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RODNEY:  You know what I mean? She touched him. And so you know I’m just going down “in the name, in the name” you know. What did you feel? Nothing. People were flying through the air. People were getting hit. I felt not one thing. I just wanted to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. So I come by this lady in a wheelchair. Now I did not know she was a pastor’s wife. Didn’t know anything about it. I found this out later. And so she’s in a wheelchair I just go in the name of Jesus, carry on and get going. Well she was mad cause I didn’t pray longer over her. I don’t know what she wanted me to do. Father, as we are now gathered in this place. Lord we lift up this dear lady and God, Thou knowest her predicament this day, that Lord that Thou would come…   People love that. You know if you can do it they love that. But this wasn’t about that. When you’ve got thousands of people you’re praying for how long can you actually pray? You know what I mean. It’s like seriously!




RODNEY:  And so she was upset because I didn’t pray longer over her and she started to cuss. She was a preacher’s wife.




RODNEY:  Yeah, she was cussing! Now, the pastor was very embarrassed. He took her and wheeled her out of the building to get her out away because she was making a noise. He didn’t pray for me and whatever the words that she used and got her out to the car. And of course they don’t have heating and air cooling like we do it’s a temperate climate but it was very hot that day. And so the cars don’t have air conditioning. The air conditioning is roll the window down. You know that’s your air conditioning. And so he puts her into the passenger seat and he folds up the wheelchair, puts it in the back. Now she’s paralyzed, she’s paralyzed from the neck down. I mean she’s in a wheelchair and this is her… she came for prayer but now she’s mad. She’s furious. I mean he didn’t pray over me. Meanwhile I just said in the name of Jesus and went on. So he gets her in the car. She’s still furious. I’m furious. I mean going on about it and it was so hot so she took her hand and she started winding the window down. Now what? Now remember she paralyzed.




RODNEY:  As they’re pulling out she’s started winding the window down. Now was she instantly healed? No. But about 18 months and everything came back to normal and God’s using this woman today. I heard a couple of years ago that she was travelling, the Lord was using… I’ve never seen her since. Maybe she’s embarrassed that she was the cussing preacher’s wife.



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