? That?s your username for what? What is it your username for? He?s getting pulled off his project. The show may not work anymore but the live will work.




SHAWN: What is it?

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