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SANDRA: All that’s growing! See, that’s growing! And then if you can go and you begin, begin to tell that Body, Body, you listen to me. You listen to me. Maybe you couldn’t, maybe you couldn’t even move that arm. Maybe you couldn’t even move this hand. But you begin to say “Hand, listen, I got something to tell you. You are healed, Hand! You hear me?” You know, I mean people will look at you funny, but I mean they’ll look at you funny anyway! So… you know. Hand, I command in the name of Jesus, you hear me, you going to move! You know the guy in the Bible who couldn’t move His hand. You remember the guy who couldn’t move his hand? And Jesus comes up and tells him to move his hand and he moves his hand? He couldn’t move his hand before Jesus told him to move it.

He just believed what Jesus said. You remember the Nobleman’s son? Remember the guy in, in the Bible and the Nobleman obviously heard about Jesus. I constantly say if I can just get you to HEAR we can get you healed! If I can just get you to hear. If I could just knock down all the religion and all the tradition. If I can just get you to HEAR the Word of the Lord we can get you healed! Because when you HEARD how wonderful Jesus was you took Him as your Savior. When you HEAR that He is THE Healer. He is THE Great Physician. He has already done it and He’s already told you don’t forget what He did! He said don’t forget ALL of your diseases have been healed. Don’t forget it!

Remember the Nobleman’s son? Obviously the guy had heard about Jesus. He shows up with Jesus. Asks Jesus to go back to his house. You know, that his son’s there dying and wants Jesus to go back with him. And you know Jesus didn’t go back with him. Jesus just told him you go on back. He’ll be all right. Now think about it. He did not have a MP-3 player. He did not have a cassette. He did not have, you know, a, a, a, a CD player. He didn’t have an I-Pod, or I-Pad or I-anything. He didn’t have anything! And here he is walking back by himself for a, a good little distance. And all he has, this is the key word, are you listening? All he had was the Word of God. That’s all he had. He had a Word from God.

I tell people all I need is a Word from God. All I… That’s why you need to get in this Bible and let it jump out at you! So the Nobleman, the Nobleman going back all he had was “Jesus said his son was healed.” That’s all he had. Can you imagine the demonic forces that must have hit that man as he was walking back all by hisself? Again he didn’t have a scripture prayer book to read. He didn’t have a New Testament. You do know they didn’t have a New Testament? Do you, I mean do you understand that? They didn’t have a New Testament. I mean they didn’t… I mean even the disciples didn’t have a New Testament. They didn’t have a New Testament. And Jesus did not read out of the New Testament. Glory, how did they make it?

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