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SID:  Do you notice I still have my sign? That is not just a nice phrase, that’s for you. “Expect a miracle.” Aliss, you do workshops all over. You go in the street, you have miracles. You have miracles all over the place, but you maintain it’s totally caught and transferable to every believer. Explain.

ALISS: That’s right. Well, I believe that the anointing for doing miracles is transferable. I love doing miracles, but I also love helping other people get activated to do miracles, too. What I tend to do is when I meet somebody, as soon as I meet them, if I’m teaching at a workshop, one of our parties, whatever it might be, I like to release a miracle up front.

SID: Go for it.

ALISS: I’m going to do it.

SID: Right now.

ALISS: I’m going to release some miracles for you that are watching.

SID: By the way, studio audience, that’s you. Get ready, and you at home.

ALISS: If you need a miracle, then I release that for you in the name of Jesus. Right now I invite the presence of Jesus to come right where you are. I don’t need to be in the room physically with you. You have Jesus with you wherever you are in the whole world, and you just call out to Jesus. I release that tangible anointing for healing right now, or not even healing, but any kind of miracle. Receive it into your body. Receive it into your life whether you need some kind of breakthrough financially, in your marriage, whatever it might be. Receive that. In fact, you’re actually going to start feeling something happening in the room right now ’cause this is what happens. But you’re going to sense that tangible anointing of the Holy Spirit. Whoa, right where you are.

SID: I can tell you, I’m feeling it now, guys.

ALISS: I’m releasing that for you wherever you are. You’ll start to see lights in the room. Some of you are going to see lights right now. There’s lights appearing. There are angels around you. Some of you, you’ve actually got bones that are broken in your body and they’re moving. I just told those bones to move around to get into the right place, that everything come into alignment with Heaven now in the name of Jesus. Wow.

SID: Well, I’ll tell you, the presence is here and it’s going to do nothing but get stronger. Tell me about the woman with Parkinson’s disease.

ALISS: Wow. Just telling a story of something that’s happened, it means it releases miracles. What happened was I was the after-dinner speaker in a hotel. It was a nice hotel room, all these round tables, and I was talking about the Kingdom of Heaven and releasing miracles. This lady comes out and she’s actually pushing her friend who has Parkinson’s disease who is sitting in a wheelchair. She is just this tiny woman in this wheelchair and I can hardly hear what she’s saying but she’s trying to speak to me. I put my ear next to her mouth and she says, “I want to be healed.” I said, “Okay, we’re going to pray.” We released the power of Jesus and then she’s trying to beckon me.

I could hardly hear her. “I want to stand up. I want to walk.” I said, “Okay.” She hangs onto her, she pulls herself up and we’re saying, “In the name of Jesus, be healed, walk.” She stands up. She pushes me, she pushes her friend out of the way, and she gets up and she just starts to walk around the room. She does a whole lap. She does a whole lap around the room. She grabs the wheelchair, she pushes her wheelchair all the way around the room, all the way out the building, and she jumps into the car completely healed by Jesus. I love Jesus.

SID: You know, I sense that same power’s here now.

ALISS: Oh, yes.

SID: What about you?


SID: I sense that as we continue talking, it’s going to get stronger and stronger. Now, I would like Aliss to release. She knows so many revelations about healing, but I would like her to release the strongest revelation about healing when we come back.

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