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SID: Kerry, give me a one-sentence definition of redemption.

KERRY: To bring back to whatever God’s intentional purpose was. In other words, God doesn’t give up on us. He had a plan from the very foundation of when the Lamb of God was slain. So therefore, whatever the original intention of God is he redeems us or makes that possible for us.

SID: God spoke to you about redemption. Tell me exactly what he said.

KERRY: I was on the way to the office and I was just asking him, would you give me a nugget that I could share with the staff, who’s been working hard. And he told me that very phrase, “I’m going to give you something, a tool, that you’ll be able to apply to every problem you ever face and be able to solve it.” I wanted to pull over the side of the road and take notes because I thought, here’s the King of the Universe right here, thought he told me some mystery, you know. But what he said to me, “To shrink the problem you have to magnify the solution.” And he said too many people have been magnifying the problem and cannot hear the solution. Psalm 34 says, “O magnify the Lord with me.”

The word “magnify” means to make larger, to extend like the overshadowing. In Psalms 91, the shadow, overshadowing, “magnify” is the word “shadow” there. It actually means thoughts. So he says, “Magnify me. Let my thoughts, intentions, come over you and you shrink the problem.” So we tell people, you know, what the doctor said and how bad life is, and how bad my kids are, and they magnify the problem, in essence saying, but look what the devil has done. But when we magnify the Lord, I don’t deny the problem, I just deny the devil the right to use it against me, so I magnify the Lord with him, make him bigger than that.

SID: Now you talk about the power of worship.

KERRY: Yes. When David, in First Samuel 30, is inquiring of the Lord, it actually is a point of “enter into his gates with thanksgiving,” to be able to worship not because it was a great environment, with the music playing and everything was motivational to you—because here these men were talking about killing him. David enters into this place with the Lord and he begins to just allow it to come in up out his heart. Worship really begins from the Throne Room of God. Ezekiel 47 talks about this river flowing and the farther it gets from the threshold, it gets down and the deeper it gets, and he’s looking for people to step into it. So Hebrews 13 says, “Let us offer through Jesus the sacrifice of praise.” So he really is wanting to speak back through us and in doing this, in the revelation of worship, things are made known. There is understanding of who he is and then we can identify the things that have been lost generationally and lost in our life that we can go after.

SID: You told me about something that I have to tell you, excites me no end, going on, I believe it was in Dallas with millennials.

KERRY: Yes, these are millennials. I felt like the old guy there and they were looking around 20 and 30s, and they enter into this place of worship in such an intensity.

SID: How many would you say?

KERRY: Oh, there were at least 2000.

SID: Two thousand?

KERRY: Yes and that’s only one particular service. In a warehouse that is nondescript, wires hanging down, bulbs in the ceiling. There’s not all this fancy tile work and all that.

SID: It’s not the Golden Nugget.

KERRY: No it’s not, so they’re not entertaining. I saw women with babies strapped to their back and one to the front with her hands lifted up and they were not distracted. There was no nursery, no frills at all. We would say you’re not offering anything. The intensity and the worship and just the presence of God would be there for such an extended time. And out of the songs of the Lord, new songs started rising up in that environment.

SID: Can you picture if that is just a microcosm of what God is about ready to do all over the world. There is hope for the world. Stop magnifying the problems in the world and let’s magnify the Lord. You teach on spiritual weapons and my favorite is the power of the blood of Jesus.


SID: Talk to me about it.

KERRY: Well in the pursuing and overtaking, and recovering, I use four different weapons in there, and but the main one is the power of the blood. And the blood was what purchased the right of redemption. And so with that, we had, there’s a sound that comes out of that. We see in Genesis 4 where the blood of Abel that was spilled by Cain cries out from the earth. Blood has a sound, and in Exodus 12, “When I see the blood, the spirit of death passes over it.” So we carry the redemptive spirit inside of us that rejects everything that opposes the very nature of who we’re called to be and the blood of Jesus has a sound, and it is pushing back. We said, resist the devil, submit yourself to God and resist the devil. We resist him because we carry a sound inside of us that pushes back against the gates of hell. And the Bible even says, the word Jesus told Peter that, “I’m giving you these keys and the gates of hell won’t prevail,” and he uses the word “gates”, plural, meaning, but he’s not talking about the gate of Sheol down there. He uses the plural “gates”, which means anything that blocks the revelation of who Jesus is in you is a gate of hell.

SID: I’m going to tell you something. We are using so little of what God has given us.

KERRY: Yes, it’s true.

SID: What would happen if we use it all? I’ll tell you what would happen. You’d start experiencing Heaven on Earth. When we come back I want Kerry to share this amazing dream he had about Washington, D.C. and the Glory. I know it seems like the two don’t go together, but they do. We’ll be right back.

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