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SID: Heidi, I want you to help the people that are watching, and me. I’ve been observing since we’ve been talking for the last few hours, before the show. Your prayer life is not one hour here or one hour there. Sometimes it is, but you look like you’re praying all the time. Are you?




SID: You pray in supernatural language and tongues.




SID: When you go to sleep, do you pray in tongues?




SID: When you’re sleeping, are you praying in tongues?


HEIDI: I sure believe I am.


SID: So Paul, when he said, “I pray in tongues more than any man,” you can say, “I pray in tongues more than any woman.”


HEIDI: I don’t know, but I sure love Jesus.


SID: You seem to be, and this is observation, so in love with Jesus. Tell me about your love affair with Jesus.


HEIDI: I know I just know him. I know what he did for me. When he gave his life for me I know that I was a sinner and he set me free. And my only response to him, the more I know him is to love him more because he first loved me. And Abba first loved me and I only have [unintelligible].


SID: But any born believer knows what you just said, but they segment God for Sunday mornings or Saturday mornings and the rest is for them. How do you get from where you are if they’re there? How do they get there?


HEIDI: The only way I can explain it is if you’ve ever fallen in love with another human being. If you’ve ever actually fallen in love with someone, would you not want to be with them all the time? Would you not want to be connected with them and in communication? Wouldn’t you just want to be connected all the time? This is what is offered to us. God our daddy God, God, Jesus, God Holy Spirit said you can be one, you can be connected with me. He invites us in and once you step in and you taste the glory of his love, the glory of his presence, you don’t want to be anywhere else. You don’t want to be separated from him. You don’t want your mind thinking separate from him.


SID: All right. What would a first step be for a believer that is there to get there?


HEIDI: I believe you get to know him, that everyone can get to know him, first through his word. And some of you say, well we had this discussion, you work nine to five. Well just get the audio version. It’s like if you’re, some people are worried about not being connected to the Internet, how much more should we concerned about not connected to God? He’s given us a direct line. I don’t want to be cut off. And there is a code. The code is Jesus. The code is Jesus. He’s the code that gets you into the connection with God the Father and Holy Spirit. As you yield yourself to Holy Spirit you’re in communication. So I would say get the Word, read the Word, listen to the Word, be in the Word. Allow the Word to be in you and yield yourself to Holy Spirit. You can be filled to the degree that you want to be filled. You can be filled to the degree that you are yielded to God. Like Jesus, he emptied himself out. He became nothing. Jesus, God in the flesh became nothing and he was completely dependent on the Father, completely dependent on the Holy Spirit and then he said, “Come follow me.” Come follow me. How do we want to live a life in any other way? He’s our joy and our delight.


SID: You know, I wrote a song as a young Jewish man that didn’t know my left hand from my right hand. I was college-educated and everything, but I meant spiritually. And this song was, “There Must Be Something More”. If that’s the cry of your heart tell Jesus you’re sorry for your sins, believe his blood washed them away and ask him to live inside of you, and ask him to be your Lord. Would you pray that the same hunger you have, look into the camera, the same hunger you have, those that are watching, will supernaturally have that jumpstart.


HEIDI: Yes. Yes. God, I ask you, Jesus, to take them in right now. I ask you, God, take them in, take them through, take them in, let them see that your blood really takes away their sin. O Lord, may they be covered in your love and your beauty, and in who you are, and may they never, ever want to leave you for a moment. I pray Jesus, my beautiful bridegroom, king and savior, invade their lives right now. Holy Spirit [speaking in tongues], Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, my friend [speaking in tongues], Holy Spirit, fill them, fill them, fill them. Some of you need to just pull over if you’re listening in your car. Some of you need to stop what you’re doing and just yield yourself. You might want to get low right now. Bow down, lift your hands and yield your heart to God. Say Holy Spirit, fill me, fill me, fill me. I love you, Holy Spirit. I worship you, Father. I worship you, Jesus. Holy Spirit, invade my life. I want to be fully filled because you’re worthy of it all.


SID: I’m going to tell you something. There’s so much Heidi has to offer. When we go off the air, if you go to my web page,, I’m going to turn Heidi loose, and I believe that you are going to be so filled with the Holy Spirit. Go there right now, And I pray in Yeshua’s name that your hunger has woken up like from a slumber, from asleep and you will not be satisfied with anything short of having intimacy with God, greater than Heidi. It’s available to you. You are chosen. God has selected you in Yeshua’s name. Amen.

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