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AUDIENCE: I release authority.


RON: To Pastor Ron.


AUDIENCE: To Pastor Ron.


RON: To deal with this spirit.


AUDIENCE: To deal with this spirit.


RON: I say to the spirit of heaviness on all these who are standing you’re a liar, a murderer and a thief! You have no standing in their life and you can’t stay. I expose you to the light and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! I cancel your right! You have no standing! They have confessed that stronghold that allowed you there and at my word and by their breath you will leave now! I want you to say this after me three times. Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: In the name of Jesus!


AUDIENCE: In the name of Jesus!


RON: Now take a deep breath. Take another one. [laughs] Take another breath. Take another breath. Now He said He’d, look at me now, He said He’d give you a garment of praise.




RON: How many of you – you know I got dressed I’m not a morning person, I didn’t feel like getting dressed when I got dressed.




RON: That’s why I didn’t say get happy – He said put on, you have to get dressed whether you want to or not.


AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.


RON: So right now you got to decide. I think I’m just going to praise God right now.




RON: So go ahead and give Him a hand clap, give Him a shout!




RON: Come up. I want you to come up here. You. Come right up here. Everybody else sit down but her. Come up here, darling. Where’s my oil? This is Ken Wilkerson. As long as you don’t approach me suddenly you’ll be all right.




RON: This is Noble, the angel. This is my armor-bearer from Chattanooga. You know we weren’t finished, didn’t you? There’s so much hurt in you. Is there anything physically wrong with you?


WOMAN #1:No.


RON: I didn’t think so. The Lord’s going to restore your beauty. The beauty of the Lord will be upon you. This old stress is about to kill you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: Somebody hurt you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: And the enemy told you you weren’t anything and you may have even done a few things wrong but you know God doesn’t even remember those.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: So who’s reminding you? The one who wants to kill you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.

RON: And that’s because you have an assignment from God and you’re going to forget this junk today. So bow your head say Lord.


WOMAN #1:Lord.


RON: I thank You.


WOMAN #1:I thank You.


RON: That I’m forgiven.


WOMAN #1:That I’m forgiven.


RON: That I’m free.


WOMAN #1:That I’m free.


RON: Everything I’ve ever done.


WOMAN #1:Everything I’ve ever done.


RON: Or that’s been done to me.


WOMAN #1:Or that’s been done to me.


RON: Is gone!


WOMAN #1:Is gone!


RON: In the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #1:In the name of Jesus!


RON: All right. Look at me. On the authority of the Word of God, Apostolic authority, I announce to you your sins are forgiven you and God will never remind you of them again. Now you say I forgive.


WOMAN #1:I forgive.


RON: Those that have hurt me.


WOMAN #1:Those that have hurt me.


RONNow I’m going to anoint you with the oil of gladness and healing according to James 5. Is this okay?


WOMAN #1:Yes.


RON: Father, the anointing of joy. Lord, let her brow that has been furrowed by worry and fear leave! I say ah, get off her chest right now you lying devil. I say to the enemy now, um-huh, I come against a spirit of inferiority, to the lying voice that’s told her she’s nothing and nobody, that’s told her she’ll never catch up with where she’s supposed to be. You’re a liar. I restore her heritage right now and bring healing! I command the spirit of witchcraft to turn her loose right now in the name of Jesus! The tightness, the fear, I come against a spirit of fear. You leave! You obey me. Leave. Leave. Leave. I command insomnia, she hasn’t been able to sleep. I command insomnia to leave right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! And I declare Lord that you will make her to lie down in green pastures and lead her beside still waters. Lord, I command every relationship that she’s in that’s been destroying her even if she thinks it’s a friend that’s drug her down, that the enemy has used will be broken and you’ll bring the right friendships into her life. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Do you receive that?


WOMAN #1:I do.


RON: Do you feel it?


WOMAN #1:I do.


RON: Put both hands up. Say Father.


WOMAN #1:Father.


RON: Dress me up.


WOMAN #1:Dress me up.


RON: In the garment of praise.


WOMAN #1:In the garment of praise.


RON: I will be happy again! [laughing]


WOMAN #1:I will be happy again.


RON: I want some joy in my life.


WOMAN #1:I want some joy in my life.


RON: And I want some rest.


WOMAN #1:I want rest.


RON: Now I want you to look at me. Turn around. Don’t do anything. Just look. I want you to look at her face. Look. See the wrinkles gone?




RON: Go look in a mirror. The Lord’s touched you!


AUDIENCE: ! [CLAPPING] Glory to God!


RON: You see her face shining?




RON: I want to speak to cancer. I want to speak to lumps. There’s someone here that’s either got breast cancer, had it, and there’s fear about it on your life and God wants to break you loose from that. If you’re in here stand up right now or if you’re watching by television you’ll need to email us but this is for you, for the partners out there as well. Is there anyone here right now that’s concerned about a breast cancer diagnosis? Anybody? Then there’s someone out there watching us on television and among the partners it is. I want to announce to you that when you go to the bathroom if you’ll check, those lumps are gone!




RON: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Someone just said in their spirit to me well it’s not breast cancer, but – but. So whatever that is there’s something else in your life that you’re worried about in the area of the cancerous type stuff. Who are you? Come up here right now. C’mon. It’s leaving in the name of Jesus! If you’re watching, I want all the partners there are more of you than there are in here. There are dozens of you that are going to be healed right now of uterine, breast, leukemia, blood disorders in the name of Jesus Christ! When Billye Brim was here the Lord said he was going to take care of blood disorders. The issues of blood in the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #2:My sister has battled 10 years of cancer. She has no flesh left on her rear. She only has pus and skin and, and she has, the cancer is gone but she looks a hundred years old and I –


RON: You’re about, you’re going to fix her. See you know what the last chapter of Mark says? [laughs] I’m fixing to anoint you!


WOMAN #2:Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!


RON: Cause I can’t get to her but you can! Huh?


WOMAN #2:Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!


RON: The Bible doesn’t say the preachers will lay hands on us. It think it said – [laughs]


WOMAN #2:Yes!


RON: [laughs] It said these signs shall follow them that have faith! That believe! The Lord will restore her!

WOMAN #2:Thank You, Jesus!


RON: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I anoint you!


WOMAN #2:Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus!


RON: Give me your hand. And not only that there’s a gift of healing in you! You want to do this?


WOMAN #2:Oh Amen!


RON: Just do it by faith in JesusÆ name!


WOMAN #2: By faith I take it! Amen!




RON: Are you ready to be healed?


WOMAN #3:I am healed.


RON: Praise God!


WOMAN #3:I’m already healed! Hallelujah!


RON: Well we are reinforcing that today and declaring to every spirit of infirmity you cannot come back in the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #3: It’s a lump, it’s a lump on my back.


RON: Is it –


WOMAN #3:I want it gone. I’ve prayed for it. And I believe it’s –


RON: Father, in Jesus name we command that lump LEAVE!




RON: In the name of –


WOMAN #3:Right now!


RON: Jesus Christ of Nazareth!


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: I mix my faith with hers.


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: Yeah! Devil I tell you too. You’ll not reappear with that lump anywhere else.


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: Or on anybody else in this room! I declare lumps and bumps to leave right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hallelujah!


WOMAN #3:Glory! Thank You! Hallelujah!!




RON [to Woman #4]:You’re a good woman. You’re an intercessor. And you need to stay. [laughs] So I declare that from the top of your head to the sole of your feet every cell that could destroy you is gone! Woo! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hallelujah!

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