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PATRICIA: I’ve seen this work in people’s finances. I was with a person a little while ago who was experiencing lack. Had been forever. You know, it was just like that was a carved out realm in their life. I mean everything was just not enough, not enough, not enough. They were behind the eight ball all the time. I sat down with them and gave them some keys out of the word of God on how they could with deliberation and intentionality walk with God to change that realm. Because is there poverty in heaven? Is there lack in heaven? Then why should we live that way in the earth?

If we’re going to model the love of God wouldn’t there be more than enough not just for our needs but to help meet the needs of others? When I began carving this realm out for myself years ago when my husband and I, um, left our full-tine secular employment, I was a full-time nurse, cardiovascular nurse. My husband, uh, was, had a very good employment position in the transport industry. And the Lord told us to leave our secular positions of, well it was still ministry, but leave our secular positions. That He was going to use us in the mission field and He says I’m going to teach you to live with no visible means of support. Now we were not to tell anyone of our needs, only God. But during that next five years we hit some very difficult times. And I mean the devil wasn’t happy about us creating out a realm of abundance. You know, he didn’t want us to live in abundance. So I think I met every demon of lack and poverty in the whole universe during that five years. Honestly. I think I know them all by name…


PATRICIA: But anyways, um, we just stood on the Word and wouldn’t let them in because we believed the promise of God. We thought if God said it He will make it good.  And we’re going to carve out for our self a realm of abundance because our God is not just a God of enough. He is a God of more than enough. He is a God of plenty. And so over that 5 years every day we made decrees. We praised the Lord. We learned different keys of the, the scripture teaches like on focus, on worship, on devotion, on, on, on receiving the direct word of God’s promises. All these different, uh, keys and we started implementing them. You see knowledge of a thing is not possession of it. You can know all the keys. I could teach you all the keys that the Lord’s taught me. And you could say oh, that’s nice. And you could have knowledge of it. But if you don’t act on it you won’t possess it. But if you act on it you will possess it. If you work the Word you will possess it. And we get to do that. We have that privilege.

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