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AUDIENCE:  Yes. Yeah.


BRIAN:  And those of you watching today as we finish we just want you to be hungry. And I’m sharing some of the stories of my life to help you understand that you likewise are as cherished by God as any other human being. You’re loved. You’re His favorite one. Song of Songs, 6, verse 9, read it in the [            ] translation. You are His favorite one. See, I’m His favorite one. But you can say it too. Go ahead and say it. Let’s have heaven practice.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one.


BRIAN:  Oh, say it again. That’s better than Mufasa.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:  I’m His favorite one. No, I’m His favorite one.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:     You see God doesn’t play favorites. We’re all His favorite. And just like John identified his life he says I’m the one that Jesus loved. I’m the disciple that Jesus loved.                         He didn’t say I’m the one He loved more than you. He just identified himself as being loved by God. Every person in this room and everyone watching can say I’m the one that Jesus loves. And John chose to identify himself in that way and so you can you. So expect tonight heavenly dreams. Take your dreams more seriously. Write them out. My wife has written out literally thousands and thousands of dreams and we take them seriously. We pray over every one of them. And I’m not here to teach on dreams but just to say      that the New Testament began with 5 dreams. If you look at the first two chapters of Matthew carefully, count them yourself, there were 5 prophetic dreams. The New Testament began with the spirit of revelation. And the Last Days Church is going to have the fullness of the lampstand. The 7 torches burning, the 7 branches of the lampstand are going to be shining on us. Now the lampstand has 7 branches, three on each side. Okay? And on each branch was engraved fruit. Three stages: bud û blossom û fruit. The 6 lateral branches of the lampstand, bud û blossom û fruit, it had that sequence 3 times. Each branch had 3 stages of fruit times 3. 3 times 3 equals 9 fruit of the Spirit. 9 fruit on every branch. Every branch is a fruit bearing shaft. Now the central shaft was taller and it had the bud û blossom ûfruit sequence 4 times. 4 times 3 equals 12.




BRIAN:  Very smart! 12 is the apostolic, it’s the governmental number. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 Apostles. So it is Christ, the Chief Apostle. He’s the anointed one above all others. Right? Well, so this is a fruit bearing lampstand. It’s, it’s the Tree of Life. It’s the burning bush that Moses put into the Tabernacle. So it’s 6 branches with 9 fruit each. 6 times 9 equals… you didn’t know you were coming for a Math lesson… 6 times 9 equals




BRIAN:  54. The central shaft had 12 expressions of fruit. 12 plus 54 equals 66 books of the Bible. Thy Word is a lampstand unto my feet, a light onto my path. Would you stand and I want to pray the spirit if revelation of the Lord over you. Secrets of the Lord are being revealed. You got to get on His couch. It’s a good place to be, to be on the couch of the Lord. Whooaa (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit (prays in tongues) come upon us. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I release over you the spirit of revelation, discovery, the secrets of the Lord revealed as you sit on the couch of eternity with Him. Let the whispers of the night capture you. Let the glorious secrets of the God’s heart of love for you win you over. May you have your personal encounter. May you receive heavenly downloads. Impartation of the Holy Spirit. Fresh vision for your future. Hope that burns bright. And for anyone here in this room or watching this mentoring session, if you have a family member, I see right now there are families that are literally disintegrating and God is saying I want to put hope back into your heart. I want to release the burning bright hope of a new day. So I release to you hope. Everybody say “hope come back!”


AUDIENCE:  Hope come back!


BRIAN:  Hope burn bright!


AUDIENCE:  Hope bun bright!


BRIAN:  So Lord, may the God of glory, may the God of hope and the God of peace seal this prayer over each of us today in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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