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GARY:  It is not a loss time! It’s a new beginning time! Now I am speaking to some people right now. You have lost relatives. You have lost relationships. Some of you have lost very close friends and you wonder how can I step forward into some of the confidences and the relationships and God said that if you have abandoned father, mother, wife, children, lands, house, friends you will get what? A hundredfold in this life. God, You have given Your word that there is supernatural abundance and we expect nothing less for our life is in You! It’s in You, God. It’s in You, God. It’s in You, God. It’s in You. Just lift your hands and ask God to flood your life with the power of His Holy Spirit. To fill you. To flood every fiber of your being. Spirit, soul, body set apart for the service of His glory. God, our life, filled by Your power. It’s for Your service. (Prays in tongues) Who has that eye that just keeps turning off its course? You do not have the muscle control in that eye. All right. We’re going to speak to it right now. In the name of Jesus I command that eye released from that muscle dysfunction! I speak healing right now into that eye. There is such a flood of revelation of insight and wisdom taking place in the Spirit of God. Just raise your hand and receive. Receive from the Spirit of God in your body. Receive healing in the joints. Healing in the bone. Healing in the marrow. Healing in the very sternum. There are some of you that have had an external turn of the bone structure in the very depth of the sternum of your breast and I speak to it “reverse and become normal! In the name Jesus.” We speak to that area that has been… Oh my Father, I command that intense bacterial infection, I demand you to die in her body! You have no right to have her! Spirit of God, You are health, healing in us, life to us. We bless you Lord. We bless you, Lord. Just go ahead and just speak to him that His life’s your life. Just talk to Him. That His life is your life. When Christ who is our life shall appear then we’re like him in glory because He is our life. And God we honor You and bless You with everything and all that’s in us. The answer of that Christ consciousness is a realm called confidence. Confidence. Confidence to invite 20 people that have no financial wherewithal to do anything and speak to them that God is providing it and because God put it in you God does it. Confidence. Confidence. To speak to a doctor and tell him his diagnosis was wrong because you heard from God. My daughter had a brain infection. They wanted to remove a segment of her skull. She was 5 years old. The doctor told me if I took her out of the hospital he was going to have me arrested. I asked God, I said what’s wrong with her? He said in two days there’ll be not one sign of infection in her body. The doctor brought out a diagnosis of a brain infection taking place in the mastoid bone inside the ear. I took her out of the hospital that night. Said I’m sorry, I heard from God. He said you cannot risk your daughter’s life. You’re a criminal. I said No, I’m a father. And I refused to have anybody have any other say so than the Father of all lights because God knows how to father His children. She was completely totally healed. Perfect hearing. Married with four children so all is well. Amen! Hallelujah!


SID: Gary Whetstone and Ricardo Sanchez I thank you for God’s gifts to us this evening. I’m going to bless you. You receive this. This is a, not a natural blessing. This is a blessing that comes from the Bible that God Himself instructed that the Jewish people would receive His name as a result of this blessing. The Lord is blessing you right now! Receive it! The Lord is keeping you right now! Take it! Take it! The Lord is gifting you, take it! The Lord is gifting you right now! The Lord is surrounding you with His favor, like a shield, right now! The Lord is giving you His Shalom, His completeness, completing your spirit in your soul and in your body right now! In the name that is above every circumstance this world can throw at you. Yeshua HaMashiach, Tsidkenu. Jesus the Messiah, our Righteousness. And all God’s people were never the same. Amen.


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