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CHRIS:   I said where’d you hear that? She goes the Lord just told me as soon as you walked in the room. Said he’s supposed to write a book, he’s got a lot of books in him but he’s not written it yet and I’m supposed to tell you to write the book. I went oh God, I don’t want to write the book. All my friends have books. There’s enough books out there. And then the Lord just said what happens when you share your story? People cry. What happens when they get cry? They go back and get healing. What happens when they get healing? They reconcile with their parents. I got 2 emails today in the last 24 hours. Thank you for writing what you wrote because it, I went back and now my dad, we had a horrible relationship but I’m now reconciled and I actually work for him full time. That’s what God wants. He’s the God of reconciliation. So I’m sitting in my living room in Franklin Tennessee watching football because it’s on a Sunday afternoon because that’s what men do on Sunday afternoons. We watch football. And the screens there and suddenly a screen comes down in my living room. And it… I can see through that to my TV and I’m freaking out and I yell for my wife, Laura! She’s not there and my other daughter is in a room somewhere and I’m just watching this screen come down and I’m going what is this? And then suddenly this image on the screen begins to play out. It wasn’t black and white, but it was, it was an old, old color like from the 70’s when you see things, remember, it’s kind of not as crisp and this thing began to play out on the screen in between me and the football game. And it’s me in my apartment with two guys that I was living with back in the early 70’s, a guy named Jim, a guy named Dick. And we’re sitting there and in our apartment we had a love seat, a terrible chair, a terrible love seat and a Lazy Boy chair. Now if you sat in the Lazy Boy chair you were in charge of getting the phone. We didn’t have phones like we have now. This was a phone, remember those 20 foot cords that you could into the bathroom and talk at the same time? You just had to be careful when you flushed. (laughs) So it’s one of those phones that’s on the wall. Each of us is over 6 feet, we were 6g1, 6g1 and 6g2 so the phone’s up high on the wall. And I’m watching this image going I remember this! And Dick is back in the chair and he’s got his hands behind his head. He’s now had his hands behind his head for about an hour and a half. All right? Just think of what happens to your arms after an hour and a half in one position with a little bit of pressure right there. So suddenly the phone rings. And I’m watching this. I remember it from 40 years ago. The phone rings and we look over and Dick’s asleep. And so it’s our job now to wake him up cause he’s in charge of the phone. You got it? We’re not going to get the phone. We have to sit in the bad chairs it’s bad enough with that. So we just started yelling Dick, Dick, get up, get up, the phone. So finally he gets up. When He gets up his arms go… they drop by his side and he goes oh no, the phone. And he walks over and his arms are like this and he tries to get the phone. He can’t get the phone and we were watching him and he’s flailing his arms and I’m laughing so hard I got down on the ground and began to punch the rug because his arms are flailing and it’s like a bad movie and he can’t, he can’t get it. So finally he takes his shoulder and he goes like this and we watch the phone go up in the air and it comes crashing down on the floor. And then he tries to pick it up and he can’t get the phone. And that makes us laugh even louder. And then we hear this tiny little voice in the phone, Hello, Hello. And we’re going, and we started laughing louder and she goes I hear you laughing.

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