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DAVID: Amen! Amen! Everybody that’s tuned in I want to let you know that you’ve tuned in to the right spot. Amen? How many of us have prayed and nothing’s happened? C’mon, who’s prayed out there? Who’s prayed out there and then nothing happened? And you’re like sitting there and you’re wondering and you say, hey, did I do something wrong? Who’s been in that? I’ve been in that! I’ve even recently saying Lord, well what about me? (laughs) Everybody ever do the “what about me” prayer? What about me? I mean I just I looked at things and say God, I’m an anointed man of God. C’mon, who’s anointed in here? Who’s anointed out there? You’re anointed. You believe in God. You know the scripture works! Well, why not? I tell you God has deposited something in my spirit and that something is “igniting faith!” Igniting faith! Some of us just need a little bit of help. C’mon a little bit of help. And it pops. C’mon. That why you can be at an event, and you ever been to an event where you see a lot of people there and well maybe the front part of the crowd got really blessed and they got all the miracles and maybe some people in the middle but definitely in the back maybe just one or two. And you’re wondering how did God miss them? Right? And have you ever been one that God missed, that you thought God missed? And you’re sitting there and you’re like how did this happen? I tell you what. God don’t miss anyone. Amen?




DAVID: He doesn’t miss anyone. He knows where you’re at. Even that little bit of faith just needs some help to get pulled up! C’mon. There was this Kenyan woman that I prayed for and when I was praying for her, I was coming up to pray for her and when I was about to lay my hands I pulled my hands back and I just pointed at her. You’re healed! And I kept going and prayed for everybody else. She’s walking home and she’s wondering why did the man of God, why did he say I was healed because I’m not even sick. I’m not even sick. And then the friend that brought her said well you know what? God was showing him something so maybe it was something that you needed and you didn’t know and she goes no way. I would know if I’m sick. In the morning she calls the same friend she was walking with and the friend picks up the phone and it was so early in the morning she goes why are you calling so early? I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! And then all of a sudden she’s like well I thought you weren’t sick. She goes well let me tell you my story. Ever since she was a little girl she would wake up in like fetal position and then twenty minutes would go by and then her body would get loose and she was able to get out of bed. She thought this was normal. All her life she’s been like that. And then that morning after I prayed she just got right out of bed. She didn’t know she was sick. C’mon! She didn’t know she was sick!




DAVID:  In that same conference there was, the same conference there was another lady, another Kenyan woman, and she was coming to the soccer field. Let me tell you why she was coming to the soccer field. She lost her business. She had a big order come in and unlike America the Kenyans have to pay for their schooling up front, you know, so it was like 4500 bucks or whatever it is. They have to pay up front so she was catering and doing all this stuff to get the money to pay for her kid’s education and she had a huge order come in and when someone didn’t come pick it up it just destroyed her business. This woman grabbed a knife and she’s going to the soccer field to kill herself. She was going there to kill herself. And when she got to the soccer field to go kill herself because she wanted them to find her body, she did not want to be in the streets and she called her sister and said to feed her kids a sandwich tonight, that she was not coming home till late. And she went to the field and when she got to the field all she sees in the soccer goal was my big banner. I’m holding a crusade right where she wanted to go kill herself. Praise God! (laughs) Praise God!




DAVID: When I walk up there she comes in and I’m preaching and soon the Spirit’s just changed my sermon. He goes go to forgiveness and I start preaching on forgiveness and then she went and she made peace with people that had done things to her and everything. She decided not to kill herself at that moment. In fact she got delivered and by the end of the week she was saved and she came up to the stage to testify about it and when she is testifying about all the stuff she goes I don’t care about the money. We’ll make it cause I have faith in God. And I’m like looking at this and I wave at my security to bring my bag and I took out some of the shillings and I just put it on the stage at her feet. Well I didn’t know what I started. All of a sudden all the people, it was like “The Price is Right,” people start running down and they start blessing her. So we filled up a bucket, a five gallon yellow bucket and it was pushed down, pressed over and overflowing for her needs!



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